Exploring Flutter Samples and Examples (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 11)

43 thoughts on “Exploring Flutter Samples and Examples (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 11)

  1. Great show! But pretty disappointed by the guy representing Indian Flutter community demonstrating a bunch of inbuilt widgets 😕😕

  2. Hello #BoringShow i am developing a ebooks store app, now How can my app user can highlight important text and add notes on the document where they need .

    It should be cloud based so that when they re login they will find their notes and marked texts of the download books

     Raja Yogan  like in various pdf reader , people can add note on the document and highlight text .

    So how can my ebooks store app user can do exactly same but that will be cloud based . So that when they login to the app, they will find ther highlight text and notes on the document

    Please help me

  3. That was a scary camera to be in front of. I just hoped mom was there to hold my hand. Anyway, I'm Iiro and I almost fainted on the Boring Show.

    And I'm here to answer some questions!

  4. By the way i got solution for Internationalization by Using JSON Files it is easier than in using arb files but to be honest I don' t know which is better for performance.

  5. I have been following your show for a long time an I love it. It helped me create my first own App ( http://bit.ly/2PhObTs )

  6. You can't replace native development… Your flutter UI design is garbage.. your simple flutter app take almost more 50 mb ..

  7. hepl
    without using firebase create your own any database flutter first application for database

    you started learning now nobody but YouTube videos

    Sorry making video please request

  8. I feel excited for these young man. I am trying to grab flutter on my own without any support online. We have a web app and we building a native app using flutter, it has been a rough road of codes and adding features. Hopefully, i will get done someday. 🙂

  9. Haven't got to this video yet, but wanted to comment that it would be useful to see videos on approaches for building an app that requires authentication and how to handle logging in again with continuity when the auth token expires, which might happen whilst the app is running resulting in an http 401 response on the next API call.

  10. @Google Developers, So after learning flutter + basic Dart, can I develop an app like that or do I have to learn something else??

  11. Why Kumar wrote the code verbosely at 20:18 instead he could implement a reusable raised button function instead.
    Is it more performant this way or..?

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