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In the last video, we have seen which countries Indians don’t need VISA at all. In this video, we will see which countries grant VISA ON ARRIVAL for Indian citizens. Arrival visa means, you will be given VISA once you reach that country. You don’t need to provide VISA documents before boarding flight in India. There are 29 countries which grant visa on arrival for Indians. We will see which countries are those.. so let’s start. Bolivia – Capital Sucre Currency – Bolivian Boliviano Official Languages – Spanish Places to see in Bolivia Salar de Uyuni Lake Titicaca Burundi – Capital Bujumbara Currency – Burundian Franc Official Languages – French, Kirundi Places to see in Burundi Rusizi National Park Reptile Park Cambodia – Capital Phnom Penh Currency – Cambodian Riel Official Languages – Khmer Places to see in Cambodia Angkor Wat Angkor Thom Cape Verde – Capital Praia Currency – Cape Verdean Escudo Official Languages – Portugese Places to seen in Cape Verde Praia de Santa Maria Pico do Fogo Comoros – Capital Moroni Currency – Comorian Franc Official Languages – French, Comorian, Arabic This country is formed with 3 major islands. Places to see in Comoros Domoni Beach Mount Karthala Djibouti – Capital Djibouti City Currency – Djiboutian Franc Official Languages – French, Arabic This country is in African continent Places to see in Djibouti Rushing Waters Adventures Day forest National Park Ethiopia – Capital Addis Ababa Currency – Ethiopian Birr Official Languages – Amharic Places to see in Ethiopia Omo National Park Blue Nile Waterfalls Guinea Bissau – Capital Bissau Currency – West Africa CFA Franc Official Languages – Portugese Guyana – Capital George Town Currency – Guyanese Dollar Official Languages – English Places to see in Guinea Bissau Kayatar falls St. Georges Cathedral Indonesia – Capital Jakartha Currency – Indonesian Rupayya Official Languages – Indonesian Places to see in Indonesia Prambanan Temple Jatiluwih Rice plantation Borobudur temple Raja Ampat Islands Jordan – Capital Amman Currency – Jordanian Dinar Official Languages – Arabic Places to see in Jordan Petra – One of World Heritage Sites Dead Sea Burdah Bridge Kenya – Capital Nairobi Currency – Kenyan Shilling Official Languages – Swahili, English Places to see in Kenya Masai Mara Mount Kenya Tsavo National Park Laos – Capital Vientiane Currency – Laotian Kip Official Languages – Lao Places to see in Laos Kuang Si Waterfalls Elephant Village Golden City Temple Madagascar – Capital Antananarivo Currency – Malagasi Ariary Official Languages – Malagasy, French Places to see in Madagascar Isalo National Park Lokobe Reserve Maldives – Capital Male Currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa Official Languages – Dhivehi Places to see in Maldives Veligandu Island You must try Scuba diving in Maldives Nauru – Capital Yeren District Currency – Australian Dollar Official Languages – English, Nauruan Places to see in Nauru Anibare Bay Buada Lagoon Palau – Capital Ngerulmud Currency – US Dollar Official Languages – English, Palauan St.Lucia – Capital Castries Currency – East Caribbean Dollar Official Languages – English Places to see in Palau Tree top Adventure Park Pitons National Park Samoa – Capital Apia Currency – Samoan Tālā Official Languages – English, Samoan Places to see in Samoa Tu suva Ocean Trench Samoa Cultural Village Seychelles – Capital Victoria Currency – Seychellois Rupee Official Languages – French, Seselva, English Places to see in Seychelles Anse Intendance Beach Ste Anne Marine National Park Somalia – Capital Mogadishu Currency – Somali Shilling Official Languages – Arabic Tanzania – Capital Dodoma Currency – Tanzanian Shilling Official Languages – Swahili, English This country is in South-East Africa Places to see in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro. Serengeti National Park Thailand – Capital Bangkok Currency – Baht Official Languages – Thai Thailand visa will be given be given for 15 days. but it’s not free A fees of 1000 Baht applies, which means 2000 INR Places to see in Thailand Bangkok Chiang Mai Pattaya Timor Leste – Capital Dili Currency – US Dollar Official Languages – Portugese, Tetun Places to see in Timor Leste Christo Re Jaco Island Togo – Capital Lome Currency – CFA Franc Official Languages – French Places to see in Timor Leste Grand Marche Keren National Park Tuvalu – Capital Funafuti Currency – Australian Dollar Official Languages – English, Tuvaluan This island is near Australia Places to see in Tuvalu Funafuti Marine Conservation Area Tuvalu Womens Handicraft Centre Uganda – Capital Kampala Currency – Ugandan Shilling Official Languages – Swahili, English Places to see in Uganda Murchisan Falls National Park Kazinga channel Somaliland – Capital Hargeisa Currency – Somaliland Shilling Official Languages – Somali, Arabic, English Niue – Capital Alofi Currency – Newzealand Dollar Official Languages – English, Nuie Places to see in Nuie Limu Pools See friends, how many beautiful countries are inviting us. 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