FullStory – Introduction to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of Netherlands It is located in the western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland Rich architectural history and location in the heart of Europe attracts a large number of tourists every year This multicultural and financial center becomes the home for
many international students As a student friendly city Amsterdam offers both a great time out
and study experience It is the home of three major public universities including Vrije Universiteit The university is located in the southern part of Amsterdam VU has nearly 22,738 students and 2,764 faculty members and researchers It offers 50 bachelor and 116 master studies (exclusive specializations) VU is divided into 12 faculties Main building Main building includes faculties such as theology and social science VU bookstore Main Canteen Library Students can borrow books, work and use the computers in the library VU Media Experience Media Experience is an innovative platform where the use of multimedia is researched and applied VU student administration Student administration is for questions about enrollment, tuition etc. Faculty of earth and life sciences Faculty of exact sciences Faculty of medicine Faculty of law

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