EF München, Deutschland – Info Video (German version)

A warm welcome to Munich! Munich is Germany’s biggest university town,
with an active student life, and a lot of fun things to do. I love it in Munich!
It’s a great city. There’s a lot to do. And especially now,
that the weather is so nice. The EF school has a great location
right in the old town of Munich, Lehel. The EF school is in Lehel.
That’s part of the old town of Munich. It’s a beautiful place. The EF school itself is very modern. When you arrive
you will meet your German teachers, your classmates,
and the friendly staff at the school. For over 25 years,
the EF International Language School in Munich has been one of the
leading language schools for German as a Foreign Language in Germany. It’s our goal that
our students learn German while having fun,
and we do so by concentrating on speaking. The EF school is intimate in size,
a friendly and personal environment to study in. Classrooms and facilities
are comfortable and modern. You study with classmates
at the same level of German as yours. The teachers make every effort
to personalize your learning. Your courses will include lessons
in the high-tech language lab and interactive lessons using tablets. To enjoy your studies in Germany
it’s important that you feel at home. Staying with a host family
is a great way to get to know the Bavarian way of life
and practice your German. The people of Bavaria
are well-known for their hospitality and cheerfulness. If you would like more independence,
you can also choose to stay at EF’s international student residence. Here you will stay together with young
German speakers from all over the world. When you arrive in Munich
we will show you around this exciting city. The EF school is located in
the heart of the historic center, near all the sights. We arrange lots of activities
such as sports, sightseeing, and parties. Come along with us and explore
the famous sights of Munich and the rest of Bavaria! The Englischer Garden is ideal
for a calm picnic. The Englischer Garten is the
biggest park here in Munich. We can go swimming there,
or play all kinds of sports, football, frisbee, and badminton. Here you can also watch the crazy surfers
who ride the waves on the river. You should also visit one of the famous
traditional restaurants and beer gardens. I like going to Marienplatz,
where I love to go shopping. There are restaurants, cafes and bars. I like going to Leopoldstrasse in the evening,
I have a lot of fun there. There are lots of students and young people,
and it’s a lot of fun. Football lovers shouldn’t miss
a home game of FC Bayern München and a chance to visit to
the spectacular stadium. Here in Bavaria
it’s very, very beautiful, and the people are
extremely hospitable. On the weekends we do longer trips
to visit other cities and famous sights
like the Neuschwanstein Castle. The Alps are just an hour away,
perfect if you like adventures Here you can make the most of
the best skiing and snowboarding in Europe! When the sun goes down
it’s time to enjoy the nightlife of Germany’s premier student city! Are you looking for a German school
with strong academics and a great place to
enjoy student life? Welcome to EF Munich!

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  1. Hola!! Soy cecilia y viaje este verano a Los Angeles y mi experiencia fue alucinante. Me encantaría compartirla contigo sin ningún problema y contarte todo lo que hice para que sepas lo que es si quieres ir. Además si vas de mi parte puedes recibir descuentos. ¿Quieres sabes más? Mi instagram es @ceciliadurob también puedes ver fotos sobre mi experiencia ahí. Si viajas espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como yo. Sin palabras de verdad. Ef te da experiencias para recordar.

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