Exploring Chad (Tchad) 2019 | Travelers say Chad is Boring – They are Wrong

Chad, Chad is the type of country that
perfectly defines my travels many world travelers say there isn’t much to do in
Chad they just visit to check it off a list
and that’s because they aren’t visiting Chad the right way before I visited TChad
I connected with a local guy Omar he happened to be engaged to a woman from
Wisconsin which is exactly where I was born and raised so he knew he had to
treat me super well he picked me up from the airport on a Saturday evening and
took me straight to his home where he had me change into local clothes for the
wedding yes we were going to a chatty Indian wedding we stopped by his
brother’s place on the way and his brother complained my
outfit wasn’t good enough and then had me change into better clothes that he
had at his place Chad isn’t a rich country but you wouldn’t know that from
the wedding they go all out when it comes to weddings hundreds of people
tons of decorations everybody dressing up after the wedding it was still Saturday
night so my friend took me to a local bar and at the bar introduced me to
several of his local friends while in Chad Omar would bring me to many of his
relatives homes and they would often cook me very large meals with way too
much food along with taking me throughout the country sight seen everyone’s was so nice and friendly and
Chad and I wish more travelers would take the time to meet locals and
experience the local culture then travelers would stop going to Chad just
check it off the list and would start visiting and seen how beautiful the
country truly is

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