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  1. Rain and cold, yep, that sounds like Manchester lol! I used to visit my mother once a month on the train and had to spend an hour waiting for a connecting train every visit, so used to walk into town. Never been impressed to be honest but you did a great job on selling it and to be fair, I saw things that I have never seen there on your video and things that would enjoy seeing, if I ever I ever went back there for an extended visit. Cheers Alan

  2. Those Roman's really built things solid. If the building isn't there.. the foundation surely would be. Cool you get to go around the world! Much peace Z

  3. It was raining in the UK? I can not believe haha!
    A wonderful city with beautiful architecture and impressive history. Thanks for taking us along with you!
    Excellent video about Manchester … Thumbs up!

  4. Wow looks like you still had some great experiences despite the weather! There is so much to see and do!

  5. Wow you're in my homeland! Manchester is a great city and you hit a few of the most famous spots there. Did you get to check out the Northern Quarter? That's my favourite area of the city, full of street art and cool cafes/shops. Hope you get to try Vimto haha (it probably won't blow your mind)

  6. nice video, good information and composition. (the volume level was just a little inconsistent, that is a problem I also have with my videos whenever there is music tracks and audio tracks)

  7. You're not the only one; I didn't know there once were Romans in Manchester. That's pretty cool! You showed some interesting part of the city. I'm sure it can be really nice in summer.

  8. I live in Europe but never been yet to England, manchester looks not crowded place, such interesting information about alan turing, thanks for sharing.

  9. I haven't made it to Manchester yet. Looks like there is a lot to see. I definitely want to see those Roman ruins. I hope the weather improves for you.

  10. Yeah bro! First blog in Europe heh?! Starting in England is a good call 🙂 Manchester looks cool! I love commenting on your videos bro! Its informative and not an extended boring selfie!

  11. We've been to London, England 7 yrs ago, but have never been to Manchester. It's pretty awesome that they still have the iconic phone booth! You don't see them in the U.S. nowadays, because of cell phones. Thanks for showing us around Manchester through your eyes.

  12. Oh, the forbidden city. Haha – Well, at least for me as a Liverpool fan. I'm more into the city a bit west 😂Manchester is just for the arrival at the airport. But it looks nice, actually. Maybe I should visit it next time…

  13. Welcome to my city! It's so interesting to see it through the eyes of a tourist. Walking down market street always creeps me out with the human sculptures 😂and people throwing leaflets at me. It looks more chilled when you went. China town is the best! I also love the Hilton. The view from the bar Cloud 23 is a must see!

  14. ooooh didn't know at all about Romans there, pretty awesome thing to learn about. the places that you featured here are definitely interesting and unique despite the rainy weather. chinatown's pretty much everywhere haha. never been to UK but ill make sure to include Manchester when the time comes.

  15. I have not been to Manchester England. But I have been to London, Windsor, Berkshire and Stonehenge. My next trip to England I will go to Manchester for sure. Why did the guy have his tie look so crazy?

  16. Love the church shots made me think of the tragic thing that just happened in Paris with Notre Dame. Love how you were just straight chilling on the park bench with the statue haha. Looks like a great city.

  17. I like this edit Z – you've got a new subscriber in me… I've never been inspired to visit Manchester, but now I am after having you take me there. That "street performer" with the stiff tie made me LOL.

  18. Manchester seems an interesting city Also, it’s great that you shared the story of Alan Turing. It’s sad that society regards homosexuality that way the old days. And knowing stories like Turing’s probably would help in making people more accepting.

  19. Another city I have not gone to but have been to England. Not a city I am super knowledgeable about so cool to learn about it. Always amazing to see Roman construction so far north.

  20. So how long are you in Europe? We're spending the month of June there. The Alan Turring statue was cool. He's a real war hero. Best part of this video, not one mention of Manchester United. That's a big win! 😉

  21. Wow Z's in Europe! Manchester has more cool stuff than we knew 😲and you got some really awesome footage here, great shots. How long are you guys in Europe for?

  22. Another great video Z, I am not a big fan of Manchester City, been there a few times but you managed to capture all its positive things in your video, which is great! The only thing I liked about Manchester was the Chinese part when I went! 🙂

  23. Nice video. I was actually in Manchester for like a day a couple of months ago while travelling back to the UK for a weekend to attend my mate's wedding. I didn't have the energy to venture out and see Manchester , so thanks for showing me around 😉

  24. I have never been to Manchester even though I'm from the UK. Seems like there is plenty to do there, I should check it out someday.

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