Ensou – Time Traveler ft. GUMI

The time has stopped passing through my life, and its flow is slowly dying Look at me drowning in tears, as my voice tries to reach out to you There’s only me and you in this world Memories came again rushing back into my heart, the times that we’ve spent together The promise that you’ll never let go of my hand, even if the time stops passing by The wind blowing finally gets colder, as the midnight finally approaches I can still feel your arms wrapped gently around me, Even though you’re not right here beside me There’s only me and you in this world Hear me out as I wait for you Hoping that the day will come, where we will be together (again) There’s only me and you in this world The days came rushing into my mind, those days when we had our arms wrapped around each other Even if I lose all of the time that I have in this world, I will (still) find you

100 thoughts on “Ensou – Time Traveler ft. GUMI

  1. bakit mo ko pinapaiyak ng gantong oras wahhaha , basically the whole songs is my love story, ensou ill subscribe need more songs like this thank you

  2. pano nyo po nakukuha ung singers?…saan po na-download?….hahaha nilalaro ko po ung mga gawa nyo sa Osu!….lalo na ung COMA…

    by the way..saan po..link

  3. Warning: Don't listen if you're broken hearted. The Lyrics will crush your heart….and will help you recover right after 😉

  4. OMG ensou… YOU MUST MAKE AN ANIME MOVIE WITH YOUR All of SONGS…. OMG ensou, OMG!!!!! YOUR SONGS ARE EMOTIONALLY COOL makes me kinda cry….💔💔👍👍👊👊😅

  5. Gumi's voice actor is half filipino/pinoy so yeah, that can explain alot. Hahahaha, nosebleed ang mga ibang tao na naganood nito kung hindi sila pinoy, haha.

  6. WTF eto rin filipino song… haha dapat iplay to sa mga radio … at least may technology songs tayo. kaso sa ibang bansa gawa eh

  7. awesome what language? the language sounds like japanese with spanish combine together.. i hope more song with this language

  8. yieeehhhh! bakit sobrang meaningful ng mga kanta mo? napapaisip nalang talaga ako pag naririnig ko music mo😍 how I wish matuto ako mag gitara tas mai cover koto! yieeh ang galing galing naman!

  9. Coma was the first vocaloid song i've ever heard and is what got me into vocaloids in the first place. Time Traveler is the second one i heard when i looked up on Coma from Cytus and found this channel years ago and since then, after all the awesome songs i've heard this song is still my favourite vocaloid song and Gumi is my favourite vocaloid. The vocals in these songs are so clear i couldn't believe it's not a human at first

  10. I wonder what the popular artists and other music lovers have to say to this. They may say 'it doesn't sound human' or 'I don't like the vocals' or even 'the music video is a little weird' but to me, it's certainly something, because how on earth could anyone easily emulate Filipino/Tagalog into a Japanese voice synthesizer? This song will always stand out among the many popular Filipino songs out there, and I'm certain any Filipino new to Vocaloid will agree.

  11. The first time I ever discovered this brilliant Vocaloid channel was through Cytus. I really want Sedna, Event Horizon and Entropy in the game. 😭😭So blowned away the moment my friend told me it was in Tagalog. Please think about this! 😍😍😍

  12. Awesome video! These videos always inspire me – Truly enjoying your stuff 🙂 check out my videos if you have a little time, I think we have the same passions

  13. At first I tought this was Japanese but as the song progressed I noticed it to be Tagalog and I was like yeah my language

  14. Na [COMA]
    Ang isang [Time traveler]
    Napunta sa planet [sedna]
    Nag lakbay sa [cosmos]
    Napalapit sa [Event horizon] ng blackhole
    Nahigop papunta sa [singularity] ng blackhole

    May kwento yung mga title

  15. Even far more than COMA and Singularity, my other top fav songs of Ensou, Time Traveler's combination of music, lyrics and animation brings me on the feel train that I thought I had step down from a while ago…

  16. How much time do you spend getting the vocaloid software to sound "just right" for each song you make?

  17. I used to dedicate this song to "him"

    listening to it again on the day I let go of him makes me wanna die

  18. Hey man I'd just like to ask if you got a discord server na pwedeng salihan, so I can ask some advices on makling tracks like this. Thanks and much love! can't wait for that new song you're making.

  19. Lyrics In Tagalog

    Ang oras ay

    tumigil sa’king buhay.

    Agos ay

    ‘unting namamatay.

    Tignan mo ko

    sa luha’y nalulunod.

    Tinig ko

    sana ikaw ay maabot.

    Ikaw lang at ako

    sa mundong ito~

    Muling bumabalot

    sa puso ko ang

    ala-alang tayo’y


    Ang Pangakong

    hindi bibitaw

    sa kamay ko’ng ito,

    kahit na

    tumigil ang oras.


    na ang simoy ng hangin.


    na ang hating gabi.

    Ramdam ko pa

    ang mga yakap mo na


    kahit wala sa’king tabi.

    Ikaw lang at ako

    sa mundong ito~

    Pakinggan mo ako;

    maghihintay sayo,

    Sana ay dumating,

    ang araw na ika’y kapiling.

    Ikaw lang at ako

    sa mundong ito~

    Muling tumatakbo

    sa isip ko ang

    mga araw na tayo’y


    At Kahit pa

    maubos na ang

    oras ko sa mundo

    na ito, ikaw ay

    hahanapin ko~

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