Escape TV5 – Time Travelers English Playthrough #12

Culprit: Kamiya Souma Hide! Someone’s coming! Terrorist?! Don’t run! Wait both of you! Kamiya. It’s useless running. I have no intention of running. Return my family! Please! Let me go! I can’t be stopped here… Too bad eh? Terrorist! As long as their is evil in this world, I, Rusanchiman and the police will never forgive you! LOL What’s this? News bulletin. Now breaking news At around 3 pm, A bus was hijacked and driven into the office building of TV5. This is a video of the TV5 office building immediately after the incident. The driver of the bus has been arrested but his accomplice is still at large and on the run. TOP: Chi-chan comes first! BOTTOM: I’ll just have a look at the criminal’s face and then go. Culprit: Kamiya Souma Hide! Someone’s coming! Rusanchiman… Someone you know? No, we haven’t met yet. Yet? Sorry. I can’t talk about that now. Please. Help me. I want to stop their plan. Sorry but I can’t help you. I get you are worried about your family… but it has to be you! What do you mean only me? Why? Kamiya. It’s useless running. I have no intention of running. Return my family! I’ll be waiting in the underground car park of the central building. Wait. It’s definitely a trap. Even if it’s a trap. I’m going. Then everything will happen like they want! TOP: To kill me. MIDDLE: To kill my family. BOTTOM: To kill Mikoto. To kill you? Me? Why? You embezzled their money… That’s a third rate conclusion… They are not after me. What? Their aim is to kill you. And frame you for being a terrorist. In order to locate the terrorist group, police are looking into your identity and people around you. While the investigation is pointing in the wrong direction, the terrorists are continuing with the real plan. What is their real objective? Their target is… The elimination of Tokyo. The elimination of Tokyo? …and they are trying to make the world end. End the world? How? Actually, you don’t need to answer that. Right now, I have something more important than the world. Harumi… wanna get married? I won’t ever make you sad. Whatever happens I won’t die. I will definitely protect you. Thank you. But.. will we be happy? We will! I’ll definitely make you happy. Congratulations me! Chi-chan! Happy Birthday to me! Hey, where do you wanna go today? Chi-chan. What’s wrong? Kakeru. Chi-chan! No! Don’t call me by my name when I’m wearing my mask. Kakeru… listen. I’m telling you… my identity will be revealed! Let’s break up. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while. How many years have we dated? About 5 years? During which you haven’t had a proper job right? Yes. But… It’s fun being with you. But we can’t continue like this forever. When I think about this I become worried… So… I decided if you didn’t propose to me by your 30th birthday that I would break up with you. Then I’ll propose to you right now! It’s a great thing to protect the town’s peace. But if we got married now how would we survive? TOP: Live off savings. BOTTOM: Chi-chan can work! Kakeru. Dreams alone are not enough. No way! It’s been fun… Farewell. So… So… You could have told me that sooner! T.T TOP: I feel a little better. BOTTOM: I’m not done crying yet! WHINE MORE! Wow amazing! Almost like a breakdance… TOP: Feel a little better. BOTTOM: Not at all. Wait a minute… That’s it. That’s what happened! Chi-chan has been tricked by a secret evil society! That must be it!

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  1. For some reason as soon as I heard that this guy had a gf and that she wanted to talk I already knew she was going to break up witg him

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