Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

In the Philippine city of Angeles, until 1991 it used to be a US air force base these days, though, many men who are mostly retired flocked to the city of fallen angeles to make peace and love. As a result, a whole generation of orphan children has growing up in the Philippines as through it was a post war country. Huge numbers of children are fathered by foreign sex tourists they have never, and in all probability, never will meet their dads. Sarah charged us $100 for the night. She’s 20, and this is the day that her daughter turns 2 month old she continues to work in the bar, so she can afford to feed her baby whose biological father has returned to Australia. Sarah, is it the first time that the TV crew films you or like takes you for a night? The first time we meet Sarah wasn’t in a hotel or a bar but at her home, with visited to film her aunt Nellie. Nellie has a daughter too, from a Scottish client. Nellie had to quit sex trade because the bars don’t want to hire her anymore. Youth is the only commodity that is in demand here. Is this George, father of Michelle? Wow, she’s so small! Sarah! From my first day in Angeles city it felt that with the arrive in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, a city where vice is the norm. And that as seems, is the unavoidable future for the children here. Everywhere we went, we met kids who are clearly been fathered by tourists from all over the world. We wanted to record as many video letters as we could messages to all those fathers sitting in their nice homes and comfortable cars, and thinking about where to invest next. Jan Lester’s story is so surreal that it’s hard to believe. His German biological father left him before he was born and when he was just 2 month old the boy was abandoned by his prostitute mother. She left the tiny baby to her transgender neighbour and disappeared. For Jan Lester, Pia instantly became both mother and father. This is my son Jean-Jean. Mary-Ann is the Jean-Lester’s best friend in neighbor we soon learnt that she two were fathered by a German sex tourist. In our school it is frequent. Their fathers are foreigners, because their mothers are working in the fields, and some of them they don’t even know their fathers. Ok, very good. Her classmates they are teasing her because she smells bad
sometimes she forgets to wash. I asked her why she smelled like that and she said the place where they get water
is very far and their home, there is no source of water in their house. For every week she is absent, like for example in this month this is the first that she go back to school. – Mary Ann! When am working in the bar, I didn’t really speak English. when the guy asks me something like ‘What is your name?’ I just say ‘yes’. I only know say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. When I am getting 16,
so I decided to starting working at a bar, so when I make money, so I can help my family. But when I got pregnant to Mary-Ann. When I knew I was pregnant, so I stopped supporting them. Jenifer gave birth to Mary Ann after sleeping with a German customer. A year later, she met a local filipino guy, Aronold. They aren’t married,
but have now lived together for 9 years. I have a boyfriend, his name is Shawn. Oh I can’t remember, it was a long time ago. You can take the girl out of a bar,
but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. You know what I mean? Could you explain it? Well, you can take a girl out of the bar if you got money but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. Because they never change. They want the money. You understand? You can’t trust Filipino woman, you know? I saw Charlie playing in the street with some other kids. He wasn’t very talkative,
but his appearance gave him away. Charlie’s father’s name is Patrick,
an Austrian with Irish roots. His filipino mother didn’t just sell drinks at the local bar. I looked for Jane in the bar and then we talk and then go back
and come back and ta-da-da-da. And then we get married here in the Philippines. I just love her you know, just lover her smile and she’s very funny. Then she has very good face, you know. But for me… I’m happy to be loved again. Because I didn’t love for maybe 2 years or maybe 3 years. You know, because my wife when she left me, I just wanted to f**king kill her. But I shouldn’t say that but that was my feeling, that’s my feeling. -Hey, Charly! -Yes, dad. -Can you bring this girl a sweet? Bring. -Thank you very much. Thank you a lot. 2 years ago, Patrick had a stoke
and his young wife suffered the same fate. Jane is just 34 and for the moment,
she can neither speak nor walk. Despite everything though, she can still be seen
as one of the lucky ones. Her husband kept his promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. One of the legs is ok, but the other one is not. Really. It’s not good at the moment, but she will get better. This is the plan, we got married 14 years ago. At then, I was very fat. I was 120 kilos. I was f*****g big, really big. My f*****g face was it was f*****g like that. And here it was like that. – Patrick, how old Jen was then? -She was 18 years old. Many girls they have to go
to the bar, because they have to eat. What’s going on? You wanna eat? Ah? What should we do today? Apart from Charlie, Patrick and Jane
have 2 more children, they’re both grown-up. Jane had one of them she she was just 16 and working as a prostitute. It would be stretched to say that their lives resemble a hollywood story, but all local bar girls dream of a happy ending just like in the movie “Pretty Woman”. The nurse will come tomorrow, Jane. The nurse will come here tomorrow. Five o’clock.

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  1. I realy felt sad for ds people,,im also a filipino but i felt sorry specialy for d childrens..coz both sides of thier parents are eresponsible..its not fault by the mothers only coz d forieners also abusing and taking advantage for d weakness of d poor people..f they r good i mean they treat good for those grls not to abandone them when the grl s got pregnant.the baby is realy affected for ds situation…

  2. So unfortunate for these children. I know it's hard to blame the women bc contraception is hard to come by over there, but it's a must when a female engages in sex work. It's hard to imagine any man who'd want to marry a woman with a sordid history let alone one with a bastard child in such a socially conservative country. Any child produced outside of marriage is doomed to a life of extreme poverty (even children of married parents are exposed to poverty). These children are going to be targeted for exploitation bc they've already been exposed to the sex industry, that's why they're here in the first place! The generational cycle of sex work will endlessly repeat. There are no easy solutions. We must focus on why less and less women and men get married in a conservative society. I don't think we can really blame the men (unless they're exploiting children or sex slaves) entirely. The women are voluntarily putting themselves out there without protection. Perhaps the men should be more diligent about condom use to protect themselves. The ultimate victims are the children created out of these unholy unions.

  3. Lot of propaganda. I submit the fatherless children problem is just as bad, if not worse,
    in many western countries, especially the USA. A lot of those "mixed race" kids become TV/movie stars. Even the last two Ms. Universe's from the Philippines were half white. Filipinos are wonderful and strong people who believe in live and let live.

  4. It’s sad… if you get a girl pregnant over there, how could you just abandon them? Because you don’t want to admit that your a sex tourist. All of your friends and family would know.. so to save embarrassment you just let them survive however they can…you are not a man

  5. I have a couple friends that married Filipino women, one of them has 4 kids and the other has 1, I have met a lot of the friends of the wives, and they are all married ..they are all good normal people. So it’s not right to paint all foreigners with the same brush.. but for the ones who go there to take advantage of the poverty is something you have to repent about.. they don’t really want to be with you, they only have sex with you because they have no other choice but to do something to feed themselves and their families

  6. Wasn't it white of you and your people to go over there and rub their noses in their heartache, couldn't treat them with dignity and respect could you all? it just wasn't in you was it? So what did you tell those little children and their mothers that maybe their dad would see it and come running why would they have to charge you anything why would you not offer knowing all that you have and seeing what they have shame on you!!

  7. Really sad stories of these kids. I wish there were lawyers who can help sue the hell of those guys for child support.

  8. I poor these women they get so little money to barely buy food and then you have sex with her not wearing your condoms and leave her with your child well if you look down at these woman don't because they are human being they have a child they take care of them but you so educated use your money to go around and have sex with girls you should just go to hell your not a human being 😈


  10. Being a prostitute is a choice if u want to earn easy money Go But sad to see children is the one who get victimized for this But us even its Hard to be an ofw But it doesn't matter we want clean Hard earned money to feed our Family and children…

  11. They shouldn’t be using the word dad that’s not the definition of a father it sucks honestly these kids have to suffer because of a fucking guy the things that they all have to go through

  12. Let's not forget everyone, many of these children in this video do most likely have foreign fathers ..
    But let's not also forget Filipinos are some of the biggest liars in the world (thanks to being a third world country) therefore alot of these children's fathers are Filipino men. Where there's truth, there's always a little lie and where there's lies, there's always a little truth.

  13. I can see alot of clips before reacting, maybe thats sad, animal cruelty doesnt touch me at all, but this video touched me, something has to be done to help these people.
    Also Pia, I dont call men or transgender she/her, but in you case YOU ARE A MOTHER, I will call you she/her/woman, you show us all that anyone can give birth but not all can give a mothers love.
    I wanna cry but the tears wont come, instead I just feel pent up and crushed, why is the despair of these people still going on?

  14. ? Don't blur these mens faces!! Let the world see what scumbags they are !! Don't make these kids say oh hi dad. It's disgusting.

  15. Dude this shit breaks my heart i feel sad for the poor little innocent kids suffering and at the same time mad that someone is heartless enough to abandon their flesh n blood…

  16. i can't imagine how can all of them to survive, so sad… btw anyone knows how about identity card or something like Birth cerificate?

  17. What has this world become? Kids aren't going to school due to poverty. Parents are selling their own bodies to support their children. And none of this gets recognised. These men who want this are disgusting and don't deserve the right to even live a nice life.

  18. Why the hell let the kids do an introduction for meeting with there pedo fathers…. Keep the men away…. Poor bloody girls and kill the men who come out to pay for sex

  19. Seeing all these children running around alone makes me sad. I wish there was something I could do about it ;-;

  20. Don't blame foreigners for all misery in poor country,,, all that happen is the cause for having stupid, greedy, dictactor, corrupt leaders

  21. Incredibly disgusting the vile hypocrisy of liberal scumbags.

    Yes….there are problems in Phils. No, the problem is in no way any different than every country on the planet including your own.

    While you are flapping your rancid gums pretending you care, someone in YOUR community needs Section 8 because they and their children live in an abandoned car and can't get it because YOU are lying about caring….at all.

    What you really have a problem with is that misandry does not exist in Phils, nor anywhere else that is not the western world. And women give high status, rich, educated men their correct value.

    A negligible number of assholes in a sea of men, fed up with western women not being viable for marriage, instead having a family with a nice girl from Phils or any one of dozens of other places.

    Feminists and other neo-communist scumbags don't get it but don't have to. You are the minority in the world.

    And easily replaced.

    Angeles City has a red light district, yes. But it is far better known the world over as where men from countries like the US live raising families. For every prostitute in the area there are a thousand husbands. For every abandoned child, a thousand raised by caring fathers.


  22. For God sakes, get vasectomies, you nasty old farts. Ladies..Sterilizations, and all of you can die from the nasty diseases. You are not religious people, but you sell your bodies to diseased infested demons. All of you are going to hell in gasoline drawers.

    They lie about vasectomies nasty thots. Going raw is a death sentence. HIV means a house in Virginia, and Aids is all in death ish

  23. I believe we will see that beautiful little girl in America as a star in the future the one who said she wanted to be an actress

  24. Teacher is rude. And damn teacher, ur english is barok! Teacher ka ba talaga na nakapasa ng board? That tongue of ur must be cut off

  25. My father participated in this. He had traveled many times to the Philippines to have sex with random women. My mom is also Filipino, but they had met in a restaurant and fell in love. When their marriage went south, he traveled to the Philippines for sex and fun. I’m sad at how he engaged in something like this, and I’m sad that it still continues on today. :/

  26. Why do Filipinos allow this to happen to their women and precious children, exploitation, and also pedophilia is rampant, i mean they know what's going on. and too many turn their heads and continue to trust and worship any foreigner with white skin

  27. amazing HIstory and Human…their Wish better then Trump,.to be a Doctor to help People…also…HELP THEM:::

  28. I hATE COLD PEOPLE…some Germans are cold..why i dont knnow exactly..cause they are Selfish? Egoistisch..? i Hate thit kind of People

  29. "Germans" allways wanna to dominar el mundo..To be the "God" of this World only for Their MOney…? TAke care..Freedoom and been Happy is better as to Make this Mens happy..Be Freee…the Mens will Kill me if i made Womans Free & Happy…

  30. So how many of you are humane enough to consider that a world wide universal basic income would put an end to despot dictatorship that profiteer from the dread of misery? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQjrhIyaPyg

  31. Why do those teenage girl keep having baby's it sept for those Philippine teenagers i hate about that the human population is just getting more up so many people on this world we have to stop this

  32. An update. There’s an article by “The Guardian” on Angeles City mixed race children that was released in March 2019. There’s a part on Nely and Michelle that says Michelle got to see her biological dad George when he briefly went back to Angeles, but he pushed her away. What I found surprising was that according to “The Guardian” Michelle was nine as of March 2019, which means when this documentary was produced in 2015 she was about five years old, but here she looks about eight. There’s also a recent picture of the mother and daughter, in which Michelle looks like she could pass for a teenager.

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