Furious World Tour – Hong Kong – 1000 Year Old Egg, Used Condoms and more – Part 2 – Abenteuer Leben

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100 thoughts on “Furious World Tour – Hong Kong – 1000 Year Old Egg, Used Condoms and more – Part 2 – Abenteuer Leben

  1. Isn't pete worried about spontaneously combusting because of how the shrimps that were cooked were still on FIRE?

  2. I have to wonder how much research Pete did on the culture before he goes to places like this — he's very disrespectful whether or not he realizes it.

  3. You could talk about how the food tastes and the texture and explain a bit more about what you're eating, rather than just eating the food. Anyway respect to all.

  4. In every one of these food shows of Pete, Pete goes in says "Hi, how are you?" Eats. And then says, "See ya later!" Literally. We are left to imagine what those foods are made of, how it's made, and even what these people are saying in a different language. LOL "How's it taste?" "It's good." I like watching them though.

  5. I like this program, I like the cuisine and plate in it but as much as the cuisine is beautiful and well presented, the way they eat it is disgusting unfortunately, it spoiled a bit the show.

  6. 3:39 is he really forcing himself to say 'yes, it's good'? hahaha, no matter how sadistic i am, i'm enjoying pete's suffering 😀

  7. Is it just me or Chinese food makes me really hungry and wants to make me go there 😋😋

  8. I had some amazing lettuce wraps similar to those you had on the boat in Kaili in China's Guizhou Province. Would love to visit Hong Kong one day as well. ☺

  9. this guy is crazy i swear. traveling the world and huffing exotic foods. i wish i could remember to like every video you share. I love the world tour videos the most. It's sick asf what your doing. FURIOUS PETE !!!!!

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