Family urges public not to watch Scandinavian tourist decapitation video

 Uncensored images of the severed and partially severed heads of two Scandinavian tourists murdered in the Moroccan mountains have been plastered all over the Facebook page of one of their grieving mothers  It is not clear if the images were taken by investigators or the killers but the horror development came after friends and family urged people not to watch a video showing the decapitation of one of the victims circulating online  The mutilated bodies of university students Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, of Denmark, and 28-year-old Maren Ueland, of Norway, were found on Monday at an isolated campsite two hours’ walk from the tourist village of Imlil near Mount Toubkal  Moroccan authorities believe four suspects in the killings had travelled to the Atlas Mountains intent on committing a crime, but had not selected a target in advance  They were apparently acting on their own initiative, even though they had just pledged allegiance to Islamic State, an official said on Sunday  Boubker Sabik, spokesman for the Moroccan security and domestic intelligence services, also said the arrest of nine more people in the case had foiled a terror plot  A graphic video purportedly showing Ms Jespersen’s throat being slit, which was viewed this morning by news, is still being widely shared on numerous social media platforms despite pleas for the footage to be removed  In the video, two male voices can be heard shouting at the women in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) as one of the killers is seen sawing at Ms Jespersen’s neck with a large knife  According to Darija-speaking journalists at the Morocco World News, one of the perpetrators declares: “This is a revenge for our brothers in Hajin” — referring to the small Syrian town which was an ISIS stronghold until it was liberated two weeks ago by Syrian Democratic Forces  Earlier, several major news outlets — including The Guardian, the BBC and AFP — reported the video had been verified by the Danish authorities  But the Danish Security and Intelligence Service has since issued a statement denying the claim, saying its specialists were still working on the footage  “The police and the intelligence agency are still analysing the video, so we cannot at this time say anything about the authenticity of the video,” it said  Friends of Ms Jespersen’s family have been pleading with social media users not to watch the footage, which is still — incredibly — available on Twitter, Facebook, 4Chan and Reddit  In a shocking development, the Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother Irene has been spammed with hundreds horrible images of her daughter’s slit throat and Ms Jespersen’s severed head  Some appear to have been posted by local Moroccans in a bizarre attempt to express condolences, with the distressing images captioned with calls for the killers to be put to death  “I was so lucky to be your boyfriend” The former boyfriend of Louisa Jespersen has written an eloquent and utterly heartbreaking tribute to the woman he dated for two years  Glen Martin, who stayed close friends with Ms Jespersen even after they broke up several months ago, described her as a force of nature who refused to be “limited by fear of all the dangers of the world”  “Dear Amazing Lulu, Funny, full of energy, bundle of joy, inclusive, caring and thoughtful These were just a few of your many amazing qualities. You were also well known to be distracted, slow and clumsy These qualities that made so many of us to scratch our head, but it was just these that made you unique and loved  “You were so curious and everything fascinated you. No idea how many times we were hiking together where I turn around and you were disappeared, because so to find you far behind me because you had to look closer to a beautiful flower, view or something that the average person wouldn’t notice even You saw beauty in every smallest detail. Mr Martin’s tribute continued: “Louisa, I was so lucky to be your boyfriend for two years until this summer We went apart as best friends with tears in our eyes because we found out that we didn’t love each other anymore We both were very sorry, but agreed that it was the way it was. “It breaks my heart that there is someone who would hurt you, you always saw the very best in people and you brought out the best in the people around you You travelled around the world just as you would, you would not be limited by fear of all the dangers of the world You did what you wanted and you were tough. “You will live on in the heart of all the people you have met through the journey of your life I carry you with me the rest of the way and take you up on the mountains and down the rivers you never had the opportunity to experience  “You have a special place in my heart and it is reserved for you the rest of my hopefully long life To make room for you in my heart, I also had to give you a part of mine. So a part of me died Monday morning, but it also means that part of me is with you wherever you are now No matter how lonely you are, I’ll be there with your side and you with mine. I wish you good luck in your journey further wherever it takes you  I don’t say goodbye, but at reunion my friend.” Second video allegedly shows suspects backing ISIS  Thirteen people have now been arrested over the grisly killing of the two hikers as Moroccan and Danish authorities probe a link to Islamic extremism  Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Intelligence (BCIJ) yesterday released the names of three of the suspects, all of whom hail from “marginal neighbourhoods” around Marrakech  RELATED: Mass arrests in Morocco tourist slayings They were named as: ● Rachid Afatti, a 32-year-old small businessman from Al Kayed, a village in rural Harbil, 30km outside Marrakech; ● Ouziad Younes, a 27-year-old carpenter from the Marrakech suburb of Al Azzouzia; ● Ejjoud Abdessamad, 25, from the Zeroual district of Marrakech  Police have not released details of the fourth man arrested yesterday after police seized a cache of knives found on a bus in Marrakech  A video showing all four men pledging their allegiance to so-called ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has been authenticated by investigators and gives weight to suspicions Ms Jespersen and Ms Ueland were killed in an act of terrorism  The footage, recorded a week before the murders, shows the men sitting in front of a black and white flag One, brandishing a knife, declares the group’s intention to carry out terrorist acts  He condemns “destruction caused by the warplanes of the Crusader alliance” and appears to taunt Morocco’s intelligence service, saying “where is your knowledge? For here we are …” Confirming its authenticity, the Rabat prosecutor issued a statement saying: “The video showing the arrested individuals … pledging allegiance to Daesh was recorded last week before the execution of the criminal acts we are investigating ” The killings have sparked fears of a hit to Morocco’s crucial tourist sector as the kingdom’s relative security has always been a major selling point  “What most of us had feared — that is to say a terrorist angle to the double crime in the region of Imlil, has been confirmed,” said leading news website Medias 24  “Shock, sadness and revulsion are perceptible in Morocco.” Traumatised by the murders, residents of Imlil are deeply fearful for their livelihoods, and have helped investigators in identifying suspects, a tourism sector source told AFP  Morocco has been spared jihadist attacks since 2011, when a bomb attack on a cafe in Marrakesh’s famed Jamaa El Fna Square killed 17 people, most of them European tourists  An attack in the North African state’s financial capital Casablanca killed 33 people in 2003 Catching our worst outback killers1:35 Retired cop on the cases that still haunt himMay 17th 20187 months ago/display/newscorpaustralia com/Web/NewsNetwork/Network News/National/

24 thoughts on “Family urges public not to watch Scandinavian tourist decapitation video

  1. I urge you to watch it as well as other videos of beheadings, public rape, people set on fire, de-limbed, etc. You know, all of the ones which come from first world countries. Oh, wait….

  2. This plea by the parents of these too naive girls shows you just how far stupidity can go. The mother of these girls are idiots and Not only would I urge the video to stay on YouTube I would urge that it be made mandatory to be shown to all white girls in Europe of school age. Burying your head in the sand like the parents of these two girls obviously did only served to ensure their child's death. The parents have been brainwashed for decades by their schools their government which lies to them and just as important the leftist Socialist liberal media that has lied to Western countries for decades. So what are these lies lie number one is that Islam is a friendly peaceful religion. Bowl. Lie number two islamist are Muslims whatever you choose to call them will integrate and assimilate with with Western cultures. the Quran does not allow Muslims to integrate or assimilate. Islam doblao Muslims to lie and deceive non-muslims before they kill them. Europe needs to wake the f up. Europe is under attack by Islam. there are many areas in European countries that are no go zones. Sharia law is now embedded in every European nation and undermines the laws of that Nation. islamists have immigrated by millions into Europe in The Last 5 Years thanks to the enemy of Europe Angela Merkel and the EU. Fight. Fight for the freedom of your country. do it now. European leaders are cowards. They only care about their titles and their pensions from the EU Union brexit was just the beginning. May the yellow vest movement in France sweep throughout Europe

  3. There is live video of them cutting off the girls heads while they are alive screaming…….It is the most bloody horrible thing you will see in your lifetime. Kill them all and bury them with a pig. Wake up you idiots. Most Westernized women have no idea what evil there is in the Islamic world.

  4. We all know from peoples description what the video entails. All I am saying is don't watch it out of pure curiosity as us humans do have a penchant for viewing gore. Also I agree with the families. We don't want to make their deaths akin to a public execution.. It both enables the scum who did this and further disreputes the dead. Wherever these girls are now I hope you got the best of what ever afterlife their is. Truly.

  5. Quite right. There are a lot of grotty teenagers here who have watched it and enjoyed it and yet use it to rant about Muslims.

  6. We must watch it. It is a reality check! Not all cultures are living and accepting! Legacy Media BBC CNN killed them together with an ideology of hate!

  7. everybody needs to watch it….so everybody will know what islam looks like…this cancer can not be allowed to remain in Western countries

  8. Those families should have urged the two girls to not go there. Quite obviously, they have miserably failed to make their kids become aware of the enormous riks they were taking. Maybe the families are as brainwashed and naive like the girls. I saw the video in January 1 and it took me several days to get over the shock. In particular those naive leftists all over the world should be forced to watch it. That they are urging the public now to not watch the video feels like they are still on the typical leftist path. Normal parents would warn women to not make the same mistake.

  9. These look like the type of European Women that would be holding up a '' refugee welcome'' sign. Live and learn I guess, oh wait.

  10. Two generations ago women this age would have oppressed, chained to the kitchen stove barefoot and pregnant. We are committing self genocide with our family breakdowns and low fertility. Islam will conquer Europe, there won't people enough people left to defend it, and soon.

  11. Leftists should take the quran and the haddiths, and read it before they travel im musulims countries… Allah promises virgins women in heaven to every Muslims who kill non-muslims. Allah encourage muslim to lie, to rape, kill, stone, dismember, and to behead non-muslims.. Islam is a satanic cult. The left needs to wake up and stop defending islam and welcoming muslims in their countries!!!

  12. If Liberals wish to continue vacationing in Morocco despite repeated warnings let them go there, our primary concern should be stopping Moroccans and other Muslims from migrating here in droves.

  13. Here is the video, it is unedited full graphic detail,NOT WORK SAFE! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH

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