100 thoughts on “Epic Launch of the Yes Theory World Tour 2020

  1. Funny Fact Ladies and Gentlemen. Why the scene where Amar shake his booty is taken from the video which came after this !!! . You guys really spoiled the next video Jk.

  2. Congratulations!!! You should be proud. I’m happy to have found you guys. The first video I saw was just 2 weeks ago, the one where you “felt lucky” on google globe and just went there. Amazing!! Love from 🇨🇦

  3. Everything is great and very upbeat, but there is another, more important, side to life:
    to love and fear God and his son, Jesus, who died for ALL OF us so that we may live eternally.
    Yes Theory cannot be a substitute for religion, be careful – you are yet young but darkness falls
    who knows when – to truly live you cannot chiefly rely on ANYTHING within yourself.

  4. YouTube declared here "Sorry, you can't donate in this country, or this region"

    So I guess I am left with sharing my heart and love from Belgrade, Serbia with all of you so beautiful and awesome people!!!

    I hope I will get a chance to meet you soon!

  5. Missed out on going for it but boy does it make me happy even just watching the video. Can't believe how incredible this community is

  6. You guys give me so much joy and hope for my life and the years coming.. i’v been so sad and feeling like my life is slipping away from my fingers for so long.. but u guys r actually giving me hope that i’ll do something and I’ll be alright.. i luv u and i wish we meet some time soon.. huge hugs and kisses all the way from Saudi 🇸🇦🙏🏻❤️❤️

  7. Wish there would be cities to vote for in South East Asia. I would fly there from Philippneses to attend the live YESTHEORY event.

  8. what you do on your channel is everything that I want to be and do with my life. be a real leader and bring people together. say yes more, be more spontaneous, travel to different countries. believe in myself and my abilities and be surrounded be positive like-minded people. give back to my community. thank you, you inspire me and remind me that I can do anything with this life.

  9. I dont get it. If the event was filmed why not shared it with the rest of the world? Why limit yourselfs with future events/locations. One thing doenst invalidate the other.
    Do a full cut with all the important talks and pitch it to Nextflix. Or do a YouTube series just for the event . That way you would truethly reach your full community. That would be helpfull for so many.

  10. If there is anyone here who wants to make a Yes Theory Caribbean Group feel free to follow and dm me on Facebook at Rayan Fray and Instagram at life.of.rayan #SeekDiscomfort #RepJamaica

  11. Great job! I love your work… if you want you can support also this Slovenian project for planting trees!! Check the m out at; https://www.facebook.com/pg/treecelet/about/?ref=page_internal Love to all and respect the nature!!

  12. I just found you guys 2 days ago from the Tuvalu video but I have not stopped watching your videos ever since. If you come to NY, Im there!

  13. Thanks for your videos I'm a new subscriber just found your chanell yesterday and haven't stoped watching your videos you do so much stuff i whish i could do but not able

    You guys should come to Monterrey, Mexico its a fun city

  14. This is a random post to just let any Yes Fam members in Malaysia know that, I'm coming their way in January. Id really love to meet you all. See you in Cyberjaya!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. I started at watching tuvalu content. And now keep spreading your channel at everyone I know. Yes theory should notice you're with us now in The Philippines! 🇵🇭

  16. I can not be the only 50 yr old that follows yes theory. A lot of folks at my age are reexamining and redefining there life's. We didnt chase our dreams in our 20s and doing it now… Yes Theory 2.0 ???

  17. This is the best video Yes Theory has ever made.. I have a great respect for you guys. Keep up the good work. Please do come to Pakistan. It is safe place for everyone. Lots of Love.

  18. I was tempted to write that whoever disliked this should kill himself / herself while actually believing it. In the end, I actually decided against it and now I don't think they should die, but I completely disagree with them. Small rant over.

  19. What about us in others countries or even continents that cant come to any of this cities that are for tour ??
    Europe is calling 🤙

  20. Is there any chance that in the future I could come to their events? and if they can still have events in the future…

  21. Cooper Landing Alaska, 1st Saturday in March. Snow-shoe Softball 'Condiment Cup'. Mustard vs Ketchup….the following day you can crash multiple parties at the start of the Iditarod in Willow.
    You are fun and so are we.
    So Bring It Yes Theory!
    Willy Grimm

  22. Great donation. I wish I had money to give, but there's an additional way to do it if you're broke like me or if you donated and want to keep the effort all around the year : use Ecosia for your internet searches. It's free and each 45 searches Ecosia plants a tree. And they do it well, because there are good and bad ways to plant trees as biodiversity has to be respected. They do a great job, help them just browsing.

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