Tada! Tada Hello everyone Heart Heart Wow two thousand people are watching So many people! Hello~ Hello Hi Hi Nice to meet you Now Why I’m wearing a party hat If you ask me. It’s because My “Neverland” mv passed 4M views I can’t believe it passed 4M views Clap clap clap! Thank you so much I’ll take it off (To cone) Yes please go away So I started a live broadcast today to tell you umm.. actually After my debut A lot of people asked me a lot of questions Among them There are some I can answer I’m here to answer them First of all Many of you wondered why my profile doesn’t show up on naver and google That’s something I can’t help You should ask Naver instead of me Before releasing the song, I sent them a request But at the time There was nothing To prove that I’m a public figure My song wasn’t released So due to lack of references Naver and google replied me that they can’t But the problem is My articles and my song came out on Jan. 22 so I reapplied They haven’t responded for a week. So this morning again (making keyboard sound) I was typing I sent another mail asking them when my profile would be up Now everything is up to Naver There’s nothing I can do anymore I want to tell you I’m sorry Second question is about the model The actor in the mv Many people asked me about him Well he… That was the first time I met him I was looking for an actor and he was cast About 100 people applied He was the most… He’s handsome right? and we looked good together He was paid to appear in my mv I cast him with the mv production team We interviewed him so he was cast Him and I are NOT lovers or anything like that It’s not He must have been surprised too Please show him love If you have any questions You can ask me like commenting right now I’d appreciate it My profile… I hope you wait for the response from Naver Next question is Why Why I decided to do music of all things About my past or my stories I gave an interview to Kyunghyang Daily News yesterday So I hope you check it out The interview should be out on Feb. 3 You’ll be able to read it through online news, newspapers and magazines Please wait for it. Thank you Because everything is in the interview I can’t give you answers on SNS or other broadcasts So I apologize but if you wait one week You’ll find out Second.. no the third question is about my schedules I have my first schedule next week But I won’t announce where it takes place There are many reasons However, I’ll always keep you updated What I did Where I was I’ll let you know So please wait. Thank you Fans wanted me to choose official lightsticks and color They’ve been asking me, but I’ll answer them later I don’t know how things will turn out It’s too early So later I’ll tell you later Also I want to talk about the official fandom name It’s Harling I love you Harling It is Harling but For now It’s not official It’s an unofficial name for now When I have my team I’ll decide then I’m thankful for your love but I can’t decide anything officially There are so many things to do I want more time to think it over Official fandom name and lightsticks and other things It’s too difficult (to decide) right now To tell you this I’m on live broadcast right now Like I said before The interview covers basic questions you might have about me I wish you’d be able to read it It’s been 9 minutes Already 9 mins? I should’ve conversed in English I couldn’t. We can’t really communicate I am sorry to my international fans I’m so sorry Also 4M views It reached 4M views I sincerely thank you I want to keep working hard I might have more chances if you give me your support So please support me Like you already do I’d be grateful if you’ll stand by my side I’m receiving love from so many people I’m touched All the reaction videos, messages and etc I watch and read them all You might think I’m not reading or we’re not close Please don’t think like that I’ll always be by your side I’ll be more active from now on Thank you 2254 people are currently watching I’ll work hard to become someone who deserves your love Nothing further… I’m reading comments right now But I can’t see all I’m not sure what I should read I think most people are saying That they love me and that they support me I want to say “Thank you” I’m extremely touched by your love I love you and see you later Good night Bye! Oh? What is this It’s for real this time. Bye!

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