Former Homeless Youth Traveler Now Homeless Man in Detroit

– [Interviewer] Matty. – Yo. – [Interviewer] You’re
homeless in Detroit. – That’s right. – [Interviewer] Tell me about it. – I mean, I traveled for a lot of years and because of parole I
would end up getting caught and brought back here to Detroit
so this became my home base and now that I’m done
with all that legal stuff, I’m just here so kinda stuck here. – [Interviewer] Now you told me you slept outside in the winter. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] That’s gotta be horrible. – Yeah, I mean you make the best of it. – [Interviewer] So how’d you survive? – Sleep on the steam drain for warmth, panhandle for money, for food and whatnot. With zero overhead, I mean
it’s not totally impossible. – [Interviewer] It’s gotta
get freezing cold here. – It definitely did, yep. – [Interviewer] Oh my
gosh, now what happened that you ended up homeless? – Well, I was travelin’ for
a lot of years like I said and then just I had legal problems and I wouldn’t ever stay in one place so I would be on parole and
then abscond from parole to travel and never
establish myself anywhere. – [Interviewer] So you went to jail? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] And when you
got out there was no support? – No, nothing at all. – [Interviewer] And probably
impossible to get a job. – It’s not impossible, but
it’s hard from this position because I mean the person at McDonald’s when they see that this is my situation they’re not gonna hire you, you know. – [Interviewer] And then
plus you got a record. – Right right, but I did
some construction work but again it was hard. I was doing roofing for awhile, but the job was in Southfield
so I had to wake up at six in the morning to get on the bus. Take an hour and a half long bus ride to get there by nine and then when I got back I would get
back at like 7:30 at night, have to leave at six in the morning again. It just was really hard
especially being homeless. – [Interviewer] Because you can’t shower. – Right. – [Interviewer] You don’t have a bathroom. – No. – [Interviewer] What
people don’t understand is there’s no relaxing out here. – Right, no you have to be actively doing this all the time
or else you will starve. – And survival
– Right. – [Interviewer] You’ve gotta
have your street sense going. – Yeah, definitely. Detroit’s not the easiest
city to be homeless in. – [Interviewer] Oh I bet, oh my gosh. So what got you travelin’
in the first place? – Just the desire to see the country. Meet people, see the United States. – [Interviewer] How old were
you when you started to travel? – Probably my early twenties, I’m 34 now. – [Interviewer] So
what’s your future like? I mean, you spent this time traveling, did a little jail, trouble getting a job. Where do you see yourself
in five to 10 years? – Oh I have no idea,
hopefully still alive. That’s the only thing I can
shoot for at this point. Yep, no I can’t even look that far ahead. Five years, 10 years, shit, I don’t know. – [Interviewer] If you had
three wishes what would they be? – I don’t know. Probably be able to
get down South to work. Just to be established, to
be a regular person, I guess. It might sound weird but I have a desire just for normal shit like I want a job. You know what I mean, I
just want to be regular. You know, yep. – [Interviewer] Is that it? – Yeah, pretty much it. – [Interviewer] Well thank you very much for talking to me. Yep, thank you, right on. (tranquil music)

100 thoughts on “Former Homeless Youth Traveler Now Homeless Man in Detroit

  1. Someone get this guy a free bus ticket down South. The soup kitchens and greater cities ministries in certain Southern cities feed you all day every day ( they have warehouses with surplus supplies from local businesses, grocery stores, etc so you won't go hungry down there) and their are even faith based missions for homeless with beds and the males can stay as long as they nerd to to get back on their feet. The car manufacturing companies and suppliers down there Mercedes Benz, Honda, Hyundai , Chrysler, etc ( which is located in smaller and affordable demographics) have been hiring like crazy. He can even simply drive the imported cars off the railroad trains and park them in lots by the railroad tracks. Plus construction is up again, old roads and bridges are being state funded now and repaved everywhere again and he can work with any independent contractor for cash,,( until his legal issues are settled and even legal aid and other non profits gets people's record exonerated at certain time if year for charity projects) and on site hiring for construction is finally up again ( certain southern states have puller out of their economic recession and hiring in everything again ; it is best to go to the less populous demographics for jobs though like Alabama for Georgia and Florida are crowded), especially in states like Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

  2. When SHTF it's People like This that will prevail.. It will be Nothing new to them.. The Meek Shall inherent the Earth.. MGTOW 💯👍.🍒🇺🇸

  3. Vraiment quelle tristesse un beau garçon comme SDF, au lieu que les USA fassent la guerre en Irak et en Afghanistan où syrie elle ferait mieux de s'occuper de sont peuple qui vie dans une misère

  4. Do you give them some money or compensate for their time if not you're part of the exploitation team. I don't want to assume but i hope you support them more than just sharing their stories.

  5. This is b.s. this dude is just lazy and wants to get your sympathy to get money. Its a growing trend and it needs to stop. Don't fall for it. To a lot of them if they can get free money without working thats all there going to do. By giving them money your doing nothing but hurting them.

  6. US could have housed, fed, and provided proper infrastructure for the country 100x over….instead all that money goes to fund overseas military adventures…damn shame

  7. Milton Friedman was actually for Universal Basic Income. You have a presidential candidate who is proposing this idea. His name is Andrew Yang. Check him out and tell your friends about him, vote for him. It would eliminate homelessness.

  8. How do you personally help these people? I feel you're just some fat sack of shit who couch surfed for a while and enjoy pestering the bums of our cities. I have seen one or maybe two videos where I feel for the person in question. Most of these people should be wiped out.

  9. Homeless is a state of mind. What makes people houseless is the system and land laws. There is pleanty of space on this earth for all of us, there should be places where people can set up tents legally and start communities so they have shelter and can be self sufficient.

  10. Target pays 14$ an hour to start.stay free at SA Shelter in Westland.get haircut new wardrobe a bus pass.shower daily Before work.proper nutrition very very important.dont smoke dont drink dont do drugs .set goals do this and in 3 TO 6 months you will have a bank account and a new life.structure.dicipline in life.dont socialize.focus.get supportive team.make work your a room on craigslist.100$ a week is affordable when u make 14$ hour.kelly service has many jobs not filled.16$ temp to stay.all in suburbs buslines.plymouth esp.plan execute the plan.

  11. I feel sorry for his situation,so he didn't take a bath for longtime and being cold ,he must be very suffered from outhere.

  12. You can almost see the regret in his eyes for being a youth traveler. There's no doubt that decision led to where he's at now. Instead of joining the military or pursuing education he chose that route. I'm in that same boat. I want to see the world and I'm in my early 20's but I know I'd end up dead or homeless.

  13. We all need to get away from this legal stuff. Glad ur off the hook..
    We all need to Shun anyone with a badge or suit that aspires to taking away our rights.
    "Your enemy is anyone who would want to take away your God given rights..
    "Shaeffer Cox"
    # freeshaeffercox

  14. He said he had a job but it was 1.5hr from him on a bus???? But he is homeless! Why not set up a tent 5min from that job work hard then move up a level?!

  15. It would be extremely helpful if you would put details on here how to contact these make these videos then move on to the next person .you are benefiting from YouTube yet these people just get forgot about

  16. Why would anyone want to be homeless in Detroit? Go to a warm climate! I know it’s not as easy as that, but I wish them the best! Employers shouldn’t make it that hard to get a job with doing a search for a record. Everyone these days have a record since they have a law for everything!

  17. Homeless in Detroit? Talk about rough. I visited Detroit in 2017 and went up and down some deserted streets near the old Packard Auto Factory. It employed thousands at one time but it’s like a cemetery now. Hope this man gets a break soon.

  18. Thank you god for putting a roof over my head. Thank you jésus for feeding me everyday. Im blessed because you love me.

  19. Ok so he said he did have a job in construction however the commute was the issue. Since he was homeless why didn’t he just stay at that location that’s within walking distance? He was the one who said nothing is impossible. I’m not being sarcastic I’m just wondering

  20. This is gonna be me in the future. I'm in my mid twenties. Been on the road for a few years and it's already difficult to integrate back into society. Just finding a place to rent is hard. It's not even about not being able to afford it. People just won't rent to me.

  21. Lots of homeless people will be drafted to go fight the new War in Iran, & Venezuela, North Korea, Trump will need everyone / every bit of manpower to win the upcoming WAR…

  22. It's not that people don't understand there is no relaxing. They just don't value it. people seem to think someone can operate under pressure and shit for ever and having a break is a luxury. People would look at your 3 hour travel time as something you have to live with for money. Remind me why closing my eyes for good isn't viable option?

  23. That is why Americans want to keep illegal immigrants out billions are handed out to illegal immigrants for housing etc that’s why conservatives Republicans say PUT AMERICANS FIRST 🇺🇸

  24. I have let many homeless people in my home. From kids to adults. I have been lied to,stuff stolen and cussed out. As long as I am able I will always help if I can. I have a huge home and eternally grateful. My family thinks I am nuts. But I am the first one they run to when they need something.

  25. Im still able to work Maggie….i have 2 boys so i have too..Matt 15,,,Dylan 17…lol…so i do have to work..Thank you for asking.😎

  26. I live in a social capitalist country in Europe. we don't have that problem. unless the person is so addicted that s/he doesn't want to be taken care of, noone goes on the street… with the US wealth, this is a shame …. I think it is the brutal capitalist system that should be changed… God bless all people in need

  27. My opinion goes like that a big trauma usually makes us hard and even being homeless which means we can't really overcome it because it has left in our insight. If whoever can overcome it, may get ahead than others

  28. U know what sad is more and more people in the state I live in is having baby's more and more but that not a bad thing but u can see what the really care about is them self why don't those people save up the money and help the homeless

  29. plenty of opportunity in Texas if you want it, i came here on a greyhound bus in late 2003, with all my belongings in a trash bag

  30. the root of poverty is the economical inequality that naturally comes with capitalism. i wish we could already enter the era of highly advanced technological automation, so we could finally apply marxism successfully.

    Marx viewed automation as establishing the foundation for a society characterized by the efficient satisfaction of human needs, by creative work, and by the reduction of labor time.

  31. MOVE DUDE, ask for work, sweep street, SHOW people you're willing to work. Just bummin around ain't fun is it. What did you go to jail for? Clean your shit up. Move to Florida and do roofing. Go to where the disasters are and help people rebuild, they'll pay you.

  32. I don't mean to sound mean cuz he's a really nice person but that story about his Roofing job that was an hour and a half away that had to wake up at 6 to be there by 9 and then got back to late so my question is if your homeless why did you come back? You could have stayed an hour and a half away where your job was and it would still be the same right? At least you would have been making money and had your job there.

  33. I'm in Alabama and I will be glad to send him a bus ticket to come here. Work is available and I will give him a place to sleep until he gets his own place.

  34. I HAVE A LOT OF EMPATHY for homeless i took some sometime ago they pissed all over inside on the floor and used all the propane tank. BUT this guy– his eyes say liar to me!!

  35. People need to go the extra step ,be brave, take in a homeless person and help them get on their feet. Was homeless in Albuquerque at the age of 62 with my 13 year old golden mix. Still not there yet but I believe I will be.

  36. Break into a deserted bldg and put your own lock on as an unnoticeable replacement. You'll know if they're around early enough to skedaddle. Commercial property. Get propane and smallish tent for your cheapo del burner you'll keep on flicker. If you are a dapper or drunk, you can't do that part. Limit the heat space. You'll be better off inside. Tell NOBODY where.

  37. Detroit is filled with empty vacant homes, and buildings just sitting around decaying so with that being said, why are people homeless? Yeah the entire system, and humanity needs to be reassembled?

  38. Hhhhmmmm…good looking young man, clear eyes, pretty sharp for being out there in the cold . Burrrr. He’s a strong survivor alright. Lotts of street smarts . I wish him the best . I think he will be a gypsy man for life . I don’t believe he wants to be a normie. I could be wrong . Good luck to you , god bless …head down to Florida at least in the winter ….too damn cold in Detroit !! Nuts !

  39. I am a woman 54 yrs 'I am on SSI.Though no fault of my own. i will probably become homeless next month. I am not on drugs not even medication.I am not a criminal. I do not drink. There are no rentals I can rent for what I get a month and I will probably not make it living in the street. Nobody will care but, that's fine with me cause this place is pain full as hell! I am going though my belongings as I post this while most people are celebrating !

  40. His name is Matt aka Matty. I was homeless and on the streets with him for close to a year. He was one of the "good-guys". Those are few and far between! UPDATE… My man finally left the streets! His dad had a friend on the Islands who offered him work and a place to stay! I hope he's doin well. He taught me a lot out there.I'm not in the street anymore either. Thank you, Dad (he has recently passed) and THANK YOU GOD!!

  41. Bill gates & jeff bezos can surely come through and take care ofthese homeless people.. they each have enough $$, power and influence to change the economics of this country and for once do a great deed to help the unfortunate… 3 million dollars will not hurt these men they can afford it… i will do it if i was in their position

  42. It sounds like he chose to stay homeless… He had a job, but didn't want to wake up at 6'clock in the morning.. so he quitted

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