First Impression Nusa Dua | Bali (travel on budget)

good morning guys today we are actually
moving to a place called Nusa Dua from Uluwatu in Bali and we’re actually
gonna move into an homestay that is rated nine point eight out of ten so
we’re hoping that it lives up to its reputation and ratings now Nusa Dua
I’ve heard that Nusa Dua it’s supposed to be nothing like originally Bali what is Nusa Dua really
yeah do it is supposed to be Bali’s all inclusive type of beach
resort place so we are spending three whole days here in Nusa Dua to
experience the luxury side of bali and as we are budget traveling we are not
going to stay in an all-inclusive resort but we are staying in a place called
protein e homestay which has a rating of nine point eight which is pretty insane
so we’re going to go in now and see how it looks it looks like a basic homestay
as you can see with like neighbors just beside you like that a lot of green all
right look at this it’s like a small fontaine here you can maybe have that
your breakfast in the morning sorry for the shaky footage think like everyone is
having their own like space here and then you’re having space here to maybe
eat breakfast as well quite like any other like home stays hello hello there
is the reception when I saw sitting here so now it’s time to check in and say
when you will see how the room looks like like we actually get greeted with a
welcome drink how also right green tea also cheese so actually when we came
here we got the breakfast menu to choose a breakfast that we would like to eat
tomorrow which is super luxurious right yeah that would be great yeah so the
welcoming alone is a 10 out of a 10 star rating without consideration this is
what you’ll see when you walk out from a room
Fontaine a lot of trees a lot of green grass and some sweet places where you
can eat and then over there was the reception we get one umbrella each as
you can see and then the inside looks like this walk into the room is the bed
beautiful folded towels we have a table over there where we can sit with our
computers we’re having a small table here and every morning we’re getting two
bottles of water which is pretty good we have the TV up on the wall here here’s
our stuff and we’re having the fridge over there the welcome drink over there
and then we can store our clothes in that closet over there and then a huge
mirror here unfortunately no hot water in this one but it doesn’t matter and
then in here we’re having the master bathroom not quite the master bathroom
but it looks pretty decent I mean it’s all the necessary things you
need it looks good I mean it’s a good bed or is it let’s feel it yeah I think
this bed will do typical homes they here in Bali but the welcoming was a 10 out
of 10 star they asked us for what kind of breakfast do you want and I was just
good first impression right yeah when I came they were sitting and eating and
they just jumped up when they saw me and like I’m sorry I’m sorry I was like no
it’s cool they can’t eat any we can wait it’s okay but yeah there was super cute
so today what we’re gonna do today explore the area a little bit yeah my
first impression of this place is that it’s super calm here normally you can
hear all kinds of like chickens and roosters and cars and the horns
everywhere on all the spots or all the places that we stayed so far you can
hear a lot of noise now we haven’t been here for more than maybe 20 minutes but
so far it’s super calm here you can really feel how peaceful this place is
and that’s maybe one of the reasons why this place has gotten 9.8 out of a 10
star rating from over 250 guests which is an incredible rating and we totally
see why now look at how calm and peaceful this place looks like and also fun thing about these kind of
luxurious resort kind of places like Nusa Dua is that either you can go and
book and resort where you can stay for maybe a week and you pay like two
thousand dollars or something like that or you can book an homestay like this we
can pay around two hundred dollars for a week now we are actually living just
hundred and fifty meters from the beach which is incredible so we’re actually
gonna go down and discover what this place has to offer I think we will find
a place to eat so we’re going to explore by actually we found a place an Indian
place called New Delhi and the rating was four point two out of five it sounds
like we’re obsessed of the rating system on like food places and home stays and
actually we are we are totally obsessed of it and it’s so weird because
yesterday we were eating at a place and it got like three point seven stars out
of five and it was super delicious so maybe you shouldn’t like judge the book
of its cover so the downside of being in places like this luxurious places is
that it’s more expensive and it makes a challenge for us budget travelers so
we’ll see how to get around it somebody’s hungry and somebody wants
Indian food what are you doing we’re going to an Indian restaurant like
hundred meters is it that way why am I always the clown
I don’t you make me the clown yeah you’re born to be a clown actually I’m
the clown I just want to cuff to everything so it looks like she is the
clown because then I look more like professional and trustworthy but I’m the
clown I said you’re probably gonna pick up a
camera around the corner over there hundred meters from our stage you find something actually all vegan
dishes are marked with a V and I saw quite a lot of them that makes me very
happy actually I woke up with a swollen eye I
don’t know if you can see that it looks better now
you don’t need to sue me well a little bit red okay anyway I was reading this
down sure ba-zing okay whatever you need to
work on your indian yeah it’s a healthy creamy lentil soup cooked to perfection
over slow fire yes please I’ll have one too
breads are like almost being all the rest she’s in heaven we actually know by
fact that Indian food is pretty vegan friendly but this is a lot of be
offended that one first now with a bellies full
we’re going to explore Nusa Dua by foot why is that good is because grab is one
of the cheapest transport companies here in Bali and actually we have to go with
a local transportation which is around three to four times more expensive than
grab and go Jake alone which is not good for us budget traveler so one thing I’ve noticed here is that
the streets are so much cleaner than other places that were vincit here in
Bali so when you’re walking the streets here knows that the way you’re getting
asked for if you would like to get and massage every five to ten minutes
getting quite annoying right now how so we actually got across the street and
walk on the opposite side of the road now
so we have been walking forever to find the ocean or the coast
I thought we actually lived closer than we actually do because there aren’t many
roads or ways that leads to the ocean and five-star hotel over there could you
live there I would certainly not do that but you can see a lot of boats here
maybe this is something there anyways way coming us so this could be something
maybe to watch this is actually the water sport area here in Nusa Dua
where you can do a lot of likes water sports so we’re gonna check that out
actually so this Beach is mostly or only for
water sports I wouldn’t come here to take a swim you can’t do it but I
wouldn’t do it we’re in the north of Nusa Dua right now which not so like
swimmable because of all the boats and water sports so we actually just met a
really nice guy here who is renting out like parasailing bolts etc to do a lot
of watersports here and he actually told us that it’s a lot of accident when
you’re parasailing one person so that is why they don’t do that anymore but other
than that this entire beach here that you’re seeing behind us we will have the
name up here somewhere this is only for watersports you’re not allowed to swim
here thank you so much for watching this video and we hope that you subscribe to
our channel if you like what we’re doing like this video alright see you bye so
when you thought that you were finished with your breakfast this is what you
will be given this place is super cool definitely worth nine point eight
star right babe there are actually not many roads that lead to the coast or to
the water or to the sea or to the ocean yeah but there is a little path here yeah

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  1. Wow that a good place to stay at 😍
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  2. thanx to visit Bali Guys,, if you want to go to vegan heaven please visit Ubud, i think u already know, have fun πŸ˜€

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