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I ended up making my life
really small. So I wanted to change that. I knew that I needed to just try to get out in the world again. The last time I took a plane trip was for my sister’s wedding. And we did months of therapy. So in my early 20s, this is
when I started to really experience panic attacks. Not breathing properly,
heart racing. I couldn’t focus. I was eventually diagnosed
with agoraphobia. I would say agoraphobia is a fear
of being in public spaces. It makes it really hard for me to travel far from home. It’s not living life. It’s not a life when you’re just constantly
not in a good place. I was just looking through
Street View one day and I just stumbled across
a couple of things that I quite liked. I’ve always loved photography. So this gave me the opportunity to be a photographer. But without having
that anxious feeling. I think that I’ve taken around 27,000 screen shots. Colorful pastel colors, cacti, architectures, desert gardens. I love how the Google Car kicks up dust. And so I started putting
images online. Connecting with other people
that are going through similar struggles has probably been the best thing for me. And now I feel more connected to the world than
I ever have before. Even just saying that I have
agoraphobia and severe anxiety has been incredibly powerful
and important. I’m doing things at the moment
I never ever, ever dreamed
that I would do. It’s exitement combined with anxiety, combined with everything, really. You know, there’s a lot of
really difficult things with having severe anxiety, but I also see the benefits as well. It’s really made me see the world
in a different way. It’s even better than I expected. If you’re struggling, and you’re
keeping it to yourself– and I kept it to myself
for a very, very long time– it definitely doesn’t help. Open up about it, if you can. – I’m also an agoraphobe. I think I try to do the same
thing that she did, where you don’t use it
as an affliction, you use it as your
creative power. Please don’t give up. Know that it can get better, and it does get better. I just hope that I’m proof that even in your darkest times, amazing things can come
out of it. – I did two tours in Iraq
as a helicopter pilot. But then I got injured. And overnight, they
rip off that tag and slap “veteran” on your chest. I didn’t know where to start looking for the next thing. But then I realized service doesn’t
end when I get out of the military, it just changes.

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  1. Jacqui, I'd never think about this type of fear could ever exist. Fantastic work you developed and good to see that you're fighting against such a limitation in a very beautiful and poetic way. I'd like to see your work coming to Brazil and it would be a pleasure to visit your exibition here. Very inspiring!!

  2. She did nothing creative, she took screenshots of someone else's work. She is just a whiny baby who wanted to pretend she was special, but she isn't.

  3. She MUST try Google Earth VR on the HTC Vive if not already, it's incredible!!! One of the coolest experiences I've had on VR so far!!!

  4. Pena que a maioria das pessoas hoje em dia só usam a internet para ler e postar bobagens… Temos o Planeta e pq não dizer um pedaço do Universo à nossa frente e poucos utilizam de forma sábia. Muito bacana esta forma de viajar para quem tem este tipo de problema ou não tem mesmo $$ para viajar. Parabéns pela iniciativa !

  5. Too bad that most people today only use the internet to read and post nonsense … We have the Planet and why not say a piece of the Universe ahead of us and few use wisely. Very cool this way to travel to those who have this type of problem or do not even have $$ to travel. Congratulations for the initiative !

  6. She didn't really do that then, they're just screenshots of pictures that google took with the car-cameras. So google pretty much just gave credit to themselves…

  7. I will try this. I have anxiety that becomes extreme when I'm away from the inside of my home too long. I have not been further than a 40 miles away in five years, and only 60 miles away from home within the last 8 years. I started building non-existent places with a vfx program that really helps to cope. Thank you for this video. Really made my day wonderful!

  8. I think it might be a good thing to get out of your own head long enough to find out about the world you steal photos from. Yes, taking others photos and publishing them as your own is stealing. Look up the word plagiarism. From what you say your favorite song is "Me, me,me, me, me, me. Seriously, start with opening the front door and sitting watching the world and make a point of not thinking about yourself. You need to be distracted from yourself.

  9. I love exploring on street view as well, and Jacqui admittedly has some good composition skills, however, I think it's a bit of a stretch to call mere screenshots of street view "photography". It's kind of depressing actually– Picturing someone sitting at their computer, snapping bits of the internet and calling it "traveling". :/

  10. I honestly never thought to go travelling via google maps
    You have opened my eyes to new possibilities
    I plan to travel all over the world
    Thanks for the idea 😀

  11. Many companies would go after someone like her for using their product to produce art. I like that Google highlighted her instead. Good Job

  12. I'm glad this woman found a way to find a different path to creativity with a mental disorder. I think it's great that this empowers her and gives her some control and that she shares these photos she's found with others to connect with them if they're in a similar situation. I also get that finding aesthetic situations from thousands and thousands of photos takes some time and an eye for beauty, which with some editing, can speak to people. But I personally don't think that what she's doing is genius enough to be displayed as art. She has some creative mindsets to be able to choose the photos and edit them, but all she is doing is selecting nice photos from an already taken chunk of photos. It doesn't display any talent of physical lighting, angles, etc. All of these elements are simply edited on, which isn't that hard to learn (have you seen how many pages tumblr has of aesthetic photos). I think it's great for the woman but it really isn't that special

  13. histoire de ooff piqué les images du net en toute impunités ,bizar si c'est vrai ,je suis photographe des que l'ont me vole une photo je dépose plainte ,j'ai été aussi agora phobe,donc privé de stade et de concert etc ,maintenant ts va bien ,avec un petit traitement à l'époque ;si cette histoire est exact tant mieux ,mais laissons les œuvres aux artiste qui les ont créer ou alors tout doit rester caché sous le lit

  14. Incredibly inspiring. My daughter suffers with anxiety and depression, but still goes out and works with the public everyday. She can't afford a therapist, had NO HEALTH INSURANCE, so she's on her own. Her step-father and I support her as much as possible, and she lives with us. She does not do well living alone. THANK YOU, SO VERY MUCH for donating the proceeds from your gallery show to mental health causes. God knows hundreds of thousands of citizens in the USA plod along with little or no care what so ever. It's what THE REPUBLICAN PARTY does best, harm the middle class.

  15. I think with agoraphobia its almost a feeling that if you go out into a public place, everyone is focusing of you and you alone and you start to panic which then draws peoples attention to you, that then confirms your deepest fear, when in fact everyone is not going to even take notice of you unless you make then do so, have their own lives to live and you are not part of it.

  16. Not to be rude to Jacqui, but oh my god this takes absolutely no effort at all. It's not even her work, it's the person who took the pictures.

  17. I just have one question. Is what she did legal? like even though she centering the shot and ect the person who own the rights of the picture is the person who took the picture with the camera aka google.

  18. I also have struggled with that sort of phobia and did my art which is music also on the computer that helped me to come out of my shell. i think that is a beautiful thing.

  19. This isn't just an ad though it helps teach people around the world that technology is growing and u can't say u can't do a thing since everyone can!

  20. Jacqui, you are quite an inspiration. All the best to you. It is especially great that your story is presented by Google, the folks that took the original raw pictures, and is showing the world the art you produce from it.

  21. Hi, I am an Agoraphobic person. I can't leave my house. So I took thousands of screenshots from google maps. Google setup my screenshots art gallery in NYC. I travelled NYC. So now they are calling me 'The Agoraphobic Traveler'.

  22. I was thumbing through an Andy Warhol book this morning, and I would assume people said the same thing about him once. He didn't create the images he was 'sampling,' however he presented them in a different context that was engaging. In Jacqui's case, she is also 'sampling' images and putting then in a different context. However, she really is just taking screenshots, she isn't altering the look of the images in a way that Warhol did, so, the deeper meaning lies not in the look of the photos she is presenting, but in the way they were acquired. The point of it all is that she is sharing a photo book of things she got to experience despite not leaving the house; this is what a photo book of someone who can't leave the house looks like, it's an artifact foreign to those of us to routinely get outside.
    Warhol took mainstream images- celebrities and products and etc- and presented them in a colorful, psychedelic, alternative manner, which allows those of us who consume those images and products to see them in a different way. We get to digest the message being delivered in a way that might not align with the intentions of the creators of the message (who also might be trying to sell us something).
    If you were already on the street, why would you want a street-view photo? Or if you did want a photo, you would either take one, or have a photographer take one for you. The purpose of Google street view is to give a view of place you cannot access. In Jacqui's case, that is what she is doing. She medically, according to the documentary, cannot leave her home, and therefore cannot access the locations that the Google street view camera captures. She is utilizing the service in the precise way it was intended.
    So where Warhol was studied because he took a message and changed it, subverted it in fact because he was presenting it from an alternative perspective not officially aligned with that of its creator, Jacqui is being looked at because she is utilizing the services to its fullest extent, not changing the basic idea or intention in any fashion. In the film, Google is displaying full usage of its service, and with all due respect to Jacqui, elevating the satisfaction of a very happy customer. It’s hard to accept as art because it seems she is simply displaying what she ‘got out of’ Google Street view, like a gamer in a gallery displaying all of her high scores.
    There are numerous things that could have elevated this body of work to something that would have made it more palatable to artists seeking a more ‘artistic’ perspective. One example, in my opinion, she could have presented the photos with purposely-incorrect location labels. A street view taken in Arizona, she could say was taken in Cambodia, because who is to know what was taken where, when you’ve never been there yourself? Google’s purpose is to sell ad space, it isn’t a library, it isn’t a school, why do we put in Google so much trust?
    She also could have possibly overlaid onto those screenshots images of those same areas taken from before the internet age, that would have given a view back in time, and may have been interpreted as a commentary on our reliance of Google or the homogenization of the ‘pics’ of an area when we suddenly depend on a single internet search engine to give us everything we want (though ironically I would imagine she’d have had to ‘Google’ for those older images).
    Google is the biggest search engine around, and one of the most popular websites ever, it is the Campbell’s Soup, the Marilyn Monroe, and the Mickey Mouse, it is the biggest and most iconic, and Jacqui is consuming their product. I don’t think I am opening many eyes by calling this out as simply a veiled advertisement for Google, but what makes it all the more frustrating is that this woman truly was getting so much out of using the service in a very positive way, but Google is doing their own Warhol here: taking a very happy consumer, and making her art.

  23. Google please capture 3D data (depth and images) in their street view cameras and then convert the real world into a virtual world so that agoraphobics can walk through the space and desensitize via VR exposure therapy. Also, capture train stations and buildings (office, residential, hotel, medical, etc) for VR exposure therapy.

  24. I look at the young ladies work and read the many comments. I think back of a novel I once read "The Third Wave" of the coming of the information age and the many changes that will take place in our world as the Industrial Age gives way as did the Agricultural Age before it.

    I confess, for the life of me I could not envision it, try as I may. ~ What was missing in me was "a reason" to stretch my vision to see so far ~! for I had none.

    Great Work Jacqui !

  25. "This gave me the opportunity to be a photographer." Ok, no, this is the part I don't like. Taking screenshots isn't the same as being a photographer. Just stop.
    Edit: WAIT. She's also selling prints!? That's wrong on so many levels, what the hell…

  26. i am quite surprised by the haters on here and their comments, i have social anxiety myself and don't like being out in public because of being scrutinized, ostracized and ridiculed by people .. i praise what this lady has done, as she is opening the door for others with emotional and psychological issues and disorders, and giving them a chance to do something that may seem impossible to them .. so fine is she "steals" images off of Google Street View, let her do so if anything else to help other people combat their handicaps

  27. she just invented a new method to see the world siting at home, which probably would help or inspire many…. she just lighted another path for 'ACCESSIBLE TOURISM; tourism for all' i prefer appreciating her rather than complaining!

  28. Google is cool with it, but you are not. Who cares? You are nothing; you don't exist.
    Get a life, all you talentless haters.

  29. I vDrove Route-66 from Chicago to LA. Along the way, I entered speed limits. You can do LA to Chicago. I dare you. http://bit.ly/adoptasign

  30. I rarely comment on public posts, but I’m just blown away by this. Taking screenshots of someone else’s photos does NOT even come close to making you a photographer. Presenting it as such is an insult to authentic photographers everywhere. This is yet another example of the Participation Trophy mentality that has hurt an entire generation. If disabled people truly want to be considered equal, the most basic rules (like the Rule of Ownership) need to apply to them as well. If this was a video about a non-agoraphobic person taking screenshots and calling themselves a photographer, it would be ludicrous. If she were really a photographer, she could absolutely be one…maybe taking shots from inside her home that capture the emotion of agoraphobia or ones that change the way we see everyday objects by shooting them in a creative light. It’s demeaning to all disabled people to patronize them, so let’s please stop. They are quite capable of their own greatness.

  31. "there is no effort, talent etc."
    Go start an Instagram account with the same concept and you'll see that it takes some talent to choose the right pics because you will fail and she didn't.

  32. I'm not judging about the fear or something with being agoraphobia, but I think it is extremely useful to know the individual psychology of Alfred Adler.

  33. Her secrets

    The world is awe-inspiring

    Because, it’s yours

    Make your dream a reality

    Life is a gift

    A garden to plant dreams

    It’s so pretty, but nobody knows of it

    Only you



  34. https://twitter.com/Ewaz_Nazari1/status/962423194861780992?s=20

  35. Thumbs down for Google at this time. She is not a talented photographer. I agree with many other comments here.

  36. Спасибо за это видео! и историю https://www.google.com/intl/ru/about/stories/agoraphobic-traveller/

  37. "I just hope that I'm proof that even in your darkest times, it does get better."
    Me: Yes! Good job! You should win an Oscar for that!

    not trying to be rude.

  38. Is it me when i find it weird i see her walking the streets of NY with a big smile?! Or is that just perfect disguise? wonder how she got that good shots from maps. THey are always distorted and not look like her post. Probably heavily processed in post. Wonderful and remarkable initiative though!

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