Egypt is Keeping a Trans Woman in a Male Prison for NO GOOD REASON!!!

100 thoughts on “Egypt is Keeping a Trans Woman in a Male Prison for NO GOOD REASON!!!

  1. That poor woman is going to be raped in that prison and everyone knows it. She isn't a man anymore. This is horrible. Religious people are garbage

  2. I mean sure human rights are shit there but no good reason? She is a man so that’s why she’s in a men’s prison, right?

  3. This 8s the only thing I disagree with you Mr Atheist. A male is born male is male, a female born female is female. A tranny is confused.

    This is what happens in a lot of countries that have a Muslim majority . They dont have a separation of church and state. In Iran gay men are forced to under go a surgery with removal of a certain body part. In Syria you are convicted of being gay for life and killed. In Pakistan boys are not allowed to date. They have arranged marriage. The boys sometimes grow a fondness for othe boys. Other times boys are stolen and drugged . Old man dress them as girls and when they hit puperty they are killed because they have no use for them. In the Syrian refugee camps in Germany my friend who is gay was gang raped by mob of men. After the rape they crushed his head with a large rock and called him derogatory homosexual names and laughed about it. I feel really bad for the children.

  5. Definitely shared. I'll have to talk to the library about if they can do international faxes, since the way the online services seem to charge would require spending actually a decent sum at once (the $0.70 a page you mentioned is only viable if you prepay a minimum of $50, otherwise it's $7.35 to fax the just one document up to 10 pages, but even the same even if it's only one page)

  6. Im ALL for human rights around the world… but this happens here in the US as well… less rhan a year ago i turned myself in on on old warrant… in my MALE holding cell with about 20 other men… we had a trans woman in lock up with us… while there were no thewats of violence… there were quite a few nasty comments and fucked up shti said in that holding cell… not saying thats on the same level as violence… but it absolutely happens here as well…

  7. I wish I could send the fax but I can't because I'm too young 😖 Everyone who can send it, PLEASE do! Let's work together to break our Egyptian sister out of prison👊🏻

  8. Can you please criticize some PragerU videos? They are full of logical fallacies and lots of cringey content ready to be ripped apart. <3

  9. May I suggest to someone who wants to help and knows Arabic, to PLEASE translate the model letter into Arabic? Having worked in Egypt, I know first hand that the best way to get heard by government officials is to have applications/ forms translated. I would do it myself, but I do not know Arabic. I hope the fax campaign works and she gets released

  10. She has boobs. She has a vagina. She has transitioned.

    While I am not on board with identity politics this is not some teen identifying as a recorder or some shit. She has physically changed her body to match what is internally who she is spiritually. She is a woman. It is danger to keep her with men, especially in a culture so accepting of violence against women and this is bs besides. She, in reality, broke no laws and was simply encouraging a peaceful protest. Would they have preferred that instead she encourage violence or say nothing and have no one who might be thinking about violence think twice and think to try peacefully again before such extremes?

    Calling for peaceful protest and encouraging peaceful protest can actually help avoid less peaceful protest.

    You have no idea how many times over the years I have encouraged peaceful protest when others became more extreme and how that has even talked people down from more extreme ideas discouraging violence and encouraging simply peacefully saying they want x changed. ESPECIALLY when we get into family court corruption that goes on in my state. Likely leaving peaceful protestors, and those who encourage peaceful protest, alone and not doing these things would encourage more peaceful protests.

    Besides. That same exam could also give a false positive. Some people have oddly large shits and simply being constipated can enlarge your ass hole. Without any anal "debauchery" whatsoever. -_- That "examination" cannot even be accurate. It is unnecessary torture that can only bring suffering.

  11. I remember reading how ancient Egypt didn't care if you were LGBT. If the conversion eras didn't happen we wouldn't have this suffering.

  12. We all know things like this happen in Muslim countries probably on a daily basis funny how lgbt in western countries still think islam is a religion of peace p.s no religion is peaceful before people want to jump on the you hate islam train I hate all religions there stupid an a waste of life

  13. The model letter pdf says this near the end:
    “Please take action as soon as possible until: 21 May 2019
    Please check with the Amnesty office in your country if you wish to send appeals after the deadline.”
    Is this relevant to sending at all?

  14. If my question seems insensitive then I’m sorry. I’m trying to educate myself on the LGBTQ+ community.
    If someone is a transgender woman, than are they someone who identifies as a woman or a women who identifies as a man.

  15. I'm unable to do the fax, but i have sent the word out to other people in the LGBT+ community to try and help

  16. An update for everyone who noticed the "May 21st Deadline." That was not a hard deadline and as I mentioned in the video, her detention was renewed on Jul 3rd. Do not be deterred!


  18. £ucking crazy bigots, poor woman, bet this isn't going to be picked up by the grifter "rationality rules" since he would rather fuel the die of trans phobia with his trans panic hysteria about sports, good to know not all atheists are bigots.

  19. Well why can't S(he) be held in a mens prison? S(he) got a y chromosome. If I was a prisoner I wouldn't go near that trap, unless I was gay. Most people on the streets and in jail refuse to have sex with a trap anyways. You're not a girl if you chop your dick off and you call yourself one. I could tape feathers on me and shove eggs up my ass but that doesn't make me a chicken.

  20. I wish I could help but my parents don't allow me to talk about stuff like this, it just makes me so mad, this is important and I'm not allowed to voice that on my platforms.

  21. Just to throw it out there – this happens in Indiana.

    Not to undermine these efforts, but it'd be amazing if you could use your platform to help the trans women in Indiana prisons as well.

  22. In my opinion, I believe that criminals should be sent to prisons made for their birth gender. They could get involved in a rape issue or something.

  23. A long time ago, I remember hearing that someone I knew became a Mormon. What can I do to help if they are still in the cult?

  24. if your born a man you will die a man end of story . chnaging shot on your body doesnt make u real man or women .

  25. Since I've almost never sent a fax in my life excuse me, but how do I subscribe on a digital document in order to send it from my computer as a fax? Would it be okay to print it, to subscribe, scan it and fax it then? Sorry but I'm new to this revolutionary modern wizzardry called "fax"…

  26. i am a closeted trans man. i feel so bad for her but i have no way of helping, i am young and my friends wouldn't want to see content like this. even though my brother is a transphobe and i feel a lot of my relatives are, i am so glad i don't have to live that nightmare. life is already so hard just with dysphoria, i could never imagine the struggle she is in. i again wish could do something, but i don't think i can…

  27. Mr atheist could you pls do anything about Sherif Gaber's case!!! he's an atheist Egyptian youtuber and he's trying to get out of there! his life is in danger!!!!!!
    Egypt is the fucking worst.

  28. Sent it for free with, now maybe the texts has sent me cost me a small amount of money if i didn't have a cell subscription. Also had to resend a couple of times

  29. Should we be reporting this to a major news channel like Sky News, BBC, or CNN, to reach more people? If Egypt act differently when they have the attention of the rest of the world, a well known news channel may be the best option. As far as I’ve seen Fox News have been the only other major news channel to cover it, but I may be wrong about that.

  30. Okay but, here’s the problem:

    Too much shit is going on in the world. Too much. Yes, good job for brining this up, but I’m scared it doesn’t take off. Unfortunately, discrimination is a real thing, and because Egypt is known to be quite… outdated… coughs dust figuratively and literally and unfortunately no-one cares. Currently, the position of ‘crisis’ is given to Climate Change. Yes, female rights, human rights, male rights, disabled rights, hunger, security, quality of life and more is a crisis.
    Thanks though for brining this up though.

  31. Imagine hating someone so much you gleefully call for their death. Even when I was a religious homophobic little shit as a teenager, I would never have called for someone's death :'(. Living in Egypt sounds like a complete and total nightmare.

  32. I fail to see the problem if she has a penis, she should be in with the rest of the penis wielding people. Instead of calling it a male or female prison, call it a penis and no penis prison to help clear up all of the confusion. Besides, wouldn't that be a trans wet dream to be locked up in prison with a bunch of studs and acting out some crazy porn scene?

  33. edit, what i said was sarcastic, just testing a theory about how sensitive people are today, just saying how we can't take much before we break down

  34. I actually linked your video and tried to encourage beauty vloggers I know from Portugal to make videos of their own. They often collab with LGBTQ people, they employ LGBTQ+ people in their day jobs…so I thought this would be something they would like to talk about. After all they donated to charities supporting gay people during Pride month.

    Do you know, out of all the four Portuguese beauty vloggers, not one single one of them actually responded to my messages via Instagram? Not one. Not a single "thank you for informing me. I'm a little busy at the moment, but I'll be sure to talk about it on my stories". I've been attempting to close my eyes and forgiving their current shallow and poor taste in "fashion taste". safe for one, all of them seem to be like white girls following the trendy stuff. And it's annoying since after the whole "scandal tea" line that was 2018, I thought people had realized how fake they seem…No.

  35. Just sent it.

    Edit: it failed due to poor phone line quality to the receiver’s fax machine.

    Anyone experiencing similar problems? Could they just be overwhelmed with petitions that now they’ve just cut the line? (Is that even possible?)

  36. I have a weird question that you might know more about. If, for some reason, this can't be monetized, can you make it so we can download it and upload it without strikes to our own channels so that more people will see it? IDK if that's a thing to do but seems like a way to fight back if it can't get the standard kind of algorithm assistance for views.

  37. This is unrelated but I’m finally getting a chest binder and I’m so happy I feel like I need to tell someone

  38. In Egypt reality they still live in reality unicron boy. If you are are born with a dick, you are male. Thats just the way it is, and your silly wasted life will never change that. No one will remember LGBTQrstuvwxyz in 10 years,…

  39. Good news. She was released yesterday. But thanks a lot for your concern. Our regime doesn't give a damn about what Egyptians think or want but they are deeply affected by foreign pressure so keep it up.

  40. salut, elle est top ta vidéo. J'essaie de me lancer en proposant des vidéos de ski freeride et randonnée, si cela peut t'interesser.

  41. okay, im egyptian and im REALLY grossed out by this. sadly, im in a homophobic family so i cant send a fax, nor can i do anything about this sadly, but i wish her the best and i hope she gets in a safer place soon.
    not only is egypt such a nightmare when it comes to equality and gender roles, but it is by far one of the worst places when it comes to the lgbt/grsm community.
    i wish every member of the lgbt community the best, and i wish her well with the condition she is in.
    hopefully egypt becomes a safe place for all and accepts non-gender conformity and overall members of the lgbt community. ♡♡

  42. Info & context: during the terrorist attacks in Europe resulting from the refugee crisis I had A LOT of convos with women saying the middle east is very supportive of women & LGBT rights b/c there were SOME women in govt. positions. They completely ignored Chechnya gay slaughter in 2017, Pippa Bacca, & women who were arrested in Dubai & Qatar etc for reporting being r*ped to local authorities 2016. I guess since I'm a veteran woman & actually hit port in Israel(Afghanistan & Israel have their giant religious symbol painted on their opposing walls in port) & Dubai I've experienced the sexism first hand 2013 so I actually paid attention instead of trying to be pc. I have so much experience & info but I'll stop here.

  43. I was unable to fax. Tried, but the fax system said it failed to get through to the specified fax destination. 🙁

  44. I'm not a muslim. In fact, I believe that Muhammad fellow of theirs was a false prophet who is burning in Hell right as I'm typing this out. Nonetheless, I must admit that how those predominantly muslim countries deal with sodomites is totally correct. In fact, I think Egypt hasn't gone far enough in dealing with that tranny freak. I wish they'd throw her off the top of a building, film it happening, and then spread the video online. I love the thump sound that sodomites make when they hit the ground.

  45. I just gotta say that she's so freaking pretty. Like dude, she ain't best boi, she's best girl. She also shouldn't be in prison.
    (Thought I'd make that clear)

  46. I love it when hyper religious people flip out and call lgbt people mentally ill, even though god flipped his shit and cursed the entirety of humanity forever because some chick ate an apple

  47. Please be extremely careful if anyone is planning to fax Egyptian officials about this. Many countries that are less than understanding of LGBT people may end up implementing more torture and/or execution of the person and their entire family because of it. It sounds like Egypt isn't as horrific in these situations as other similarly political countries, which is good. Please use the model, make yourself familiar with Egyptian political policies before righting your own, or contact the UN about a human rights violation. In certain situations and places, trying to make changes from other places, particularly the USA oftentimes, can cause more harm rather than doing good. Please be conscious of the political differences between your country and Egypt when contacting them.

  48. This had three ads, some are GRSM positive, I need to wait for my laptop to charge and sleep (it's 6am here) before I have the chance to try to electronically fax Egypt. I'll update soon

  49. I realized that the comment section has no dislikes no hate mature like minded people i love this channel

  50. Hi i really want to help by sending a fax but i cant figure out how to so i would really appreciate it if someone showed me how to as i am a bisexual male that lives in egypt and i know the feeling of hate the lgbtq community face

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