Ephesians Bible Study–Week 9

hello beautiful Nicki here from crazy
simple truth and back by popular demand today I’m going to do my Ephesians of
Bible study and I’m gonna do it a little bit differently than I have been because
I do not have an intro video for it normally I do an intro video one day of
the week and I was doing a breakdown of the weekly scripture on YouTube and then
I was doing the breakdown of the entire rest of living for that week on patreon
and posting my notes now I have revamped my entire ministry really and on patreon
I have a more specific focused way that I do things and on YouTube I just am
letting the Holy Spirit lead me and so I was really getting burn out of the
Ephesians study and so I took a break and that last week the end of last week
I really felt the Holy Spirit say hey let’s get this out again and do it again
and so I don’t know that there will be one next week but I will be finishing
the book of a V Ephesians eventually but here’s the cool thing here on YouTube
I’m gonna go through the entire verses for this week and break them all down
for you so you will be able to get what you normally had to get through patreon
today you just will not be getting the notes because I am not scanning them
into patreon unless somebody really cries to me because it does it’s quite
time-consuming and I’m not going to be doing the intro video so otherwise
you’re gonna get it all today for free how exciting is that some of you really
wanted me to finish the Ephesians study and so I really prayed about and I was
like God please give me the desire to finish it in one day last week I was
like pow I had the desire and it was cool so I went through and did all of
the verses so the week goes chapter 5 verses 1 through 21 and so I’m gonna go
through these with you let’s make sure that you can kind of see what I’m doing
here I think you can see what I’m doing here ok so if you have not watched the
Ephesians Bible study or you have see my crazy simple bible study method
then you are going to be completely confused and you need to click on the
link below and find the Ephesians Bible study in my Bible study lessons playlist
now I’ve even changed my playlist around a bit and so you’re not gonna find the
entire Ephesians Bible study all in one playlist you will kind of have to sort
through but if you go by date I’m pretty sure that was the only Bible study I was
doing at that time because it was twice a week and so if you go by date if you
go to the playlist and sort it by date you will be able to find the weeks of
Ephesians Bible studies and so you’ll just start at the beginning I know
that’s really confusing and I apologize terribly hopefully you’re not starting
this new because you really won’t know what I’m doing
but if you are one who has asked me to finish this then you’ll know what’s
going on so I’m going to go through this kind of quickly because you should know
by now how I do it and this is going to seem really complicated if you don’t
know how I do it so please make sure that you know how I do it before you
keep watching this video otherwise you want to go to my Bible study method
playlist and pick out which Bible study method it works best a full you okay so
I circled the word imitate and it says in the King James Version okay so I
wrote this in the NLT and in the King James Version it says be ye therefore
followers of God as dear children and walk in love as Christ hath loved us and
have given himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a
sweet-smelling savour so I put a box around the word imitate and in the
original Greek language it is Greek Strong’s Concordance number three four
zero two and the word is mimma tez and it’s an imitator so the Elliotts
commentary for English readers I searched that okay probably on Bible
study tools comm or Bible hub comm and I got followers of God unique and strike
phrase literally meaning imitators of God and so the NLT version used the word
imitate the KJV version used the word follower and we learn from the original
Greek language that it’s an imitator so you’re imitating him but you’re
following him and so that’s why it’s fun to do the comparing of the versions and
also to use commentary and look things up in the Strong’s Concordance this one
has the word therefore so I put a box around of that I hope that we are
recording I think that we are recording are we recording yes we are and to make
sure how to make sure because I can’t see it through this phone okay the next
thing I did was therefore an Elliot’s commentary said therefore implies that
this imitation of God must be chiefly in his essential attribute of love super
cool okay next box was around the word dear children
so it says imitate God therefore and everything you do because you are his
dear children dear okay in the original language is the word beloved it’s a peg
gap Beto’s a gap a toss and it means beloved and the blue letter Bible gave
me the reference for this dear children we are his dear children the blue letter
Bible app gave me the reference to Matthew 3:17 where God says this is my
beloved son so they’re saying up here Paul is saying
to us that we are his dear children and that’s compared this is so cool that’s
compared to when God said this is my beloved son in Matthew so he thinks of
us like he thinks of Christ how beautiful is that
uh-huh I know I know okay now we are in verse to live a life filled with love
following the example of Christ he loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice
for us a pleasing aroma to God and if you remember so this is NLT I wrote down
the KJV up here same same one Ike I included verse two there also
and it said he hath given herself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God
for a sweet-smelling savour okay so offered himself I put a box
around that in the original Greek language it was a signed Strong’s number
G four three seven six and that to remind you was my Strong’s free
concordance Bible study app and the word in greek is Prospero and it means a
sacrifice or an offering okay so we could have probably concluded that on
our own but I just wanted to look it up just to see if there was anything
interesting there the next thing is he offered himself as a sacrifice for us
and for us in the original language as Hooper and it’s for the sake of instead
or on behalf of and the Elliot’s commentary which I found through
probably through Bible study tools.com the Elliot’s commentary says for us on
our behalf so he offered himself as a sacrifice for us for the sake of us
instead of us on behalf of us Christ offered himself for us not just for us
but he offered himself instead of us instead of us look at what I found by
looking up with the Strong’s Concordance instead of us how cool is that we have a
God who sacrificed himself instead of sacrificing us how cool is that verse 3
says let there be no sexual immorality impurity or greed among you okay so
we’ve got sexual immorality and verse 3 it says but hang on this must be the KJV
I wrote down okay same verse KJV but fornication and all uncleanness or
covetousness let it not be once named among you as becometh Saints okay so
that was so confusing that’s why sometimes I don’t like the King James
Version as well but I love to reference it with the other versions so the word
they used here was fornication and the word that they used Oh can you even see
what I’m doing oh me oh my oh me oh my we scoot you down a bit the word they
used here was fornication and the word in the NLT
was sexual immorality and here’s what’s interesting about this in the Strong’s
Concordance the original Greek word for fornication is pornea
and that’s where we get the word pornography or porn and it means
harlotry adultery and listen to this incest incest incest is disgusting and
we don’t look at those other things as disgusting but God looks at them the
same he looks at incest just as he looks at any kind of pornography or sexual
immorality any kind of sexual relationship that is outside of a man
and a woman in a marriage he looks at as the same as incest that is disgusting
and if we have a problem looking at pornography or if we live in a
relationship where we are not married or any of those things we need to think of
that in God’s eyes that’s the same filthiness as incest and that is
disgusting so we do not want to be sexually immoral okay the next word I
put a box around was impurity and it is in the Greeks strong concordance Acosta
Razia Acathla Rossio and it means physically
or morally uncleanness so impurity means physically or morally unclean the next
word that I put a box around so the verse says let there be no sexual
immorality impurity or greed among you God’s people
so I’m just rephrasing that are we reading that in the NLT so you’ll know
what where we’re at here among you God’s people so in the KJV he wrote as
becometh Saints so in the NLT among you God’s people KJV as be cometh Saints so
I looked up become ahthe because they use the word among here and they use the
word be cometh here can you even see what I’m doing I am just really failing
at this today the EE B cometh okay so in the
Strong’s Concordance B cometh means a verb to be suitable or proper so we want
to be we don’t want any of those things sexual immorality impurity or greed we
want to become Saints we want to become God’s people we want to be suitable and
proper like Jesus Christ okay so that was a verse one through three hopefully
you can hang with me here a bit I know you weren’t watching this unless you
really wanted to watch the Ephesians study so I think you’re probably hanging
with me and I apologize I’m talking so fast
but I have a lot to go through okay we are on still on week nine chapter 5
verses 4 & 5 and actually I finished the rest of verse 3 up here because I did
not have enough room and all it said was such sins have no place among God’s
people so I didn’t circle anything in that verse for now this is the NLT
version obscene stories foolish talk and coarse jokes these are not for you
instead let there be thankfulness to God okay I’m gonna stop there that’s verse 4
so in verse chapter 5 verse 4 I put a box around obscene he’s got a he
scrubbed ace and it means shamefulness obscenity filthiness so we do not want
to talk any stories we don’t want to tell any stories about anything that is
obscene or filthy or full of shame and and again and again think of that as
incest we wouldn’t tell stories about incest so why would we tell filthy jokes
or dirty stories or things like that that are obscene to God another one of
those then says is coarse jokes and so I looked up the word coarse jokes and in
the Strong’s Concordance it’s you trap alia and what the KJV says is jesting in
a vulgar sense jesting in a vulgar sense vulgar coarse jokes are vulgar they’re
disgusting to God they’re obscene they’re full of shame and filthiness and
and they’re this they’re the same as sexual immorality to God so
we do not want to take part in that and here’s what God says to do instead let
there be thankfulness to God verse 5 you can be sure that no immoral impure or
greedy person will inherit the kingdom of Christ and of God who okay so I put a
box around the word sure in verse 5 and the KJ version this KJV this is what it
says 4 verse 5 it says for this ye know that no whoremonger nor unclean person
nor covetous man who is an idolater has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ
and of God so I put for sure you can be sure is for this ye know so if you–if
you’re knowing this for sure it’s the same thing NLT KJV and then what I did
here was I looked up the word sure or for this you know same thing in the
Greeks Strong’s Concordance and it says guiness Co Ginn nasi Cogan
Asik Oh to know absolutely be aware of knowledgeable to understand
so we can be sure of this we can be sure of this okay next word greedy and all I
did here was put a boxer I’m greedy and I just put an arrow to the word
covetous so I compared NLT greedy KJV covetous that’s all I did I didn’t do
any definition or anything there the next word that I looked at was
inherit and remember you can look at any word you want I’m just showing you the
way I did it to help you out along the way through your study and hopefully
some of you have already finished the study and went on without me and weren’t
struggling quite as much as I was but we are going through a lot in our life
right now and so if you’ve been following me all along you kind of know
that we are going through a lot and a lot of traveling and a lot of stress and
so yeah I just really struggled with this but that’s why I’m talking fast cuz
I’m trying to get through it so y’all aren’t here all day alone okay the next
word is of Christ and of God the NLT says the same thing the KJV says of
and of God so I looked up probably on Bible study tools calm I looked up the
commentary of Jamison faucet and brown and they said of Christ and God implies
their perfect oneness which is consistent only with the doctrine that
Christ is God there is no coming into the kingdom of God but by Christ so
that’s why it’s saying inherit the kingdom of Christ and of God well are
they two separate people no it’s showing actually their perfect
oneness because you can’t get into the kingdom of God unless you go through
Christ and Matthew pools commentary says this about it not two distinct kingdoms
but one and the same which belongs to God by nature to Christ as mediator
meaning that Christ is the one he is the way that we get to the kingdom of God
super cool super cool super cool okay next check verses six through nine I
hope I’m not going too fast for you you might have to stop and rewind and stop
and rewind and I apologize for that but here’s what I’ve got all I did on this
page was compare three versions so NLT KJV ESV you can do this same thing very
easily I’m going to really quickly go through this but feel free to do it just
like I did whether you have this printable or you have a piece of paper
write your KJV your NLT and your ESB or whatever versions you want to compare
and all I did was simply put a box around a certain word and then I use
that same color to do the same word even though they’re different so deceive
fooled deceive vain these sins empty wrath anger wrath the children of
disobedience all who disobey and the sons of disobedience partakers
participate partakers with them things people do with them for ye were
sometimes in darkness for you were full of darkness for at one time you were in
darkness the next one is you have and it says are
ye and this one says you are the next one is in so now are ye light in Lord in
the Lord so in this one says from and this one says in so this says the lights
from the Lord but this says we are the light in the Lord so you can see we’re
comparing versions is very very helpful it gives you the full picture
this one says walk this says live and this says walk the fruit of the Spirit
this light the fruit of the Spirit and LT says this light because people
reading the Bible may not know what the fruit of the Spirit is and so that’s why
the NLT is really good for beginners but it’s also why you want to make sure that
you’re comparing it to other versions and kind of getting the full picture
that way because as a Christ follower that’s doing an in-depth study like this
we know what the fruit of the Spirit is so this one says fruit of the Spirit
this light and the fruit of the light in all within you in all goodness and
righteousness and truth right and true and good good and right and true so
those are pretty much the same they just worded them a little bit differently in
a little bit a different of an order okay we are on a verses 10 through 14
and let’s see what I did here fruitlessness so fruit unfruitful so in
the King James Version they use the word unfruitful and it is the Greek
concordance number 175 at Karpis and it means barren this was cool this was
super cool so in the fruitless works of darkness
okay we don’t want to participate in the fruitless works of darkness and the
definition of unfruitful is barren and the English definition listen to this
the English definition of barren is this an adjective barren of land too poor to
produce much or any vegetation and the ad number 2 meaning is barren of a place
or a building and it means bleak and lifeless okay wow that was so cool to me
because I think of a bear and womb a woman who is unable to have children has
a Barren womb but but but look at what it really means
when you’re looking at the fruitless works of darkness it is saying to us
that our are the things that we do if we participate in all of those things that
was talking about before if we participate in those foolish things that
we are we’re too poor to produce much of any vegetation so we’re not producing
any fruit of the Spirit because we we have we have filled ourselves with
fruitlessness we are unfruitful and so we don’t want to be barren and what I
wrote here is my interpretation that was profound barren equals fruitlessness
means we can’t produce good things what people what we produce is bleak and
lifeless Wow I did think that was really really cool
okay the next word that I put a box around is exposed and the KJV uses the
word reprove so NLT expose KJV reprove in its Ln Co in the Greek language and
it’s to convict convince telephone reboot or reboot reprove okay so to
expose them but instead and spell expose them so expose the people that are doing
the filthy things in the dark expose them and by that it means convict them
convince them that it’s wrong tell them that it’s wrong rebook them or reprove
them and and I’m not going to get into how what you would go about that I would
say do it in a godly way but we do need the truth is the truth and the Bible is
the truth and those kind of things that I talked about are filthy and God does
not tolerate them and so if you can tell people that in love in a loving kind way
then that is what God expects us to do verse 12 for it is shameful even to
mention what is done by them in secret and in the KJV they use the word a shame
so NLT shameful KJV a shame in its strongest concordance number G 149 a
shameful thing that is in decorum and I didn’t know what in decorum means I have
never heard of that word and so I looked it up in the English dictionary and it
means failure to conform to good taste propriety or etiquette so it’s shamed
full okay it is shameful even a marching what is done by them in secret so it is
its yeah it that’s pretty self-explanatory it’s gross okay it’s
gross and so the word secret down here I looked up in the strongest concordance
and it means privately so anything that they’re doing privately it’s disgusting
it’s filthy it’s it’s we do not want to conform to that it’s gross to God verse
14 and I put a big box around this entire verse because it says for what
makes everything visible is light therefore it is said get up sleeper and
rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you oh this is the csb version okay I
apologize this entire middle verse that I wrote 10 through 14 is from the
Christian Standard Bible not the NLT this time I try to mix it up see so KJV
verse 14 so same thing I have the box around this side of the box around this
KJV says wherefore he saith awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead
and Christ shall give thee lights and I didn’t really see anything like really
pow wow wow it just says Christ will shine on you and this one said Christ
shall give thee light and I actually really like the CSB here because I like
the imagery of Christ shining on us I love that he gives us light but to
picture him actually shining on us is beautiful see comparing versions is so
important oh I didn’t do that one hmm wonder why I skip that one well you’re
gonna have to do verse a 15 through 19 a all by yourself okay I apologize but I
didn’t do it so verse 19 B through 21 and let’s make sure what version I wrote
this in do I say I didn’t say hmm okay well that’s all right
this one was interesting so it apparently wasn’t the CSB version or the
KJV oh it’s ESV sorry about that ESV I see it there ESV okay so verses 19
B through 21 in the ESP then I did the CSB
and the KJV and what I circled was the word in verse 22 God and in the CSV it
says to God the Father and in the KJV it says unto God it didn’t really get
anything profound out of that just made note of the differences the next one is
in the ESV it says to one another and this is also in verse 20 no that might
be verse 21 I didn’t write down where verse 21 starts so I’m not sure I think
it’s verse 21 so it’s in the CSB it says to one another and in the KJV it says
yourselves one to another so nothing really profound there I circled the word
Rev reverence and in the CSB it means fear of Christ the ESV reverence and the
KJV fear of God so which one sounds neater to you fear of Christ reverence
for Christ or fear of God I don’t know don’t know that I have a favorite but
listen to this I got deeper into this here so I looked up the word reverence
in the English dictionary and it means a noun deep respect for someone or
something or it’s a verb regard or treat with deep respect so basically reverence
is to deeply respect so in this case I would say the ESV was maybe the best
word choice to me because we don’t do we really want to fear God we don’t want to
fear him it’s sort of like you don’t want to fear them and this isn’t like
this at all but here’s an example you don’t want to fear a policeman you want
to be able to trust them but you want to follow the law well God wants us to
follow his law but we want we need to know that he’s a loving God and he’s
looking out for what’s best for us so I kind of like the word reverence for
Christ here so again another reason why it’s really good to look at different
versions so here’s what I thought was interesting because these used different
words I went over here and I looked up CS BES
the KJV NLT NIV and I wanted to know why this one says fear of Christ
this one says for Christ and this one says of God so what’s the difference of
Christ for Christ of God so the CSB says of Christ the ESV says for Christ the
KJV says of God the NLT says for Christ and the NIV says for Christ so why why
why is that different why is it different so I looked up the word Christ
here to figure out why why is it that some of them are using Christ and some
of them are using God and the word in the original language for what is here
would ask which whether it’s Christ or God the reason that they interpret it to
say Christ or God is because in the Greek language is fate Thanos Thanos a
deity especially the supreme divinity God so um would it matter if you were
saying God or Christ no because they’re both the same I couldn’t really see
where it mattered that you would use either term or that either term was
right or wrong to me I just really liked the word reverence for Christ I thought
the word reverence helped explain the deep respect that we would have for him
better than the word fearing him the Jameson Fawcett and brown Bible
Commentary which I got from Bible study tools.com says that in fear of God so a
sorry I yawn huh reverence for Christ fear of Christ fear of God so they said
in fear of God means all of the oldest manuscripts and authorities read in fear
of Christ so how cool is that by looking at the commentary I learned that all of
the oldest manuscripts and authorities that they could find didn’t say in fear
of God they said in fear of Christ so wow that gives you something to think
about okay the next thing I wanted to say here is just because we use the word
for a lot so this one says of four of four four so I wanted to look up
learners dictionary.com in most contexts they are interchangeable of someone
this for someone so you could use the word of or for but I just wanted to
really dig into it deep and figure out why they all were using such different
terms and really you know I didn’t really learn a whole lot except that
like I said when I looked up reverence in the English dictionary I really
understood that it’s a deep respect a deep respect a regard of reverence a
fear of Christ and or God because he is in the same so I hope that was helpful I
apologize I went so fast but I needed to zoom through it so you all could get it
all and how lucky are you that you got the whole entire week nine chapters well
– 15 through 19 eight I don’t know how I miss that
but I’m not gonna go back and do it I apologize I love you
but you can do it you know how to do this you can do it but I did go ahead
and do week nine for the most part for you so there is I don’t know when we 10
will be coming out but when the Holy Spirit gives me the desire to study the
week 10 verses then I will do that and there will be a video so make sure that
you’re subscribed and that you have clicked the notification bell and hey if
you do want me to we do week 10 if you’re following along give me a big
thumbs up so I know that you want me to do week 10 and I will keep praying about
it and ask the Holy Spirit to give me a deep desire to finish this Ephesians
Bible study for you you’re beautiful God loves you
I’ll see you later bye

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