Florida Travel: Accessible Travel at New Smyrna Beach & Daytona Beach

(upbeat music) – I really enjoy coming
to New Smyrna because of the accessibility. It’s great to just be able
to drive down to the ocean, be able to get on hard solid
sand where you can push around easier and just breathe
it in and enjoy the view. (gentle music) Usually when I come to
the beach it is me and mom and we just kind of enjoy
sitting out in the sun. Maybe reading a book. I like to write a lot so
I usually go on my phone and maybe I’ll write a little bit. And every once in a while
maybe a friend will come and we can hit a volleyball
around or just play a little beach games. If you have the opportunity
to maybe try things, it doesn’t hurt to try. A disability is something
that some people have to deal with, it shouldn’t
be looked past or ignored. It’s very easy to get caught up in things but just go out, soak in
the sun, enjoy the view, enjoy the people that are around. Just, it’s great to just be out and about. (upbeat music)

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