[ENG SUB] INFINITE Sunggyu Carefree Traveler EP.47 CUT 18

SUBTITLE START FROM 0:05 (He just concentrate to put it in one place)
Yah, why are you only sprinkle them in here? (Hyun-don is more worse than him) We’re not envy at all (A leisurely wrist movement of chef Yeon-bok) (Gently, gently)
(He also sprinkle the ginger powder evenly in one glance) (Kyu who feel wronged)
There is no difference between what I see with what I have done (Did you really can’t see the difference?)
Yeon-bok is a professional. Can not be compared. (Sunggyu table. Deep fried flour all over the place)
(Yeon-bok table. Deep fried flour scattered evenly) (Is it delicious?) (Doni is also take a bite of takoyaki)
It’s delicious (You too, me too. Nyam, nyam) -It’s really delicious

3 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] INFINITE Sunggyu Carefree Traveler EP.47 CUT 18

  1. Sorry for the late upload T.T It's been a busy week for me. It's still have 2 more CUT left. Please be patient. And I already made a playlist for this.
    There's still some CUTS from episode 48, but I still don't know how many cuts I will divide.

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