Food on the Edge, Galway October 2015

My name is Jp McMahon. I am a chef and restaurateur in Galway City in the West of Ireland. We have three restaurants in Galway, Aniar which is a one Michelin star fine dining restaurant, Cava Bodega, and Eat Gastropub which is located in Massimos. Food on the Edge is a two day symposium taking place on the 19th and 20th of October, 2015. It’s a coming together of the world’s best chefs. We have Albert Adria who is probably Spain’s most famous pastry chef, Tom Aikens, Daniel Clifford from the UK, Andre Chiang from Singapore who is one of Asia’s top chefs. We have Mark Best coming from Australia, Jair Tellez from Mexico and some great Irish chefs to come together and talk and discuss and exchange ideas. One of the goals of Food on the Edge is definitely to bring Irish food culture to the fore on an international level and to really highlight our own heritage with regard to traditional ways of cooking and preservation and also new and contemporary ways and I think it’ll be an exciting event. Galway has a great food culture and I think it’s surrounded by the sea on one side and the land on the other and I think that we have such access to amazing, primary ingredients. We have a great tradition of farming. We have a great tradition of fishing, of smoking and of curing, of all these things and these are very, very important things that we need to pass on to our kids and to the next generation because if we don’t we lose out on this relationship to the natural world. Many, many of the speakers who are coming from Singapore, Australia, Mexico, America have never been to Ireland before and they’re international chefs and I hope that they leave a legacy here for others to come and to experience the food in Galway. By bringing world class chefs here I think that we can show our young chefs that Galway’s a place to stay and Galway’s a place to build a really exciting food culture. that Galway’s a place to stay and Galway’s a place to build a really exciting food culture.

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