FILIPINO HOUSE TOUR (Part 2) – Old house of my Lola and Lolo (ENGLISH SUB)

Before there was a lot of bamboo here. This is the location.
Before this was all wood.
After all these years it all changed to concrete. It’s becoming more modern.
It is not finished yet but this is just preparation work. This is our old eating area. Now let’s go on to this area. This is the living room.
The kitchen is over there. Then here are two rooms. The house is very different now. We elevated the floor because it was very uneven before. Then this is our kitchen. Before there was a lot of bamboo here. Here were three big stones and some wood for cooking. It was okay because there is only a little space in the house. This is the toilet.
Now it is already new, before it was really old. Here is our shower. So here we have some space in the back and some ventilation because of the wind. And there is also a roof here now.
So it’s very modern now. These are old corrugated sheets.
It’s nice in the summertime because it is fresh. So this was our old house.
It was from the grandfather and grandmother of Zoë. We lived here with 7 people.
All the brothers and sisters lived here. Everyday we were very happy here with all the siblings We all ate together at the table.
And with Christmas we were all together. So it was a very happy time.

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