Frankfurt for Brexit refugees

Brexit may or may not be happening some time soon, but in any case several companies
in the banking and finance sector have decided that they’ll probably move
from London to here: Frankfurt. If you’re one of those people having
to relocate, what lies in store? History. Most of it reconstructed,
but history nonetheless. Culture. A public transport system that actually works… …most of the time. Back there is where you’ll probably be working. Unless, of course, you get a job here at the European Central Bank,
on the other side of the city. International cuisine. Romance… maybe. Shops. Loads of shops. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to
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53 thoughts on “Frankfurt for Brexit refugees

  1. Hey rewboss,

    welche Vorbereitungen auf den Brexit triffst du eigentlich persönlich? Hast du eigentlich einen deutschen Pass oder einen beantragt, wie ja viele Briten, die in Deutschland leben? Denn solange ein No-Deal-Brexit möglich ist, ist ja nicht sicher, ob und in welcher Form Briten dann Aufenthaltsgenehmigungen oder dergleichen beantragen müssten.

    Grüße aus Kiel

    PS: Erster! 🙂

  2. Vor zwei Wochen war ich im gebiet Frankfurt; ich würde sicher irgendeinige passende Stellenangebot betrachten, dank diese blöde Brexit situation.

  3. Please stay in London. Rents in Frankfurt are far to high already 🙂

    If you really want to know what is going to happen to the City of London – check the development of rents in Frankfurt….

  4. "Warten auf Godot" Abischt oder Zufall. Denn wenn es so weiter geht, heißt es statt "Warten auf Godot" "Warten auf den Brexit".

  5. I am living in Frankfurt since more than three years now, but I grew up in a small village in BaWü, so i am still not used to seeing places that I often visit on TV (or in this case, well-done youtube videos).^^

  6. HA HA HA , Frankfurt ?
    Obviously no ones told all the businesses about the Laacher See super volcano that's showing signs of coming back to life that's actually well over due it's next cyclic erruption .Maybe you all should read up on the Grand Solar minimum and it's effects on seismic and volcanic activity before moving down wind of europe's biggest caldera ( like Yellowstone but only 35km across ) .
    Frankfurt is going bye bye iff Henrik Svensmarks cosmic ray interaction works are correct ….
    Open Google maps and search for " Laacher See " there's a lack of population around it for a reason …..

  7. LOL. The last building shown before the "or European Central Bank" segment also is a European Central Bank building…

  8. You didn't mention the Taunus, just outside Frankfurt, where people who can afford it love to live.

  9. Poorly Paris won the Brexit-questioning, so Paris has move Brexit "refugees" and then Frankfurt.

    Btw., we have 775.000 population since autumn 2018.

  10. Having followed the City-to-Frankfurt flight story for a bit, my impression is that without doubt some jobs will be shifting to Frankfurt, but most of the news I read is that Frankfurt just isn't seen as a serious contender. Only this week weve seen the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund move to London, aiming to stay for 30 years. The fund is worth €873bn. Frankfurt is a regional city; not global. The sort of high net worth fiscal jobs we're talking about involve middle aged types from the US, Japan, Singapore and elsewhere around the world, married with a wife with expensive tastes and aspirations and kids who only must go to the top schools. No Japanese banker is going to uproot their family to Frankfurt, when instead Eton, Harrow etc beckon for his kids. And then there's the high net worth social scene that rubs shoulders with celebrities. Frankfurt shuts at about 5.30pm, London keeps on rolling. What about all those Michelin-star restaurants Frankfurt doesn't have? Alhough Frankfurt is nice enough, I like the place and wouldn't mind living there myself – definitely over London, but it won't rival London seriously for City jobs. One 'real' problem going against Frankfurt is once the eurozone starts crumbling with all that Italian and Greek debt held mainly by already troubled German banks, there may be a faster move out of Frankfurt to London, which is something that could be down the line.

    Anyone up for a laugh? This link is to the official move-to-Frankfurt set up from the local Frankfurt government. Over in London it's been met with hilarity:

  11. Wenn es einen "harten" Brexit gibt, dann sind die Länder der EU für UK einfach wieder Ausland mit den alten Regeln und umgekehrt. Was soll das Geheule der profitgeilen Unternehmen. Waren, die gegenseitig gebraucht werden, finden ihren Weg. Wie früher auch.

  12. I don’t think you can compare London to Frankfurt.
    Frankfurt feels like a small village with a few skyscrapers compared to the huge metropolis of London.
    Also Frankfurt has a huge drug problem! It’s insane, especially when you realize that it’s really not a very big city! There’s literally people doing crack and heroine in public! Especially at night you’ll find lots of people consuming drugs in the metro stations and city parks. Even the main shopping street (Zeil) is full of Druggies and Junkies. Frankfurt is a broken city. It’s city where you commute to, to just work but it’s not a city where you want to live in. That is one of the biggest differences to London. This is also one of the many reasons why we call Frankfurt “Krankfurt” in Germany. Krank means “sick” (so we’re basically calling it “Sickfurt”). And it really is a sick, broken city. Rich bankers who are basically ripping people off, next to homeless junkies consuming drugs and waiting for their death. This is the sad reality of Krankfurt.
    Check out “Schattenseite” or “Human Stories DE”, those are 2 YouTube Channels making videos of all those homeless Junkies in Frankfurt. They talk about their life and how things got out of control. It’s really interesting. Here’s one example

  13. Lol is this vid a piss take? As if anyone is going to want to move to Germany.

    London is the world financial capital.

  14. Also: legal prostitution, drugs on street sale at Konstablerwache, no parking space, best cider in the world, hottest Currywurst sauce in the world, a zoo, Green Sauce (could you make a video on Green Sauce, please?), the second most beautiful German dialect, and the place where the fist democratically elected German parliament assembled.

    EU set for financial pain as leaders are not ready for no deal, warns Bank of England

    Bank of England

    The EU's politicians have not agreed to let their businesses and households use UK banks, so the union risks being cut off from lenders that provide around half of its finance
    Tim Wallace
    5 MARCH 2019 • 9:41AM

    Families and businesses across the rest of the EU are set for higher borrowing costs and financial turmoil because the authorities have not prepared for a no-deal Brexit, the Bank of England has warned.

    Banks and businesses on the continent risk being cut off from £20 trillion-worth of derivatives in the UK, affecting loans such as fixed-rate mortgages.

    Because the EU's politicians have not agreed to let their businesses and households use UK banks, the union risks being cut off from lenders that provide around half of its finance.

    "The Financial Policy Committee judged that in the absence of other actions by EU authorities, some potential risks to financial stability remained," said the records.

  16. Interesting. You are effort to show the city as a boring place. Why you do that ??? Are you scared ??

  17. rewboss 2:51 Da hast Du aber eine ungünstige Perspektive eingestellt, um die Neue Flößerbrücke zu zeigen. Die Pfeiler der dahinter liegenden Brücke dominieren so das Bild, dass das Tragverhalten der Neuen Flößerbrücke nicht nachzuvollziehen ist.

  18. The big benefit of Frankfurt is that you can DRIVE a car and be quickly downtwon without wasting hours in traffic jam. This means you can buy or rent a house in the aerea around Frankfurt and be quickly at the office without wasting time in traffic jam or have to use the public transport. The rents and prices are not cheap but you get 3-times as much as in London for your money.
    But you also spend big money downtown.

  19. Used to live in Frankfurt Bockenheim (for 7 years until last year) and I voted Brexit. Love Germany, love Europe, but the EU is a step towards unelected world government tyranny.

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