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Ireland’s history is rich in myths and legends. From romantic tales of warriors
to ancient saints to fairy lore, the Celtic myths are at the
very core of Irish culture. Today Dublin is home to over 1 million people,
and is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Cultural activities are close
to the Dubliner’s hearts. Everything from paintings, music,
literature and theatre to film. There’s always something new to check out
– you’ll never get bored in Dublin. Dublin has dozens of universities. With the oldest and most prestigious one being, Trinity College founded in 1592,
by Queen Elizabeth. And in the city’s historic quarters, you will find one of Dublin’s five Georgian Squares,
the beautiful Fitzwilliam Square, where EF Dublin’s
elegant mansion is located. EF Dublin is known for its warm
community atmosphere. Upstairs there are spacious classrooms, and the iLabs equipped with
the state-of-the-art computers, used for teaching, self studies
or surfing after class of course! To stay in a comfortable accommodation
is also important when studying abroad. EF’s modern student residences,
offer a flexible living option and a place to meet students
from all over the world. But living with a host family is also very popular. Irish people are renowned for their hospitality
and EF host families are no exception. The teachers use EF’s own course material
including books and our innovative study tools. “I like the school because
there are so many people, from different countries
all over the world. We have people from Venezuela,
from Saudi Arabia and all over Europe”. Classes focus on communication
to help you develop into a more fluent speaker. Our activities organizer can help
you explore the town. Its cheap boutiques and large shopping centers are equipped
to cater for all needs and every kind of curiosity. Music is everywhere in Dublin. The area is home base for many
big names of the music scene. Be it pop or folk, it can’t get much better
than being entertained, by legends like the Dubliner’s
Thin Lizzy or U2. The Dublin club scene
is in a constant state of change, with different nightclubs coming and
going at an amazing rate. And outside the city, there lies a welcoming land of green hills,
quaint villages and historic castles. With ancient myths and
legends to uncover, amazing landscapes to explore, just go where the island
of Ireland takes you. For sure, you’ll return home with
memories that will last a lifetime!

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  1. You can stay in a host family (and eat with them) or stay at the EF student residence/apartments. The residence is only 5 minutes walk from the school and there you stay in apartment style rooms with kitchens (you cook your own food). Dublin is a great city and the school has a super location so I think you will enjoy it! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  2. the english of ireland is very hard to uderstand? I would like travel there… there is a lot of latinoamericans or spains? I would like that not…

  3. The English of Ireland is super charming! Yes it's true that Spanish people love Ireland, but we don't have so many Latin Americans there. Anyway there are students from 50 countries, and everybody wants to speak English!

  4. Adultas in their 40's can also apply! Actually EF has some schools and courses ONLY for adults (London, Manchester, Chicago) and adults can also join the courses at all of our 41 schools, including Dublin! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  5. At 2:40, the shot of the Aulde Dubliner and the Pour House isn't in Dublin. It's the Byward Market in Ottawa, Canada, and the sign on the left hand side of the screen clearly says 'Byward Market.' I lived there for four years and would recognize it anywhere.

  6. Hola [email protected]! Si estáis aquí ya sabréis o estaréis apunto de saber lo marivolloso que es ir con EF de viaje, yo tuve mi experiencia este verano y no pude quedarme más agusto, y me gustaria compartir mi experiencia con vosotros, resolver cualquier tipo de duda que tengáis y si estáis apunto de reservar no dudéis en contactar conmigo soy Ambassador de EF y tenéis un descuento de 100€, un besito y espero que disfrutéis mucho mucho de lo que es estar con EF! Mi Instagram es @ceciliaambassador o @ceciliadurob no dudéis en enviarme un direct con cualquier duda o ver fotos de mi experiencia hay 😊

  7. Questa Estate non sai cosa fare?
    Richiedi un catalogo EF proprio qui: http://my.ef.com/Domenico.Giannino
    Otterrai informazioni per un viaggio studio o addirittura un anno all'estero Negli USA o in Inghilterra e tanti altri mozzafiato luoghi di interesse!
    Viaggiare amplia gli orizzonti, la mente e il cuore!

  8. I wish I could be in Dublin.God promise bros! I have never been on any aeroplane during my entire life time due to financial crisis but me always dreaming & thinking to ride once in my lifetime on any aeroplane once after getting blessings from my viewers help and support on youtube by learning by doing! God knows when this great dream will come true! I am ashamed of myself & so sorry to say this…………..sorry!!!

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=38&v=-ejYfymiDRQ

    Hop on Hop Off bus-Dublin City tour Ireland 爱尔兰都柏林

  10. Hola chicooos! Yo he viajado con EF y todo fue genial, una de las mejores experiencias 💛 Si queréis viajar con ellos yo os puedo proporcionar un descuento de 100€!
    Para más información mi correo es: [email protected]

    Además tengo un vídeo contando mi experiencia en mi canal💗

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