#EveryoneSpeaksFood: a Google Translate Pop-Up Restaurant

New York City Food is a universal language because
it’s not just a necessity of life… Wow! …but it’s one thing that definitely brings
people together. Food should not be intimidating. It should
be a welcoming thing. And I think that… that’s what we’re doing here. Food is a language, food connects you, it
doesn’t matter where you are. Food is history, so if you know the
history behind the food you’re cooking, you’re able to express it much better on
the plate. Google Translate presents 5 nights 18 Chefs 1 restaurant A food / language / technology experiment My initial thought was like: “wow that’s
like pretty out there!” With ‘A Small World’, it’s like a crazy awesome art project. It’s the celebration of languages, celebration of different cultures, celebration of food. I don’t know what to expect. Japanese for
the entrée… I’m going to get this rice you’ve never tasted Irish, Korean, Israeli and Nordic in one
meal? That’s like… unheard of! Ideally for me it’s gonna be like controlled chaos. We have totally different cuisines, but we
can understand each other. We come from the same passion to food. Ok guys, so what are we going to do together? Who is going to take what? Doing something without a little bit of risk, or a little bit of stress… It’s just not exciting. I never
wanted to play by the rules, it’s boring! This is like a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I think it’s going to be fascinating for
people to see different cultures, like, coming together in one meal. If we all bring the most turned up flavors that we can. The guest experience is just like these
insane pops of flavor. It’s a lot of flavor, yeah. (speaking Hungarian) Can I order the savory rice-cake? (speaking French) Octopus ceviche, please. We’re bringing technology along with food. Breaking that barrier of: “I can’t eat there because I’m unable to speak the language” (speaking French) West African rice with crab. (speaking Italian) Lamb three ways (speaking Spanish) Veal meetballs (speaking Japanese) Matcha pudding Does everyone speak the language of food? And I believe the answer to that is: yes! Especially now. It was amazing, tonight was great. Best part actually was to work with this bunch of people! Food brings people together, and cultures and community. That’s what this is all about! Thank you, guys. Bringing together people to the
language of food!

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