Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Why Is This a Thing?

– Greetings travelers, this is Taste. – Yeah, this is the show
that we sample trends that shape and define culture. (upbeat music) – What are we getting? – I think we’re getting a new
– Pineapple. – car. – No! It’s a pineapple. – I just really feel
like it’s gonna be music. – It’s not. – It’s gonna be music, just gonna– – All right. – There’s gonna be music in here? – Whoa! – It is. – Oh! – All right, let’s take out this one. – I don’t know what this is. – That’s a, that’s a what would be a hand (buzzer buzzing) – Guys today we’re
talking about feng shui. (buzzer buzzing)
– feng shui as it were. I know this is a fig plant. (bell dings)
– That’s a fig plant? – [Camerawoman] It’s
called a fiddle leaf fig. And that’s called Macrame. – Macrame.
– Is this like a thing? – A accoutrement. – Excuse me? – Yeah you heard what I said. – I don’t know what you said. – What did you say?
– Don’t worry about it. – Well today we’re talking
about millennial decor. – Millennial decor. – We’ve got baby, my
sweet little baby plant. – A little fig. – My sweet little baby macrame. So because Millennials
love Fig Newtons so much, there’s been a big push to
home grow organic Fig Newtons. (buzzer buzzing) So if you just pull out the roots, – It’s just somewhere in there. – There’s just Fig Newtons there. (buzzer buzzing)
– Fiddly fig? – I don’t know.
(Blayne laughs) (keys typing) – I think it’s safe to say that none of us really know about the
fiddly-fig or macrame. – What are we looking at? – [Cameraman] Fiddle leaf fig. – [Both] Oh! – There it is, there it is. – [Camerawoman] Were
you looking up fiddly? (both yelling at once) – I was right.
– Leaf. (Ty sings fiddle sounds) Oh my gosh. – I would like to hear nine things nobody tells you about
fiddle leaf fig trees. – All right, you cannot grow
a new fiddle leaf fig tree from a leaf.
(bell dings) – Common misconception we’ve all – Alrighty, you can buy
a fiddle leaf fig tree for $12.99 from Ikea.
(bell dings) A tiny fiddle leaf fig
might suit yourself, your lifestyle better than a tree. – Like I’m saying, my sweet
little baby fiddle leaf fig. What do you call the babysitter
for your fiddle leaf fig? – A fiddle– – The chloroplast sitter.
(buzzer buzzing) – So the idea is like
this plant has become not necessarily like about having plants or like good environmental
plants in your house but it’s more of a designer trend. – Ah yes, back to our lovely hearth, – Back to our macaroni (Ty laughs) – A form of textile produced
using knotting techniques. The primary knots of
macrame are the square or reef knot in forms of hitching. – So this thing has been macramed. – Crocheted.
– Oh nice! – What is wrong with you? You’re ruining the macrame. – No, I’m not, I’m reinventing myself. (keys typing) – Yeah I feel like you would
only have this if you wanted to take a picture of it
and put it on Instagram. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s people, you know, they get done with a long
stressful day of work and they walk in, sniff their
fake fiddle leaf plant and – They touch their macrame. They just kind of walk
by and stress reliever. Is it nice to have things
like this in your room that are different and unique or is it becoming something
that is just solely used for trend purposes? – I like it. It’s not my kinda thing
to have I don’t know, stuff like this but I respect it. Like if I go into your
room, I’m gonna be like “Oh, you’re that type,” – We’re starting to move into, I mean obviously it wasn’t until 2016 for both of them, right?
– Yeah. – So now everybody’s
moving to a space where it’s not what you need
but what can you get that people may not have or
may not have seen before. – But also you might just like it. – If you had to pick one, all right, would you pick the fiddle leaf or the macaroni macrame? Leave a comment. – I’m going with the fig leaf.
– I’m going with the plant. – I’m gonna go with the macrame. (electronic music) – My mom would totally have this. – Absolutely.
– And I love it. – Yeah, my mom would put this up and she would have this
somewhere in some corner. – A cool plant. – I would lay in the living room and think about hammocks all day long. – We just moved in freshman
students to my college right? And the stuff that they were moving in compared to what I was
moving in was crazy, like they’re moving in all these cool like things like these
like really cool designs and in my opinion, that was always the less that I move in, the less I have to move out, right? – I’m so with that. – But I feel like the culture
that we’re diving into is this culture of like really wanting to do whatever it takes to
feel at home and I’m about it. I’m about people getting
things that are different, that are cool, half hammock,
(buzzer buzzing) you know, figgly-newton plant,
(buzzer buzzing) – I’m all about it y’all. Bring it on, bring on the new times. (electric beats) – If room decor can influence
culture, so can you. This is Taste, I’m Ty. – I’m Malcolm. – I’m Blayne. – See you next time!
– Peace!

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