[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [1회선공개/단독] ‘이것이 고등래퍼 클라스’ 김하온 vs 이병재(빈첸) 오늘 밤 11시 첫방송 180223 EP.1

D-day, the first meet-up of school rappers Hip-hop war of teenagers who will run the world Byung Jae LEE, 18, from Seoul Making an intense vibe just walking in Why is everyone so quiet..? When Byung Jae came in there was this silence like intimidated by his energy? Another school rapper coming in Hi Where is he going? Can you ride this? No I can’t I’ve tried a lot.. but fell a lot Hi Ha On, your name? You like it? Ha On? It means ‘spread the color of the sky all over the world’ Isn’t it cool? Cool My mom and dad came up with it Where are you from? Incheon You like this? You have white hair? Guess you’ve gone through a lot It’s okay Staying silent from all of the questions Do you not go to school? Why did you drop out? when? Useless questions Something like do you play games, when did you drop out.. So tiring.. You look tired Sophomore Cypher Hello From the things I learned from seeking the truth an artist who wants to do my own way of art, I’m Ha On, 18. He has something To seek the truth Ha On, is your hobby meditating? Meditation Meditation is to empty myself I think you emptied your rap skills too We get a lot of positive and negative inspirations like visual and aural inspirations and if you just let them dominate your body then you will eventually lose your intuitive feelings, your guts to trust but if you meditate then you will be more intuitive and also you can find true inspiration more easily that comes up to you Looks like he is a king of meditation I think he just came from temple stay How should I say he was standing there very awkwardly saying that he meditates was funny My goal is to reach where I’m destined to be so, thank you He has something I think he’s gone through a lot He has his own philosophy Meditation boy He’s not going to rap inside of him right? Is he rapping now? I think he’s rapping inside of him? Hi let me introduce myself this is Ha On the traveler My hobby is tai chi meditation reading books watching movies I rap turn turn up but trying to get rid of the hatred lyrics full of that is just disinterested It’s lit oh my gosh What the I rap turn turn up but trying to get rid of the hatred lyrics full of that is just disinterested I emptied myself prolly said bye to 3 guest If you ask me what the truth is wait hold on let me guess or just tell me what you think so I can teach me instead I learn more from the bad things man life is a mirror like that mirror on the wa wall might like observing the whole world like wu wut? for the obvious not to be the obvious switch up not obvious becomes obvious you see ya know You’re just eager to only fill out this verse but chill out on this wave of beat transurfing I’ll start it off if you’d like um How can our life be full of absurd but still beautiful? Why can’t we be happy just being ourselves? Where are we from and where are we going? Want just one answer that answers my questions I’m still learning even though I dropped out from school Try to keep myself awake but inside of me there’s a pendulum I’m waiting for a big journey ahead of me Come with me if you want I hate feeling lonely I love him This is why you have to meditate Did you see him starting off like he’s just talking and then getting into the rhythm? He is very differnet He has his own philosophy It’s lit oh my gosh Meditation SWAG! I got goosebumps all over me He was awesome He looked like an ascetic but twist after twist after twist He made me forget all the raps I heard that day To seek the truth and blah blah and I was like… Byung Jae! What kind of stage Byung Jae will perform? Check out the 1st episode 1st episode airs tomorrow at 11PM (KST)

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  1. There is someone I recognize in like the "audience"(the ones sitting watching HAON) but …

    Okay,I saw him but still don't know who he is ,,,he is at 5:30 ..

  2. Alguna alma noble podrá poner subs en español :c
    Me encantan estas demostraciones de rap pero me cuesta mucho entender el inglés

  3. 하온아…병재야….ㅠㅠ 너무 잘하세요 ㅜㅜㅜ 아이고오..ㅜㅜㅜ 심쿵사로 죽여버리실거면 너무 아프니깐 (심장이) 그냥 죽이세요 ㅜㅜ

  4. 고등래퍼 1 2 3 통틀어서 싸이퍼 한정 원탑
    이 순간 만큼은 진짜 1 2 3나온 그 누구보다 잘했음
    압도적인 느낌

  5. 2:40 박진오 ㅅㅂ년아 니가 뭘 알어 실력이 텅비워져? 니 실력이나 신경써 아 ㅈㄴ 열받네 하온이가 니보다 형인데 그따구로 말해? ㅅㅂㅅㅂㅅㅂㅅㅂ 나중에 싸이퍼 듣고 말도 못하드니 ㅅㅂㅅㅂ 나가뒤져 아오 열바다아아아

  6. 쇼미보고 다시왔는데 쇼미 고랩 통틀어서 이거보다 더 레전드인건 손에 꼽을듯 ㅋㅋ

  7. 안녕 나를 소개하지 이름김하온 직업은tarveler 취미는 tai chi meditation 독서 영화 시청 랩 해 터 털어
    너 그리고 날 위해 증오는 빼는 편이야 가사에어 질리는 맛이기에 나는 텅 비어 있고 prolly 셋 정도의 guest 진리를 묻는다면 시간이 필요해 let me guess 아니면 너의 것을 말해줘 내가 배울 수 있게 난추학함에서 오히려 더 배우는 편이야 man 거울 보는 듯한 삶 mirror on the wa wall 관찰하는 셈이지이 모든 걸 wi wut? 뻐 뻔한 걸 뻔하지 않게 swit ch up 뻔하지 않은 게 뻔하게 되고 있으니까 ya know l ain 't trynna be somathing l just trynna be me 그대들은 verse 채우기 위해서 화나 있지 물결 거스르지 않고 즐겨 transurfing 원한다면 내 손으로 들어올 테니 um 생이란 이 얼마나 허무하고 아름다운가? 왜 우린 우리 자체로 행복할 수 없는가 우린 어디서 와 어디로 가는 중인가 원해 이 모든 걸 하나로 아울러주는 답 배우면 살아 비록 학교 뛰쳐나왔어도 깨어 있기를 반복해도 머리 위로 흔들리는 pendulum 난 커다란 여정의 시작 앞에
    서 있어 따라와 줘 원한다면 나 외로운 건 싫어서 여 Hi, let me introduce myself. My hobby is to watch thai chi meditation movie and rap.
    You and I tend to take the hate out for me because I'm so sick of the lyrics that I'm empty and I need time to ask about three of the best truths, let me guess or tell me yours. I'm learning more from astrology to learn, man, mirror-like life mirror on the wa wall. Why can't we be happy with ourselves? We want to know where we're coming from and where we're going. If we learn the answer that brings all this together, even if we're out of school, if we're awake again and again, I'm in front of this big journey.
    If you want, I don't want to be lonely.

  8. 병재 등장할때 웃으면서 "헤ㅔㅎ 신난당" 이런 느낌으로 왔는데 머리로 눈을 가려서 그런가 애들이 지레 겁먹은 듯 ㅠㅠ 인사도 안해주고 ㅠㅠㅠ

  9. The only person thats was not fake towards haon was vixen, and now look at them doing concert together not like those dumbass that should learn to don't be fake and don't judge

  10. 아 근데 빈첸 들어올때 해맑게 들어왔는데 억지로 웃고 안 말하고 하온이 오니까 홱 돌아보는거 좀 기분 개별로다 진짜

  11. 슈밤…오랜만에 다시들으러 왔는데 첨에 졸라 무시하다가 갑자기 이래서 명상을 해야대 이소리 하는거 개역겹다;;

  12. I don’t know Korean but I like his flow for all the people who speak the language how does he compare to bewhy? Who’s better lyrically, flow, wordplay?

  13. who's the guy with the silver hair i never noticed him until i watched this again maybe i just too much focus on haon lol

  14. 랩 하기전에 김하온 존나 무시하다가ㅋㅋㅋ랩하는거보고 태전하는거 존나 웃기네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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