Epic Google Maps Reviews by Local Guides | The Review Review Episode 1

(upbeat music) – Welcome to the Review Review. I’m your host Jaime Lyn
and every week I’ll be running you through some
of my favorite reviews from Google Local Guides, the
awesome people who help you decide where to go on Google Maps. Now you know a review on
Google Maps comes from a local guide because it looks a lot like this. Bing! It’s pretty cool, right? Now
you know how to spot them. Of course there are so many
epic reviews out there, it’s hard to choose
which review to review. But fear not my fellow
reviewees, because recently I spent many a sleepless
night scouring Google Maps for the most adorable,
cuddliest, tail-wagging reviews imaginable. That’s right, you guessed it. Today we’re talking about doggies! Ahh! Now to clarify, we’re not reviewing the dogs themselves because
well, that’s just mean and let’s be honest, all dogs
are a six out of five stars because they are the single
greatest creatures on Earth and we humans do not deserve them. But bark my words, no one
loves their dog groomers more than these local
guides whose adorable pups just returned home freshly
coiffed and ready to paw-tay. So without further ado,
we present some of our favorite dog groomer reviews by local guides from around the world. Jessica in Alaska had
nothing but paws-itive things to say about her groomer. She wrote, “Cookie came
home with the cutest autumn inspired bandana
and smelled amazing.” Oh, Cookie, smelling good! Also, why doesn’t my hair
dresser send me home with a bandana? Huh? That’d be fun. Oh! As a dog mom or dad you want
the world for your furbaby. Which is why Vana in British
Columbia was delighted to see her good boy
return from the groomer looking happy, non-stressed,
and the cutest he’s ever been. Oh, so cute! Oh! Margaret in New Jersey
writes, “We love Mimi!” Now, I’m not quite sure if
Mimi is the dog or the groomer, but based on that photo
I’d say whoever she is, we love Mimi too. – [Children] Yay! – Lola’s Standard Poodle in
Michigan got above standard treatment at her favorite groomer. She writes, “In addition to
getting both her hair and nails did,” Lola says her
pooch is greeted by name and also receives lots of love
and kisses when she’s there. Aha! But does she get a free bandana? Huh? Huh? And here’s a precious review and photo from Precious in Florida. “My dog just loves this place
and they love him as well!” Oh, we love that Precious. And finally, this review was so good it really made us paw-se. Our review of the week comes
from David in New York. He writes, “If you’ve never
met my 12 year old pup Cuba the Havanese, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you what a spoiled guy he is.” A long recognized New York personality, Cuba likes to look his best. Whether in the neighborhood
or traveling the world. That’s why he only trusts Nancy Chincar and her team at Downtown
Doghouse to maintain a well-groomed appearance. The groomers at this
cherished pet spa boutique are noted among the very top in New York and are well recognized. Check out Cuba’s twelfth birthday cut. Oh Cuba, looking good my man! So there you have it,
nothing is cuter than these local guides gushing about their favorite dog groomers
from around the world. Now there’s no doubt these groomers are a cut above the rest. Woof, these puns are rough, am I right? Hope you enjoyed our show. Please like this video. Oh, and subscribe to our
YouTube channel if you did. And please, keep
submitting your dog reviews and photos because I love to look at them. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next week with more great reviews from local guides. (outro music)

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  1. My local guide account suspender
    I am no mistake I am hard worker please help me active my local guide account . please……..

  2. All names come from US and European countries… Look up at asian countries too… Please ….

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    Genial lo que estan haciendo, dar los creditos y enseΓ±ar como deben ser las opiniones, realmente es importante saber como escribir porque puede ayudar a miles de personas y empresas a que los visiten y saber elegir a cual empresa ir, saludos a todos.

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