Fly to Gate: Airport self-service solutions for a smoother traveler journey

Gemalto, world leader in digital security, and IER, a leading airport
and airline solution designer, have partnered to create Fly to Gate, a seamless, end-to-end self-service airport experience for air travelers. Let’s follow John and Mary in their
Fly to Gate biometric airport journey. Mary checks in from home, and performs online passport and
identity verification at the same time. Fly to Gate supports on-line or on-site biometric checking and robust document verification. Fly to Gate opens a swift and secure
biometric pathway through the airport, eliminating the delays
and modernizing the airport journey. This enhanced self-service journey is achieved by creating a single ID token that contains verified
ID and boarding information. John prefers to check in directly
at the airport check-in kiosk. His passport is verified, John is authenticated
as the rightful passport owner. His biometric token is created. As John and Mary have valid tickets
and are confirmed as the rightful owners of their passports
via face recognition, they are provided with a secure token,
either on-line or at the check-in kiosk, to take them right through the airport. There is no need to present any further
documents at the various checkpoints. The token can be a digital
or paper boarding pass, or it can be biometric,
in the form of the traveler’s own face. There’s no need to wait in line
to drop off luggage, or to queue at security checkpoints. By putting the passenger in control,
Fly to Gate reduces queueing and the hassle
associated with air travel. John is taking a domestic flight, so he can go straight to boarding. Fly to Gate easily integrates
with immigration systems to ensure rigorous security
and outstanding efficiency for airports and airlines. Mary has an international flight,
so she has to pass immigration. She presents her passport at the gate, it is verified, she enters, and her face is authenticated. She’s done. Airports and airlines also benefit as travelers have more time to spend in leisure and retail facilities. A typical Fly to Gate solution encompasses self-check-in terminals,
automated baggage drop points, security checks, access gates,
and boarding gates. John and Mary’s tokens are deleted
once they’ve boarded their planes. Fly to Gate offers a brand-new way to reap the benefits of self-service travel, through a combination of market-leading hardware, software, and integration skills that have been proven
in multiple deployments worldwide.

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