For online Australian visas use ImmiAccount

ImmiAccount is a new self-service tool that will save you valuable time. With ImmiAccount you can create, submit, make payments and manage all your online visa applications in one place. ImmiAccount is the front door to all online visa services—connecting you to My Health Declarations, Visa Finder, Visa Entitlement Verification Online or VEVO and the Pricing Estimator.Anyone can create an ImmiAccount— it doesn’t matter if you are in Australia or another country; a client, an agent or a sponsor. Using your ImmiAccount you can: apply for a visa, make payments, provide supporting documents,track the status of your application, complete health declarations, modify your application, update your personal information, check your visa details. Select Login on our website to create your own ImmiAccount. Once you have an ImmiAccount, you can apply for your visa online. You can save and continue your online application at any time by selecting the ‘save’ button located at the bottom of each screen. ImmiAccount also allows you to submit multiple online applications and pay for these applications at the same time. All payments can be made by credit card in Australian Dollars, or for some visas, BPAY can be used.You can choose to receive communication and status alerts by email from ImmiAccount each time the status of your application changes, including when a final decision is made. This is just one of the time-saving features we have packed into ImmiAccount to make your visa application easy and convenient.Create your own ImmiAccount today.

25 thoughts on “For online Australian visas use ImmiAccount

  1. Hello there I want to send something back to china it's Alienware batter mx14 R2 will it pass border force please help thanks

  2. How do i update new passport details online? its easier before all i need to do is go to an immigration office with my new passport they scan it finish less than 15 min. now its too complicated and confusing

  3. My account has expired and I am asked to go to "Manage Account' to reactivate it. But where and how do I go to"Manage Account"?

  4. I am typing the GTE for my visa application through my immiAccount but after clicking next An error has occurred. Not getting how to solve this? Is there any way i can email u the screen shot? Please help

  5. Very Convenient. i processed my visa at my own pace. hope i can get multiple entries this time with my family.

  6. How long does it take to receive your ImmiAccount Number as an individual not a business for a partner visa? It says 5 days for businesses but doesn't mention for individuals. We have been waiting 5 days now and eager to get our visa process going. Thank you

  7. I am from bangladesh, but l living malaysia for study can apply or l can go Australia for visit…
    Can you give update news

  8. Sorry not true all the way
    things becoming more difficult and complected
    system doesn't work online most of the times
    staff over the phone is doom and hopeless and useless
    system is designed to delay any procedure only

  9. What an absolute joke! This department and service are operated by incompetents! The links in the website always show an HTTP error and never work. Who would want to be part of a country that cannot even get a simple query website constructed correctly? Also openly gender discriminates against males, as if we should be neutered lap dogs begging for entry when you actually claim that there is a …. "skill shortage"!

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