You’re welcome. At least I take three or four flights a month. Take off is more interesting you know it’s like… you go. I get a very interesting architectural background coming from the faculty of architecture. I decided to study in New York University, movie direction ; I was working in an art gallery ; you mix it and it comes out as a very interesting cocktail. I really realized I could tell stories, I could tell what I had to say, in space. For example this table, this table itself is the map of the island of Capri. Island of Capri – Villa Malaparte – my favorite architecture. When I have to create, I go on the island, and I eventually visit the masterpiece of architecture to remind how it should be done. This piece is a cabane, is a microarchitecture in itself, even the sound is more soft in it. It’s really something that changes also the attitude of people you know, you sit one in front of each other, you start talking, this kind of interaction that I always try to achieve when I travel. Actually the evolution of lounges is going in the direction of recreating domestic environments. You really feel like you are in your own living room and that’s a beautiful sensation, you know especially for people that travel so often like me. It’s really a great atmosphere. Being a traveler is more important than the place where you go, you know. You can even go to someplace close or someplace on the other side of the world, but really you make the difference, your attitude makes the difference.

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