Fight or Flight – Time Travelers English Playthrough #5

Nonaka’s Advice Kamiya! Nonaka, sorry but I gotta go. Wait a minute. Your being suspected… Suspected? of colluding with terrorists. Kamiya. I don’t believe you could ever work with terrorists. It’s not too late. Come with me and we can clear up this misunderstanding. TOP: Run away. BOTTOM: Gun down Nonaka! Stop Kamiya! Nothing will change if you do that… Don’t get in my way. I must go. Now. No. I can’t let you go. Nonaka… I just… Kamiya has fled. Location Shibuya Station East Exit. He’s carrying a stolen handgun Don’t get in my way! I have to get on that… bus… Persuading Nonaka Sorry Nonaka. Look the other way this time. I’ll explain everything later. Kamiya if you are innocent why are you running? Kamiya has fled. Location Shibuya Station East Exit. Need backup ASAP. Secured! Why did you run? If there’s a valid reason just spill it. I’m sorry I can’t say. Kamiya. . . Sawaki seemed disappointed Kamiya. Ignoring orders as usual. I won’t make any excuses for disobeying a direct order. The criminal was secured and the hostages safe but this is all from hindsight. Didn’t you consider there could have been more victims based on your actions? The greater good vs. a single life. I cannot choose between these. I must protect both. It will be dealt with later. Good job. As expected of the man who is called “invincible”. Kamiya, I get that you have something you can’t tell anyone. Nonaka. . . So you should rely on Sawaki. He won’t do anything bad. What’s wrong? I’m sorry. There weren’t supposed to be any plan for construction in this area… Sorry. Release our guy. What’s going on Kamiya? It’s a misunderstanding Nonaka! Kamiya. Get out. Now. TOP: Try to explain to Nonaka BOTTOM: Get out of the car Please. Believe me. This is a set up. If you don’t release him I’ll shoot! How can I believe you in this situation?! Nonaka. Take off my handcuffs. Don’t do it! You don’t need to listen to him. There’s a reason for this. Nonaka believe me. I’m sorry. Creepy Mask Seriously, I can’t believe someone who could mix up a sale message with a terrorism alert is helping the news team. I’m sorry. Even today’s fake news is because of someone who used to work in Variety shows. Variety show people should just keep doing variety shows. Excuse me… With all due respect… What? It’s true that I’m a Variety show host… One day I hope to transfer to the news team and reveal the truth. You want to work at news terminal was it? Yes my dream is to be like my dad and work at news terminal as the main newscaster. My father was a person whose life was news. If he had to choose between the truth or his own life he would choose the truth. That’s how determined he was. Although I still don’t fully understand the true meaning of these words… But I… If you have time to daydream you should focus on the report in front of you. Okay. TOP: Stop the van! Chase the man! BOTTOM: That’s just a cosplayer. Sorry! STOP THE VAN! What the hell suddenly… I saw the Skull Phantom! WHAT? Where did he go… Isn’t this another one of your misunderstandings? Did you see anyone around here just now? A man in a mask right? Yes! Did you see him? I saw him. He was so cool! He’s probably really good looking too… I see… good looking huh? But it seems that he doesn’t like cameras… As soon as he saw you guys he flew into the sky! Wooosh! Now, a lot of facts were found… The Skull Phantom can fly in the sky! There’s NO WAY that’s true! Tell Takaido: I’ll shoot the report by myself! Wait! The Skull Phantom?! At this place?! The Skull Phantom… What is he…

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  1. Soo it seems, there's only one route to take for the story? No multiple endings? It looks like when you make a wrong choice, you automatically have to go back and choose the 'correct' one to continue.

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