Flower Park Hanakairo, Shrines and local specialities, Eco tour trial, Ecotourism in Tottori

September 14, 2013(Saturday) This time the trial ecotour took place in different places around Daisen, including shrines, the Flower Park Hanakairo, lunch in a village for local specialties and more. This is the E trial tour of the International Ecotourism Conference. Please follow us to know more! First accompanied with NHK cameras we visited Akaiiwa shrine. Then we aim at our main destination of the day, the Hanakairo Flower park. In the flower dome we listened to the explanations by the curator of the park M. Kawasaki. Then thanks to free time, each one of us could enjoy the multiple facets of the park at his own pace. Salvia has bloomed beautifully on the hill. After the visit we could enjoy the local food at the old Kamidai school. Sumita president introduced to us to the history of the place and the Fukuoka shrine Lunch was composed of rice cooked with wine and octopus and bowls of handmade soba noodles. Sake [rice wine] was also offered 🙂 After this lunch we went slowly to visit Fukuoka Shrine where we listened to
explanations by M.Ishimura. Then we moved to “Milk no Sato” a place that sells dairy products made from the milk of the Daisen cows. Ice cream is a hit! We finished the day with a walk through the fields. Just in the time of harvest so we could enjoy the colors or rice fields. Thanks to all the participants!

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