Finding The Real Venice | The Fascinating True Story of Venice, Italy

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  1. Happy to see you back to Europe, guys ! Hope you'll have some time for Northern and South-Western Germany and Central Germany and Scandinavia …. and Romania !

  2. You make Venice look so amazing! I'm currently planning my first solo trip and I'm considering starting it from Venice, and your video definitely makes me want to do that

  3. Great video! And a lot of good tips and advice! 🙂 I am planning to go to Venezia once in the "off" season when there is not so busy. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes, that's truth Venice is stunning! I remember visiting Venice some years ago..I will never forget this place. I was on a trip 10 days in Italy and Venice was on the last day, so my visit in Venice closed my trip, so I so good remember the summer, the sun and the city on the water..and many romantic photos as well 🙂 thanks for a video 🙂

  5. It's heartbreaking to see so much history and beauty be threatened by destruction. Still, very inspiring to know that there are people who are determined to thrive and not give up! Great video as always!

  6. just got back from Venice & really appreciate you boys covering the lesser-travelled areas (Torcello/Cannaregio) of VCE…very well done. Its the way people SHOULD see VCE, not via the Rialto Bridge or St. Marco Piazza. Thanks!

  7. Venice truly is spectacular. I hope the magic is never lost even through the crowds of tourists!
    I love how you told the true story!

  8. This is a really important video. Venice has always dealt with over-tourism but it is still possible to find the real venice beyond the tourist traps and hoardes

  9. Quite a good one. I enjoyed your history take on Venices history. You have to build a city up. What destinations are you doing this year?

  10. Venice really is like a dream. I remember my first visit, taking the vaporetto down the Grand Canal and weeping at all the glorious architecture floating by. In the following days I enjoyed getting lost in the maze of narrow streets. Thank you for another beautiful video, guys! Great work!

  11. I loved this video guys. I have been lucky enough to visit Venice twice and there is no other place like it. Thanks for bringing back great memories 🙂

  12. let me guess, you payed about a 100 bugs for 3 shrimps on your plate and if you only have a coffee somewhere you are not even allowed to use the toilett, right ?! also lets talk about the smell. dont get me wrong, you painted a great picture of venice even you had to use an english dude to sell him as italian. you could have at least called him andrea, wich is the correct name for andre in italy. for heaven sake. a little honesty would be just awesome !!!

  13. I love watching your videos. I really enjoy learning the history of the place you’re visiting. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Wow I loved the video. The way you guys captured Venice with every detail is amazing. Knew a little about Venice and I’m glad I came across this video.

  15. We have been in Venice few years ago and it was a rip of… Very expencive town for a turist… Gondoliery charge €100 per 30 min ride so let them and all business owners there pay to save the town from floding as they make a lot of money from tourists.. imho…

  16. You juste made me want to go back, Venice is just incredible, an unique experience, just love to get lost in this little street for from the touristic area!

  17. May I ask when you filmed this? I was surprised by the lack of crowds which I thought was all year round. Has the ban on the Cruise ships had an impact or is it the tourist charge?

  18. Can you tell me the names of the restaurants you visited ? And the neighborhood that was away from it all. Thank you.

  19. I visited Venice in November 2018. The water rose and many streets were flooded. But it was the most beautiful city. I agree we need to protect these iconic cities and buildings and support the local artisans. I vote for the cruise ships to stay out of Venice. There is a documentary about Venice I saw on YouTube not too long ago. Long live Venice.

  20. Really nice video! I also spent a few days of the new year in venice and fell in love with the city. I have a travel video on my channel about the northen part of italy. Peace ✌

  21. I couldn't wait to see what you guys were going to eat. You didn't disappoint. Glad you guys are back making videos again!

  22. It’s a nicely shot video with some info on Venice but spent way too much time on the book shop and had nothing about getting around or how to get there

  23. This is beautiful! Venice is a jewel of the world and sad it's getting affected badly for natural and man made reasons day by day. I consider myself a lucky one to have visited this magical place. My memory of my trip is still fresh in my mind and this video makes me think of Venice again n again in a bitter sweet way…just as a human being who appreciates the wonders of this world.

  24. I never considered getting a passport until I stumbled across your video about Quebec. Thank you for being thoughtful about what you do.

  25. Guys, your video is so beautifully shooted, interesting and relaxing at the same time) Thx God there are subtitles there, that makes understanding of your story more easier, especially for people like me whose Eng is not perfect))) THX for this amazing views of Venice!)

  26. Loved this video! It brings me back to my time in the beautiful city of Venice. Just wondering-how many languages do you speak?

  27. I’ve been around your channel for ages, but your content quality is getting better and better, seriously! Well done guys, so interesting!

  28. I used to live about 45 minutes away from Venice when I was a kid and my parents and I would go there all the time. I’ll definitely go back and see it again because it so interesting and unique.

  29. Beautifully done! I’ve been once, but definitely want to go back. It’s important to bring attention to the environmental issues impacting their future.

  30. You have no idea just how much I would love to live in Venezia. I have watched countless videos of this beautiful city and would be honored to help preserve and protect this wonderful place.

  31. Great video we just went and you have captured the atmosphere of Venice very well nicely done and thank you.

  32. Great video guys. You always share great historical facts but I think you really found a great balance in this one, showing us the traditional, historic and touristic (dream maker) sides. Probably the best video I've seen on Venice too.

  33. if you are planning to visit during late October to November…most likely to be flooding. Been to Venice twice and still in love with the city as I first saw and always having good memories. Feeling sorry for Venetian as they have to put up with tourists as the same time economy grows rapidly, creates jobs and opportunities for the people.

  34. We have been to Venice a few times but only on our recent trip (2016) did we discover the “real” Venice. It is a quiet refuge with restaurants and all the locals milling about and enjoying life. An evening dinner and stroll are highly recommended.

  35. Y'all should really consider flying to Lithuaniaaa! It's just as GOREGOUS as everyone says! And my country! Love from Chicago ✨

  36. Coming to Venice by train after sunset, to see the full moon over Grand Canale right above your head while you exit the central station to feel your self encorporated into a timeless postcard. I wish I could feel same magic again, Venice is truly a place to admire.

  37. Hey! Love your videos and everything about your channel it’s really helped me become a more confident traveler

    I actually made a channel now where I help try to break down the fears that hold people back from studying abroad. I’m lucky that I got to go multiple times, and I want to share what I learned to make it all less intimidating.

    P.S like you guys I’m also from SD and have multicultural parents. Way to represent ✌️

  38. I'm visiting Venice this March and I can't wait to get there. I honestly love the fact that you guys talked about climate change and the dangers it faces, Venice is a treasure that many don't value. Amazing video, love you guys 🥰

  39. Grazie 🙏🏽☺️ thanks for sharing this video! Next time you stop by I’ll offer you a macchiato!
    Very appreciated the “Gladiator” style scene 😜

  40. So nice to see a sponsored video that isn’t just promoting a product or service. Well done! This was a beautiful story that captured the feel of a calm and cultured Venice. As tourism increases around the world, and more opportunities to buy packaged experiences foster a growth in non independent travel, I see many tourists treating destinations as places to be consumed rather than explored. 20 years ago, all I had was a lonely planet guide book, a backpack, word of mouth suggestions and a point and shoot camera which was rarely used, as film was difficult to get processed while on the road. It amazes me how quickly tourism has changed. It just pushes independently minded travellers to seek out connections and experiences beyond Europe’s “Top 25”. Nice to see in Venice, all you have to do is leave the central tourist area. Thanks!

  41. Hey Vagabrothers I really love your videos, and I would like see my country in your channel go to my pulgarcito El Salvador !

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