Entrelenguas | Slow Tourism

The aim of Slow Tourism is just to go slowly: the natural way of travelling. The definition of slow tourism is tourism with a relaxed rhythm during the time we travel. The idea is that we don´t think beyond today and accept things as they come Slow tourism appears to change the traditional idea of tourism It teaches us to be responsable and aware when we travel in order to learn about tradition with the local community. The result: the traveller has a greater enjoyment of the destination. Is slow tourism more or less expensive than traditional tourism? Slow tourism is not more or less expensive. If you spend more, it will be more expensive. If you spend less, it will cost less. Is slow tourism synonymous with natural tourism? Slow tourism has a lot to do with nature because the slow movement is inspired by it For example, the green movement, slow food, the eco-friendly movement, bio, organic. But, it is not only a case of natural tourism, it goes a lot further than that and looks for a tourism of quality. Are we talking about an artificial experience? Now we are hearing a lot about the experience philosophy in tourism Slow tourism aims to do exactly the opposite It´s not about creating, it´s about finding We can not create the experiences in tourism, we have to collide with it Do new technologies help slow tourism? The use of technology in tourism is very important always in two different ways The first step is to use technology to organise and plan the trip, looking for local resources and future plans There are many apps and platforms to help us to plan trips. Using technology in this way can be very beneficial to trip planning Things to do, things to see, places to eat, people to meet, that´s technology! On the other hand, the slow tourism philosophy is to not use technology during your trip. Slow tourism strives to make us forget the things that technology brings to our lives to connect with real life and with the place in which we are. People, situations and experience We must be mindful of the amount of technology we are using to use it in a good way

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