Edgar Barragan: IT Support Specialist

As a little kid, I knew that I wanted to
work with computers. The first time that I
opened up a computer, I was in that trance where
nothing else in the world mattered. After high school, I
enrolled in college to study computer engineering. My father lost his job, so I had
to drop out of college in order to work full-time to
help support my family. JACQUELINE FULLER: We
see stories like Edgar all the time, someone who’s
really smart, really ambitious, wants to break into
the tech community, and just faces
barrier after barrier. BEN FRIED: You don’t need
four years of computer science training at a top-notch
university to be great at this. These are skills that lots
and lots of people can learn. NATALIE VAN KLEEF
CONLEY: That’s why Google created the IT Support
Professional Certificate program. It’s designed for
beginner-level learners, to take them to job readiness
in eight to 12 months’ time. The Google IT Support
Professional Certificate program is being
offered on Coursera. It’s been developed 100% by
Googlers who are expert in IT. There’s lots of interactive
labs and assessments to really replicate
what it’s like to do this work on the job. JACQUELINE FULLER: There are
more than 150,000 unfilled IT support roles right now. Jobs in this field
are predicted to grow 10% over the next decade. These are flexible,
well-paying jobs. And we want to make sure
they’re available to everyone. NATALIE VAN KLEEF
CONLEY: To ensure that people of all backgrounds
have access to the program, Google is supporting 10,000
learners through scholarships and full financial assistance. JACQUELINE FULLER: We know
we can’t do this alone. So we’re working with nonprofit
partners who are specializing in working with, say,
refugees or veterans or people from
low-income communities to make sure that we’re
reaching everyone. NATALIE VAN KLEEF CONLEY:
Once you complete the program and receive your
certificate, you can share your
information with companies like Bank of America, WalMart,
Sprint, GE Digital, PNC Bank, Infosys, TEKsystems, UPMC,
and of course, Google. It’s all about jobs. It’s all about creating
pathways to jobs. BEN FRIED: There’s so
many people in the world who love technology
and what it can do and who really, really
love helping other people. And what we’re trying
to do is tap into that. EDGAR BARRAGAN: IT was
something that I have always wanted to do. And I found another way
to achieve my dreams. My name is Edgar Barragan, and
I am an IT support specialist at Google.

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