100 thoughts on “Fake degrees: Exposing Canadians with phoney credentials (Marketplace)

  1. 12:26 He's parked in a handicapped space, but doesn't have a permit. I guess he is also faking a disability?

  2. Parents: Son, work smart, not hard!!!

    Me: Finds out about online degrees to avoid 4 years of torture.

    Parents: WTF! Never once in my life did i teach you to do this!

    Me: ………..

  3. College: Pay us until u’re drowning in debts while toruturing ur self for 4 years.

    4 years later…

    Me: Gets a piece of paper and a whole lot of student debt.

    College: NOT A SCAM

  4. I purchased an IT Degree now i am a an IT expert on system Security branch, but i studied all the Materials by my self 🙂

  5. I have watched so many of these marketplace things and there’s one thing I always see. Every single scammer is a foreigner. Every one. They must love taking advantage of the people who were kind of enough to let them in their country.

  6. Lets expose the corrupt CBC! A healthy democracy doesnt support national propagandists! Defund the Liberals Broadcaster!

  7. Everyone from India has has two masters degree by the time they are 23, it's why nothing form there is recognized.

  8. In all fairness of the 1st guy, you guys intruded on his business to humiliate this man.

    During the therapy session, metaphors or implications are common methods utilized by physiologist. What psychologist is literal with their patient? That would be an awaiting lawsuit telling a person how to live their life.

    Edit… "Don't propose things of a personal nature" -these are PERSONAL therapy sessions! A viewer who's intellectually would honest realized this is one-sided. How about showing us the questions leading to his response you guys posed.

    You guys belittle the person to build a case against their degree, which has nothing to do with credibility. Eventhough I have made it all the way through, attempt this with a person with stature, capitalizing off deteriorating small people without context show yall lack of integrity

  9. I’ve made those same mistakes online but at the same time I say no I don’t want college nor university and I ain’t paying my credit card 💳 because I already have a job and I spend too much time on my iPhone 📱

  10. It just reinforces my opinion that a piece of paper isn’t the best way to chose employees. My stepdad created a very successful business having never finished the 6th grade. There is so much to be said for self education!

  11. Super cool thanks for the heads up, off to spend my kids college fund (all but $1800) Fiji here we come!

  12. I would ask for a refund since the GPA was 3.92 and not 4.00.

    Also, was there a follow up video?

  13. Is there a database for doctors? A doctor I had for a few years went inactive this year but is still in clinic

  14. It's basically the same thing as regular university: you have to pay for a degree, only without having to wait several years through classes. Canada almost needs this due to the shortage of skilled labor.

  15. I wish life was that simple getting degrees with only $1,500, instead of wasting time and minimum 4 yrs with pitiful education that has no use on the work place.

  16. Epidemic…

    Did you know that an MIT professor lied about her qualifications and it only took 35 years for her to be exposed. A doctor purchased a medical degree when in fact they dropped out of a biology degree prior to graduating…they didn't even have a degree.

    Personally I think that these people should be forced to pay back everything they were paid because it was deception. It's actually illegal. Imagine if you were to lie to a bank to obtain a mortgage or some other type of loan, you'd be held to account and pursued in court. But more importantly these people who lied have denied legitimately qualified people the jobs that they fraudulently obtained.

  17. This guy is criminal.I m sick of all these african criminals that come to Europe and Usa with said stories but they are scamers and nothing else.90 % percent they scam and lie either online or live.

  18. Indians are famous for being engineers but yet driving trucks and taxis, never trust the cunnin sinister shitskin eveil people

  19. I think all scam artists should be tracked, monitored, and have to pay for their crimes.

    Scum of the earth deserve nothing less than the worst life has to offer.

  20. Those high schoolers were brilliant. I've worked with people with actual masters degrees from legitimate universities who aren't as well spoken as those kids.

  21. woah…in india….this is big market….in future you guyz will get to know many things about INDIANS who runs this industry….lolz

  22. in india many so called well known politicians are legally doing this business by selling exam papers to students,professors all the ppl….they open various classess and then they distribute legal exam paper to students and ppl buy those to travel to your countries for MONEY….as you know money talks….lol…and the list of crime goes on….just dont think if its in india ….canadians or americans or gulf country ppl or any foreign countries ppl will NOT get affected by this…

  23. Awesome, now the people who got in debt for a worthless gender studies degree can redeem their mistake by buying for an actual "valid" degree.

  24. now wait a minute at 2:00 the fbi guy says there is nothing physical? Nothing being learned? They need a printer, and they are learning about forgery.

  25. The African Guy, that seems to be a bit unfair, there are so many different cultures that come here with degrees, but it doesnt count as a degree unless it was earned in the U.S, Canada.. etc.

    He probably is really skilled at what he does but, it's difficult to get this stuff done without wasting so much time and money.

    It would have different it was something in the medical field,

    I know it's wrong but in that particular case it didnt matter.

  26. Coming from someone who has wasted 4 years on getting a Highschool Diploma, ( 4.2 GPA),
    Which should have taken 2 years to complete.

    And 3 years of College as a student-athlete at a big time university and have yet to finish due to sports politics.


  27. They should go to jail
    And pay every penny they stole from government and after paying everything, they should be thrown out to their own countries

  28. If anybody Needs Therapy please Contact Me I’m A real licensed therapist from the university of Youtubeia With a PHD In CBC

  29. Good job on opening boarders and taking Nigerians , Asians … I am sure this kind will be on the raise … they have no souls , ungodly . Our laws were designed by white Christians god fearing men . For white man …

  30. I would be curious to know how many white men from US and Canada do this ? I bet none … because they have brain to understand the consiqunces

  31. Trash universities like Toronto University, I am not surprised. This is why you should always go for something more credible and not some phony university.

  32. in Australia people really don't care if you have a degree or not they just care you have the experience in fact you can have a good degree and high marks and still fail to get a job because employers are looking for experience.

  33. Listen, contact DETC.org, and you can earn a USDE or nationally accredited degree. Ashworth is one of the best programs and affordable. My e-books are the best. Listen these are excellent schools out there just contact DETC.org. I had to deal with a lot of scams in my time, but Penn foster college, Ashworth Colleg and American Public University are some of the best.

  34. If you enter to an office full of credentials on the wall and there are no books in sight. There's your answer. You're in Bogus University!

  35. When I was in High School I was WAAAY too worried about friends, boys and shopping to worry about where my principal went to school lol!

  36. sometimes we are left with no option,i had to write the IELTS exams 4times without succeeding until i had to start looking for help online. I met this wickr Id-jamesbaron who helped me out with authentic IELTS result without sitting for the exam again and thanks to him I am aboard

  37. Why is Trump University not here?….University degree is a scam to be honest,all is for profit with no guarantee of a job

  38. video time….7:21 a doctor from Nigeria driving driving a 5 year old Nissan wth different colored front fenders. He sure looks the part from what he drives.

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