Eric McCormack on Living a Double Life Between ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Travelers’

100 thoughts on “Eric McCormack on Living a Double Life Between ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Travelers’

  1. I'm very disappointed in Will and Grace…they don't have any jokes aside from Trump bashing…such a low blow and disgrace

  2. Let's talk about our fellow humans being sold as slaves in Libya! This should outrage us all! Please use your platform to help them by bringing awareness to these abominable acts.

  3. Original Will & Grace Fan from back in the day. Enjoying the reboot as well. Binge watched Travellers this week…sooooo good. Then came here and watched this. Amazing he’s pulling off both shows! Lots of talent.

  4. Absolutely W&G is comfort food. Nothing else helps to forget the troubled world like those four trouble makers. Love them to bits.

  5. The way Ellen is describing sitcoms and how it's like a needed comfort and distraction from the going's on of today kinda reminds me of how in like in the old days when people would use food theatre to distract the public from the death and diseases of that time!

  6. I'm actually surprised Travelers isn't a big deal considering that it's actually a really good TV series. Being a fan of Sci-fi, I'm just happy I came across the show on Netflix. The cast is pretty good and the plot is pretty interesting. Where so many other shows fail at the concept of time travel, Travelers somehow manages to pull it off.
    I really recommend everyone to watch Travelers, regardless of whether you like sci-fi or not.

  7. "Travelers" is an Amazing smart show, if you love sci-fi with good writing and originality-than i highly recommend it

  8. Ellen hit the nail on the head. We need comfort TV. I’ve been feeling down, and honest to god I’ve been watching W&G reruns the past couple of days! It’s great TV. So glad everyone came back for it! Including the writers and directors

  9. I know he doesn't mean to, but his remark about the difference between his roles was kind of homophobic. Instead of ending by saying 'and the next day I am Will' he says that macho behavior, being a FBI-agent, and a secret time-traveller is the opposite of being gay. So sad 😔. Gay is just a sexual orientation. We (gay, bi, pan people) can be and do whatever straight people can be en do.

  10. Does anyone else think that the older he gets the more he looks like Scott Bakula? When I saw the new episodes of Will & Grace I thought they had recast the part of Will with Scott Bakula.

  11. Guess it must be a bit hard to act gay when he's straight I kinda figured he is straight in Will and grace as his sexuality didn't seem obvious like Sean's. Jim in the big bang theory also plays a straight character being gay so I think that's really Cool.

  12. Love the show. Please watch. They are working on season 3 please go for st least 2-3 more season after that.

  13. And of course, Eric McCormack has to get political — no doubt, thanks to his costar on “Will and Grace“, Debra Messing, who is the type of person who goes to anti-Second Amendment rallies, while she brings a personal security detail with guns. Can’t celebrities keep their politics to themselves, especially when the country is so divided? These celebrity political gurus do nothing, but make the country more polarized when they bring up politics.

  14. Eric McCormack is a great actor. At least for these two roles, he's about to inhabit them both and make them believable.

  15. Im so glad he was able to stay on travlers and is willing to keep it going and do both. I love that show and cast so much… Everything about travlers is great!

  16. I'm so happy I came across this show "Travelers". I really hope Season 4 is coming out soon on Nextflix if not I'll probably end my subscription lol

  17. I first saw him on Travelers about a year ago. I LOVED IT and I'm not even into sci-fi. And then Will and Grace landed on Netflix a few days ago so I decided to watch it. I LOVE IT so far. And in my head, I was like, "I've seen this actor before but WHERE" so I googled him and was completely shocked. The persona is so different between his two characters and I am amazed by him. Truly.

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