Esplorio – recording all your trips

When you’re travelling, whether it’s a day trip into London or an international adventure, Esplorio automatically captures
every experience that you have while you are travelling. It keeps track of not just
the particular meal, but the way that
you got to the restaurant, the way that
you drove through the Alps, the really exciting parts
of the journey, which are normally lost
on most social media. We got started on our Launchpad journey
when an expert from Google came over, and we talked over pizza
about what benefits we would get out of start-up Launchpad.
And we just said: “sign us up”. When we launched our app,
we were featured on TechCrunch, Wired and Product Hunt. And having Launchpad support
meant that we could cope with the traffic and the surge of sign-ups during the launch. Since we joined Launchpad,
we’ve been able to scale up to tens of thousands of trips
that people have recorded and over 7 million unique places
all over the world. Esplorio has been
on an amazing journey, and it’s been great to have
Launchpad along for the ride.

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