Enagron – worldwide visibility online

How do you sell ecotourism from a mountain in Crete to the whole world? When I left this place at the age of 18, I knew I would eventually come back. Life here has a natural rhythm and time is on our side. I am John, I am Fanny and together we built Enagron, an ecotourism hotel in the mountains of Crete. Life in Enagron, is life in nature. The flowers, the animals, the friendships, you and I. Speechless. This was our dream, which we are looking to share with people from around the world. The web has helped us do this. With Google ads our website visits increased significantly, and so did our customers. As a result, 50% of reservations are currently made online. I can see which countries are mostly interested in ecotourism and target my ads directly to those users. We can also analyze our ads and find out which is the most popular. When users search for ecotourism in Crete, they find us. And they find us easily. Our guests are our family. We explore the landscape together. We cook. We make bread. We make cheese. We explore the traditions of our region, and we have fun. And don’t forget, you only live once, and you should live the life that makes you happy. We definitely live our dream here, and the web has made it come true.

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