FranklinCovey On Leadership – The World Tour

Think of a great leader in your life.
What sets them apart? They probably achieve consistently great results,
focused on the things that matter most. This is important, but is that all? These
traits can be copied. Get mediocre leaders to imitate the great ones and
yes, results will improve… in the short term, until something changes, new
technology is introduced, a competitor makes a move, customer demands shift, the organization flattens and then results? They start to fall away. Truly great leaders, the ones who lead through change, sit firmly on a bedrock of character and
competence, inspiring trust and rallying their teams. They are the culture
creators. They execute strategy through consistent discipline and they unleash
the untapped talent and potential of their team. Does this define the leader
in your mind, the one that you choose to follow?
Welcome to FranklinCovey On Leadership Where you’ll learn the critical
practices that your first level leaders need to manage a team. You’ll explore our
newest offering, The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership which is designed to develop mid to senior level leaders and you’ll begin to understand the unique
challenges all executive leaders face. The thing is, leadership can be learned,
and in this half-day event you are going to experience how. Let’s build some great leaders, together.

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