Friendship journey #15: Big reunion of the Yuujou travelers in Japan

You guys are amazing. Yuujou, I love you guys. We made it to Japan. Japan looks like
a different reality or something. I don’t I don’t know. So I made some Japanese friends here. Hello, hello, hello and we’re gonna dance locking now with this guy here. I didn’t dance really well but I mean it was cool. It’s the last night we gonna meet our host. My name is Keitaro Fuji. I’m 54 years old. I’m living Kurashiki. What are we eating? Squid and fermented soy beans. Uhlala. Uhlala. What means the word? It’s good. It’s like delicious. We walked around and it was super fun. It was really really great and
he’s such a loving guy. So you went to school together? Yes. Elementary school and junior high school. So we are in Nara. Nara is like
one hour from Osaka. I love to be in Japan. I am very excited
I will meet up with Team East so soon. We arrived in Tokyo today so that was really cool. Just actually making it to Japan is kind
of insane. So we are about to get off the train at Tokyo Station
and very special people are waiting outside. My parents are here. And it’s gonna be so great to have some family be part of the Yuujou journey for a little bit. My other children, they are all safe. It’s been a hundred days since I’ve seen
them so and I’m definitely a mama’s boy. So after that we headed off, got our
train tickets and headed up to Chino. We finally got to Chino one hour and a half
from Tokyo so we’re gonna meet up with Jess and he’s our host here. We were in the cab for
half an hour just going up the hill and Jess was waiting for us already
outside of the hotel. Okay my real name is not Jess, that’s my
nickname and my real name is very long given to me by my grandmother which
let’s say is not a millennial name. They called me Jesus Maria Delfin
Renato. Jesus Maria is my first name. I was confused before also. I am now 52 years
old. I was born in Manila. He calls this place Jurassic Park of
Japan. He’s such a fun guy and funny too. You know like he makes jokes all the
time. What is this smell? It smells so good.
Like lavender everywhere. I don’t know. Maybe that’s me. He is an awesome artist. I can feel he plays with his soul. We are here with Jess and his friend Marochan. They’ve known each other since Jess has been
playing piano here at this hotel. He’s frequent visitor and they became
friends through his time there. We made it all the way to Japan
but we really wanted to find a host in Tokyo. I think it was Paula. She was like what
about Marochan like what about the guy we met earlier. And he was like oh my
gosh yeah I’ll go ask him. So he asked him if like he
knew anybody in Tokyo or anything and he’s like I live in Tokyo sure I can be your host. Yuujou. Japanese writing. Yuujou. Like just being in Japan is so cool because
we’ve been waiting to get here for so long and just said that actually like we did it.
Just that we did it is crazy but I think we met incredible people along the way
that helped us to make this possible. Our team also me and Paula
have gotten so close and I love them to death and like we spent our last night like together sleeping on a Japanese floor
and like it was just so much fun and just like it was like a little slumber
party. That was really cool. I am in the bathroom. What the heck?!
It’s so fancy, there’re so many buttons. How exciting! It’s so slow guys, check it out. We are in Tokyo. Yes, we made it. It’s happening. We are in Japan.
Team East is in Japan, too. They are in another town like two hours away from here. Waiting for… Team East.
We’re gonna be reunited. And we’re gonna be after all team Yuujou
and not Team East and Team West. We’ve just arrived in Tokyo. So freaking excited.
There’s so much going on right now. Someone’s gonna be happy. 100 days and we see them again.
It feels so weird. So weird! We made it Renata. Bravo. That was awesome. We had such a fun night,
our first night all together. Big hugs all around
and it was super exciting to meet them. All the struggles from the journey are kind of in the past and now we’re just six people
that did this incredible thing. For me the highlight was all of us
hanging out together and being very happy about it. What’s up guys. So we are with our last host here.
The last of our 100 days in Tokyo. We connected the world until Tokyo. We had this idea for so long
and we had this dream for so long. And now we really arrived in Tokyo and we did it.
And both teams arrived. And we both arrived here. I still can not believe it. It feels so unreal. Amazing, beautiful. Konichiwa. Finally guys we made it to Japan
and our journey was absolutely fantastic. If you want to see more click here or here.

5 thoughts on “Friendship journey #15: Big reunion of the Yuujou travelers in Japan

  1. I love it so much ❀️ so happy to have completed the circle of friendship and so glad I have so many great memories to look back on.

  2. I’m glad you all enjoyed Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
    Please come back and visit again ❀️
    Sending love from Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
    Bless you all πŸ™ γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™οΌ
    Keep continue for a friendship to grow

  3. What a journey it is! It may be as short as 100 days but he stories, friendships, connection, and impact it has made will go lifetimes! Cheers for Yuujou!

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