Fiance or Spouse Visa Eligibility: Is your Tax Return Recent Enough? Gen83

This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Todays topic is: When must you file your most
recent Federal Tax Return to prove your Financial eligibility for Spouse or Fiance Visa, Green
Card? Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
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get her Fiance visa and Green Card Our experience in the adjustment of status
process went great. Mr. Wahl was able to help us clear everything
up and take care of all the paperwork needs quickly. We processed everything from the beggining
including the fiance visa which was also quick and the process went
smoothly with the help of Mr. Wahl. We are now happily together after all this
time and glad we received assistance from the VisaCoach! We are extremely grateful for having him as
a guide in our journey to finally be together
with no barriers! Now, lets talk about “The timing for filing
your most recent Federal Tax Return to prove your Financial
eligibility for Spouse or Fiance Visa, Green Card? When applying for Fiancee or Spouse visas,
or Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residency US Immigration requires that the sponsor demonstrate
his financial eligibility. For most sponsors
the financial proofs required are proof of employment, year to date earnings statements
such as pay stubs and the sponsors most RECENT
Federal Tax return. US Citizens and residents are required to
file Federal Income tax returns each year. The
filing reflects the income the person had in the entire regular calendar year starting
from January 1 through to December 31. Regardless of when the return was actually
sent in to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) its contents are ONLY current up to December
31. For example a tax return filed for the 2016
tax year would be 4 months out of date as of April 2017,
6 months out of date as of June 2017, 9 months out of date as of September 2017, and 12 months
out of date as of December 2017. By January 2018, 13 months out of date, by
February 2018, 14 months out of date, and so on. When Immigration reviews a sponsor’s financial
evidences, recent data is more relevant and is preferred over old data. Come March, immigration greatly prefers to
see one’s most immediate year’s Tax return thats only 3 months
old , instead of a 15 month old tax return from the earlier year.. But “My accountant says I should wait till
October to file my taxes” Thats where the problem lies. While US Immigration requires RECENT data,
IRS is more lenient. The stated IRS deadline for ones tax return
is on April 15, but every H&R Block tax preparer knows it is easy enough
to defer the filing for 6 more months till October 15. And they advise their clients to hold off
till then. Immigration’s requirements trump IRS What is acceptable to IRS is NOT acceptable
to Immigration. Typically at the overseas consulates
they will accept a 14 or 15 month old ‘recent’ tax return, but not older. USCIS and NVC (National Visa Center) aren’t
so generous usually a 14 month old return is the oldest that may pass muster. If a sponsor’s income comes primarily from
earned income, and his W2 from last year is available,
but he hasn’t filed his tax returns, will that do instead? Logic says it should. However this is a matter that ‘is in the eyes
of the beholder’. Some consular or immigration officers are
more flexible than others. In my experience submitting a 3 to 4 month
old W2 and a 15 to 16 month old tax return was rejected
2 of 3 times. And after April, not accepted at all. Should you file your tax return as early as
possible in the new year? YES, you should,
if you want your fiance or spouse to get their visas or green cards, without delay. Take your accountant’s advice NEXT year
and file at the last minute, For THIS year, while your fiance’s or spouse’s immigration
cases are pending, file as early as you can. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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14 thoughts on “Fiance or Spouse Visa Eligibility: Is your Tax Return Recent Enough? Gen83

  1. hello Mr Whal! I watched a video about you saying that if we send the I-129f documents to Dallas TX it may take longer because that area takes longer to do processing and that California is the fastest. I went on to get the address to write on my letters that im preparing and expected to see the optional locations i can send to, that you talked about. On the site the only address i see to send it to is the Dallas TX address, please inform if i should go ahead and send it there or is there other options to send it to?

  2. I have a question that you tell me please so what if that you apply for a fiance visa and your fiance runaway for after months when he received the temporary green card what you do in that situation and the person working in the New York since 2008 and no contacts no help no nothing and he promised to the immigration that he will take care of my children and help me but it's no where to find and now he got 10-year green card when he came in 2008 so how did you explain thank you

  3. hi im liz had a question im about to do my income tax just got married this past may my husband is an immigrant he has never done any income taxes what do you recomend for me to do…

  4. Hello Mr wahl I would like to know how many years of income taxes I need to have to apply for fiance visa. Thank you

  5. My fiancé is concerned that if we do an interview January or February with 2018 taxes , my father won’t be eligible for a cosponsorship. Would the uscis accept my most recent tax return before April 17? We will be filing electronically as early as possible . We are both young and new to filing taxes. My father told me once we get the tax refund , they are eligible for using for government documents.

  6. My interview is this coming february 14, can we still use our 2017 tax returns? My fiance’s w2 wont be available until first week of february

  7. Hi Mr. Wahl. In 2016 & 2017 i spent a large part of my time traveling in Vietnam visiting my sick parents who had retired and moved back to Vietnam fulltime in 2011. Duri ng that time, i met and married my beautiful wife in Vietnam. I came back to usa in early 2018 to work fulltime and have been working since. In doing so i have made over the 125% federal poverty guidlines requirment for 2018, and already made over the 125% requirement as of now for 2019. Now I'm on the final leg of this CR-1 visa process and just recieved the link from NVC asking for supporting documents from me and my wife before getting the " Interview" at the embassy. My question is…since i made well BELOW the federal poverty line in 2016 & 2017, but well OVER in 2018 would it be in my best interests to submit a letter of employment & my current 2019 pay stubs ($22,000 YTD) along with my 2018 Tax Transcripts which is required for i-864EZ?..

  8. Hi sir I have a question. I kno sometimes they request last 3 years taxes, if my most recent tax which is 2018 Is enough to sponsor my wife but my last two which is 2017 and 2016 doesn't meet the requirement will I have an issue?

  9. My husband didnt file for his 2018 tax return and we are about to do my adjustment will that complicate me from getting a greencard ?

  10. My husband last 2 years income was low in tax transcript.
    But current running year 2019 is very high about 200%high income than poverty level.
    So will low income last year will effect on cr1 visa?

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