EXPERIENCES from the OSHO International Meditation Resort

33 thoughts on “EXPERIENCES from the OSHO International Meditation Resort

  1. visiting this place is a chance to connect to yourself again to love and relate in uncondition way .if you expereince the work as meditation course you will see your life turn glory ,joyful without any expectation from other or out side

  2. I have a question for the Oshoists.

    Once you've "participated in an environment where people from all of the world are present … connected with the energy contained inside of you … worked in meditation … and understood your childhood."

    When does the work for the harmonious development of mankind begin?

    Or are we still perpetually working on the self?

    Don't get angry Oshoists. Feel the "JOY".

  3. I have stayed in pune for 6 years and have spent so many evenings at German bakery just next to this resort!! However, wasn't spiritual enough or probably young at that time to experiment..Now I really want to visit the resort but I'm in UK..the next time I visit India..I'm gonna make it to the resort..:)

  4. Namaste,

    I didn't know this place existed- it seems to be a new age place where people go to develop themselves to be great achievers in the world, this certainly is popular, a bigger and better "ME". In my path, it is about giving up the "Me" so Realization ( Total Liberation) is the result.


  5. When does the work for the harmonious development of mankind begin?

    Osho is available. The Resort is available. Anytime the mankind is free, can visit and develop itself through the catalysts.

    Or are we still perpetually working on the self?

    Precisely, perpetually working on the self is going to lead to the development. Each individual has to take his own responsibility. The Saviors are tired, now, it's time for us to act!

    … with all the "JOY"!

  6. This is actually . . . pretty good.

    It reveals exactly the kind of people . . . that are attracted to this place.

    Makes it easy, if you have any self-awareness, to judge if those are the kind of people you want to have anything to do with.

  7. Divine (meditative) energy is in the environment. One who has lost the connection with the 'whole' or the 'self' can get it back very easily here. cuz the trees and the earth is still afresh with the energy of the master 'OSHO' my Beloved!!

  8. Knowing the Ashram as intimately as I do.. this video is absolutely beautiful.. thanks for making this so gracefully, accurately and tastefully.. gorgeous!!

  9. I like Osho, but where is the individual experimentation is walking around in the same maroon robe (a uniform) as everyone else?

  10. @Valelacerte That's part of the experment ! Cooperative experiment does not override ones freedom in any way.

  11. These videos are good karma!

    I know OSHO says to be aware of fulfillment through video, but this should be an exception. Good videos should be an exception.

  12. Nice Meditation Hall but not at all close to being the largest. The largest Meditation Hall is the Sapha Dhammakaya Hall in Thailand. It covers 40 acres under one roof and can accommodate 300,000. Thier newly constructed Meditation Stadium is even larger. It covers an area of over one square kilometer and can accommodate over a million meditators which they have done many times. May we all create World Peace through Inner Peace. InnerPeaceUSA

  13. A dreamlike place.Meditation can be wonderful with nice people here.
    If a piece of paradise exists, this is it.

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