Environmental Issues in Costa Rica

– Go Frogs! (buzzing) (laughing) – Doesn’t feel as much as a class, but more of an experience. – I’m not gonna be the same
person when I get home. – You have an idea of
what a rainforest is like. You have an idea of
what Costa Rica’s like. But until you’re actually
here, you have no idea. (gentle music) – We’ve been coming to Costa Rica for about 12 years now doing
a study abroad trip. We take our students through the country, expose them to a variety of environments that include rainforests as
one would expect in Costa Rica. But we also have the
themes relating to energy, agriculture, broad scale sustainability. – Yeah we do some science, yeah we do some fun things, but it’s all about connecting with nature and realizing that the natural
environment provides things that are mostly unseen and intangible, but are very, very important. – My biggest takeaway is
seeing nature as more of a, not just it’s there for us to use, it’s more a holistic system. So I guess it made me look
at things in a bigger scope instead of just narrow. – My mentality was always
that it’s not gonna matter what I do because the
actions of one person don’t make a difference, but
being here it’s kind of those, yes, what you do does make a
difference and it’s actually gonna change the way I
think about my water usage, what I’m eating, where
I’m buying products from. – Life is made up of a
handful of big moments, and it’s nice to be a part of that when you see that happen for somebody else. I think most of us remember
those moments in our own lives, and I know that these students
will remember this forever. – I thought I knew what I
was gonna be experiencing, I thought I knew what
I was gonna encounter and it’s been completely different, and it’s something that I know that I’ll carry on with me
for the rest of my life.

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