38 thoughts on “First Sunday Under New LAX Rideshare System A Nightmare For Travelers

  1. I bet the other airports in California are saying "Thank you LAX for giving us more business." What about people with health conditions? They really messed up but hopefully it won't stay this way.

  2. The delay happens due to the slow purchase of tickets and hard searching for buses. It is necessary to organize several ticket offices and indicate the direction to the buses. Tickets can be sold through the app as well.

  3. I drive rideshare sometimes and ever since they changed the rules at LAX I have been avoiding the airport. It is an absolute. Nightmare and who ever designed this must be Stupid AF. I’ll drop off but I’ll never pick up at LAX now. Thanks for ruining the system LAX. Check the people’s degrees who built this system because it seems like their not very smart and lack common sense.

  4. Dear California,
    please leave the so called church.
    You are worshiping Jesus Christ Crucified the man made jesus Christ.
    Worship the Creator Only!!!!!!

  5. Rofl looks like hell
    2:22 someone who doesn't care if you have to wait 5 hours in a line or pay surge pricing because they give her a salary to be a yes man.

  6. I see why i got pay surg charge they all at lax when im always trying to get to work ubee and lyft is just as bad as a taxi

  7. This traffic jam and clogging is asking for trouble ! Terrorists are not screened like the passengers traveling ! This is just another California drop of the ball, imagine all the climate change people protesting as lax and California are producing a whole lot of damage to the environment with stand still traffic

  8. NO WAITING! NO WAITING!…private DRIVER AVAILABLE. To avoid the new LAX foolishness. Call me ahead of time and I will get you out of the airport in a flash…CALVIN…818-451-5849….because RIDE NOW…means RIGHT NOW!

  9. Socialist, neat little systems of huddling and herding the people, DOESN'T WORK! Restricting peoples movements creates resistance and that resistance creates chaos. But, I guess there's always order out of chaos right?

  10. Uber profit 100 % of the surge. Drivers are making. 60 cents per mile and. 21 cents per minute before gasoline. Drivers are the one that should be outrage

  11. The old system works..No matter what you do at LAX, traffic still gonna be bad. Is easy for the rider to wait at the terminal instead all of them are heading to the lot. At least at the terminals, riders at in different pick up locations and separate apart.
    Goodluck to all the passenger when is RAINING 🌧 . They all gonna be wet waiting on their driver. Did LAX management think ahead?

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