[ EP:68] IRAN – AZERBAIJAN border crossing / ഇറാനിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ദുരനുഭവം…

In my whole life, this is a hell of an experience… Hello guys, greetings to all! I’m in Iran. This will be the last episode in Iran because we’re bidding adieu for Iran and leaving to Azerbaijan. I’m now in Azerbaijan-Iran border. Astana is the place name. There are borders on both sides. Last episode you might’ve watched, our buddies came and helped me, took me to their house and stayed there for 3 days. My visa expired 2 days back. Don’t know what will happen in border. I’ve unloaded the bike here. It’s just 5 kms from here to border. I’m feeling happy because Iran is not like what I imagined. I was able to show you what and how Iran is. I can understand by seeing the comment box, that mistakes about Iran has changed. Time now is 1.30 PM. Not sunny. This is my buddy and one is there. I’m very happy. They took care of me well for 3 days. I’m giving their contact number to you. I’ll be posting in description and comment box. Hope you all be looking me like a brother or a family member right? You can convey thanks to them for taking care of me for past 3 days. Comment & Description box will have the details. So we’re gonna cross the border. Azerbaijan-Iran border. We’ll see how it goes. Since my camera adapter broke, I’ve connected camera directly. Our buddies are in front. It doesn’t feel like two countries border. Feels like going in a market. In front you can see, Iranian … Immigration office. This is market doesn’t look like border. There are many people here asking if we want to exchange currency. Don’t mind them. It’s not the one we need to go, went to a wrong one. There is another way for vehicles to enter. People are crowding here and some even pull the accelerator. That makes me sad. If they see bike, they come and ask if I wanna exchange currency. I don’t have anything to exchange. Earlier I got very furious as a boy came and started accelerating the bike. May to listen to bike sound. Not a boy but a guy. Don’t mistake it like a small kid. We need to take left and then take left again. Time is 8 PM. I’m still in Iran. I’ve visited 23 countries so far… Out of 23, 19 countries I crossed via road. In this journey, Iran is the 4th country. I’ve crossed 4 borders via road now. I got an experience that I’ve never got. I’m very tired now. Started at 11.30-12 PM here and I’m still roaming here at 8 PM. Because my visa got delayed, I was supposed to exit 1 day prior. When I enquired some said, they’ll allow if we say about climate. But here language is a big problem. Our buddies were with me, still it’s not happening. So what they said is to pay 300 rupees fine. Fine is not a problem for me. The way to pay the fine is to go to bank and pay there. Get the receipt from them and hand over it to Immigration and they need to send it to Head Office. After getting confirmation from them only they’ll allow me to exit from here. To reach this Immigration itself is a big headache. First need to take the bike and go to Customs Checkpost. They check and seal the carnet. Then we need to go to another checkpost. There is another guy, I don’t know what to call him. I need to bribe him. I gave him money, he took it inside and sealed the carnet. Then reached the 3rd gate. They verified it and kept a copy for them. I exited from customs. Then only I came to know I need to pay for delayed entry. I said I’ll pay here. They said you need to go to bank. Problems. They don’t know a single word in English. I called Mr.Taster as he’s famous. He said he’ll come next day and speed up. And when I came back customs stopped. I crossed 3 gates and entered. Now I need to cross 3 gates to return. They stopped and said that I need to keep bike here. I’m not allowed to take bike. So I kept the bike in customs and came here. Now I don’t have bike, it’s over there. Since carnet has been sealed and exited, now I cant enter again. They kept the bike inside. I’m very tired, didn’t have food in noon or evening. I’m just drinking water. Our buddies are with me. Out of 24 countries, I didn’t have an experience like this. From 1 PM to 7 PM. After even 7 hours, I couldn’t cross border. We’re returning back to home. Truck is one there. So we’ll sleep and see tomorrow morning. Time now is 9.30 AM. We’re in car now. Going to office now. Last night you would’ve seen me very angry and sad. But now I’m cool right? Our sleep is like a death, yesterday night I died and I’m reborn today as a new person. We shouldn’t get tensed by future and past. Think about day to-day things. Think only about present moments. First we’ll enter to immigration office, inside that camera is not allowed. Even GoPro in helmet is being removed. We’ll go to a bank and pay the fine. Then will handover the receipt to immigration office. After than only we can cross. My bike has already been exited from Iran. And has entered Georgia. There might be some problems in Georgia Immigration. Mostly I’ll be showing next vlog after exit only. Time now is 5.30 PM. I’ve reached Azerbaijan now. In my life, this is a hell of an experience… In Iran as said went to the bank. Paid fine for 2 days. I gave the fine, they said not 2 days, we need for 3 days. Again paid for one more day. Here they don’t speak English. Paid fine and came back to Immigration. They asked what I do. I showed YouTube channel. Then they took me my two mobiles, laptop, passport and went in. Made me wait for 3 hours. You know what they did for 3 hours? My photos, gallery, call list, completely they searched it. And behaved like I’m a terrorist. And after 3 hours they called and asked, You know right in Dubai, I went to Gun shooting and hit the point perfectly. They asked me being a tourist, how were you able to hit the target perfectly. Again had to wait for another hour. 4 hours I struggled inside. Finally they exited me. I felt very sad. They treated me like a terrorist. You and I know why I entered this country. When I leave this country, I know how much good things I showed about it. People here mistook me. Not people, Police department. They need money. I’m in Azerbaijan border. So happy. Went through tough times. I need to find a room here. Need to sleep here and go to Baku. So we’re riding in Azerbaijan. I felt like laughing because these people searched my camera and mobiles, didn’t see the drone clips. My gallery is full of drone shots. They might’ve not seen drone shots. It made me sad. Our mobile is personal and has family photos. People taking it and seeing makes us sad right. I might’ve chatted with my wife. Things like that. They don’t know English or Malayalam When we entered Azerbaijan, very neat place, nice people and good behaviour. They gave me water and cake. They speak English. Places are clean. They scanned every things inside bags and then only allowed to enter. They saw Drone. They didn’t make any problems but sealed it. I cant fly drone in Azerbaijan, as they sealed it. I need to show the drone again while I exit. I need to show the paper and then will break the seal. We’re riding through Azerbaijan It will be totally different from what we have seen in Iran. Currency has changed. After converting 30 USD, I got 55 Manat. When comparing with INR, 1 manat has more than 40 rupees value. May be there will be Malayalees here since there is currency value. In Iran, we didn’t see even one Malayalee. Going to room now. Then will sleep here. Tomorrow morning, after sunrise, we can leave to Baku. Railway crossing. First time, I’m looking at a railway crossing in this journey. Vehicles are modern in Azerbaijan. This is a Benz. He came to guide us. A Malayalee arranged it. Baki is what they have named. Neat roads. We’ll going near Snowy mountains. Good road. Donkey or Horse? Cows! I didn’t see cows in Iran. But they consume more dairy products. ^Music^ We moved from highway to a small village. Don’t ask me the name of it. Even Parsi was fine. But here it is not like that. The jacket which I bought is very helpful. Couldn’t feel cold. It’s awesome. now I’m riding fast. Time is 6.45 PM. Think how cold it will be here after sunset. The jacket keeps me warm. That car is Mercedes Benz. So I’ve reached room. This is another room. Waking up at 7 AM in the morning, all this time, going to tough times and lying done is a peculiar feeling. There are two beds. Heater is there. TV is there. The room rent is 25 Manat. Almost 1000 rupees. When comparing to Iran, Azerbaijan is expensive. In Iran, we got for 600 rupees. Here it is like 20$. Azerbaijan visa is eVisa. You can get it online. Costs 25$. You’ll get in 3 days. You can give passport details, photo etc. No need to carnet in Azerbaijan. We need the paper but didn’t mention anything. Just they gave a slip. They’ve sealed the drone. We cant fly it here. AB is totally different. Both borders are same climate. But there is a difference in buildings. We can see in upcoming episodes. Feels like European style. Here women don’t cover face. In Iran, women need to cover their hair. Here it is not like that. Even costumes are different. They speak English. A little bit. When I stopped earlier there was a team from Baku, they spoke in English. Amina and me are fine. From here to Baku is 250 kms. Will wake up at 9 AM. After sunrise, when it is warm, we can leave slowly. We’ll see Azerbaijan’s unseen visuals in next episode.

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