Family Visa & Family Visit Visa’s In Qatar: Rules & Requirements

Hi, and welcome to another PRO-Partnership
Top Tips Video. My name is Liam Trump, Business Development
Executive at PRO-Partnership and in today’s episode, we are talking about family visa’s
for residence and a family visit visa, their differences and their requirements. To start, let’s discuss family visit visa’s. The family visit visa is a single entry visa
that allows it’s holder to stay in Qatar for a maximum consecutive period of 6 months. Initially, the family visit visa is valid
for 1 month since the date of entry. In order to be able to extend the family visit
visa, it’s holder has to undergo a medical examination within their first month of stay. Before the date of expirry mentioned on the
visa. The holder can choose for how many months
he or she wishes to extend the visa after the medical report is issued, up to a maximum
stay of 6 months. The medical examination can only be done at
the medical commission for family members. But children up to 7 years old, would not
have undergo this medical examination. But a fee of approximately 100 Qrs will have
to be paid for them at the medical commission for them to be able to extend their visa. Please keep in mind that if the holder of
the family visit visa wishes to travel out of the country, the family visit visa will
no longer be valid as it is only valid for a single entry. If you wish your family to live in Qatar over
the long term, you should apply for family visa. A family visa differs from the family visit
visa as it enables the holders to obtain a residence permit in Qatar. Please be aware for the family visa application,
there are a number of required documents that need to be submitted during the application
process. Please see the link below this video for a
full list of requirements. One of these requirements is that you have
to provide 6 months of original bank statements from the sponsoring parent or husband, obtained
from a local bank in Qatar, stating your monthly salary is 10,000 Qrs or above. If you are new to doha and 6 months bank statements
are not yet possible, it is still be possible to apply for the family residence visa. However, a more suitable and easier solution
would be to obtain the family visit visa first, whilst 6 months bank statements are collected. Thereafter, proceed with the family visa application. As always, for more information and great
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