Ep 3: Riding to Remember | SEARCH ON

My name is Anne-Christine, and I work as a project manager and I’m also a
biomechanical engineer. We had this vision that
we wanted to use technology and develop new products and services for elderly people. The BikeAround system is a bike where you can go wherever
you want to go, with Google Street View. When you start to travel
like you do in the BikeAround, that triggers you to remember, so you feel that you’re there. You have a moment where you’re not suffering from memory loss. Mostly, they want to go
back where they grew up. Because that’s also where
they have most memory. We don’t know how many people that are going to suffer from dementia
in the future. But we can find new ways
to change people’s lives. I would always question things I would always wonder, like,
how light works. Like, why the waves are
crashing the way they do. My eyes opened to, like, a new world. And that’s when it clicked.

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