Ecotourism Pang Khon Village

Hello, now we are arrive at Pang Khon Village Which is the place that we are going to have
field trip today. Hello, now we are going to learn about the culture
of this village. So stay tune! Now we are at Mon Ja Krai,
The activity here is coffee bean harvesting. How is it gonna be? Here we go! We gonna harvest only the riped one The riped coffee bean which is only the red color. If it is still green we are not going to take it. This is the coffee made from our coffee harvesting
that we did earlier. This is handmade accessories normally sale
at the coffee shop. In the past, all this house was made from the thatch. But the coffee and management give village
the revenue enough To built an appropriate and strong house nowadays. Here is the Pang khon Village School. We are going to learn about the way of life
and culture of its village. Okay now let’s see! This village have either natural , way of life And also the thing which is the heart of this village This flag pole that show identity of thainess
and we as a village proud of. Now we are finished our trip! Hope you guys enjoy it! Bye!

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